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Ordinance Prescribing the Powers and Duties of the City Administrator

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Reviewed Date: May 31, 2017

Original Author: 
Darden, Don
Date of Material: 
Feb 11, 2004

City administrator
Municipal ordinances

Ordinance Prescribing the Powers and Duties of the City Administrator

An ordinance for the City of Decherd, which gives the powers and duties of the city administrator.

Knowledgebase-An Ordinance Prescribing the Powers and Duties of the City Administrator




WHEREAS, Section 4 of the City Charter authorizes the board to prescribe the powers and duties of the City Administrator; and

WHEREAS, the board has determined that it is necessary to prescribe the power and duties of the City Administrator; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Board of Aldermen that the powers and duties of the City Administrator shall be as follows:

Section 1.
a. To recommend for appointment, removal, or discipline by the board all department heads and to appoint, remove, or otherwise discipline all subordinate officers and employees, all appointments to be made upon merit and fitness alone.
b. To see that all laws and ordinances, subject to enforcement by him or by officers subject to his direction, are enforced, and upon knowledge or information of any violation thereof to see that prosecutions are instituted.
c. To attend all board meetings and to have the right to take part in any discussions, but not to vote.
d. To prepare and submit an annual operating budget and an annual capital budget to the board prior to the beginning of the fiscal year.
e. To submit to the board a complete report on the financial condition of the city at the end of each fiscal year and at such other times as may be required by the board.
f. To make such other reports on the activities of the city as the city board may require or as he sees the need for and to make such recommendations as in his opinion, are necessary to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the city’s operations or as are needed for the overall good of the city.
g. To act as purchasing agent for the city, purchasing all materials, supplies, and equipment needed by the city in accordance with the state’s purchasing laws and procedures.
h. To perform other duties required by the City Charter or the city board.

Section 2. This ordinance shall become effective upon final approval, the public welfare requiring it.

Passed this:

First Reading:________________________________________
Second Reading:______________________________________


Attest: ____________________________
City Recorder


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