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Original Author: MTAS
Date of Material: 06/14/2001

Emergency communications
Fire--Municipal ordinances

Ordinance Regulating False Fire Alarms

Reviewed Date: 07/22/2021
An ordinance to establish a process for discouraging false emergency alarms.

Ordinance _______


WHEREAS, activated emergency fire alarm systems are many times false, and responses to such alarms reduce the available resources of the (City)(Town) of ____________ Fire Department, and;

WHEREAS, adequate maintenance of such emergency fire alarm systems can reduce the number of such false alarms, and;

WHEREAS, the Fire Department performs a number of emergency services, and needs to be available to respond to actual emergencies.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT ORDAINED by the (City)(Town) of ____________, Tennessee, that:

Section 1. A CHAPTER 5. False fire alarms be added to TITLE 7 of the (City)(Town) of ____________ Municipal Code as follows:
Chapter 5
False Fire Alarms

7-501. Definitions. (a) False emergency alarm - Any signal actuated by an emergency alarm to which the fire department responds which is not the result of fire or other actual emergency, and not caused by an extraordinary act of nature.

7-502. (b) Owner and/or operator - A person or persons who resides, owns, or operates a residence or business in which an emergency alarm is connected.

7-503. Notices and penalties. The following schedule of notices, warnings, penalties, and costs shall be assessed to the owners and/or operators of emergency alarm systems for false emergency alarms transmitted to the fire department within any continuous twelve (12) month period, beginning with the first false emergency alarm.

7-504. First false emergency alarm – Written notification by the Fire Chief informing the owner or operator of the alarm system of the provisions of this ordinance.

7-505. Second false emergency alarm – Written warning informing the owner or operator of the alarm system of the provisions of this ordinance and of the occurrence of a second violation.

7-506. Third false emergency alarm – A fine of up to $50.00 shall be imposed.

7-507. Fourth and subsequent false emergency alarms – For each violation a fine of $50.00 shall be imposed, and the actual costs of such response by the fire department including the costs of equipment, fuel, personnel, administration, and other such factors as determined by the fire chief, may also be imposed.

Section 2. This ordinance shall take effect from and after its final passage, the public welfare requiring it.

____________________________________ ___________________________________
Mayor Recorder

Passed on 1st reading _______ day of __________________________________, 20__.

Passed on 2nd reading _______ day of __________________________________, 20__.

Passed on 3rd reading _______ day of __________________________________, 20__.

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