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Ordinance Establishing the Position of City Administrator

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Reviewed Date: May 31, 2017

Original Author: 
Hardy, Pat
Date of Material: 
Jan 2, 2015

City administrator

Ordinance Establishing the Position of City Administrator

An ordinance of the Town of Unicoi, Tennessee, establishing the position of city administrator and delineating duties therein.

Knowledgebase-An Ordinance Establishing the Position of City Administrator

Ordinance No. ____________


WHEREAS, the Town of Unicoi operates under the general law Mayor Aldermanic Charter, codified as TCA 6-1-101 et. seq., and;

WHEREAS such Town Charter provides for the establishment, by ordinance, of a Council-Administrator form of government and the employment of a City Administrator, and;

WHEREAS the Town of Unicoi has grown in terms of services provided and the complexity required to fully and efficiently operate the government, and;

WHEREAS the Council-Administrator form of government will help provide a more professional, efficient, and accountable administration of Town affairs;
NOW, THEREFORE BE IT ORDAINED by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen of the Town of Unicoi, Tennessee as follows:

Section 1. The Board shall employ a City Administrator as provided in Section 6-4-101 (a) who shall have the following responsibilities:

A. Those listed in 6-3-106 (b), including:

(1) Those duties set forth in § 6-4-101;
(2) (A) Employ, promote, discipline, suspend and discharge all employees and department heads, in accordance with personnel policies and procedures, if any, adopted by the board;
(3) Act as purchasing agent for the municipality in the purchase of all materials, supplies and equipment for the proper conduct of the municipality's business; provided, that all purchases shall be made in accordance with policies, practices and procedures established by the board;
(4) Prepare and submit the annual budget and capital program to the board for their adoption by ordinance; and
(5) Such other duties as may be designated or required by the board.

B. Those listed in 6-4-101 (b), including:

(1) Administer the business of the municipality;
(2) Make recommendations to the board for improving the quality and quantity of public services to be rendered by the officers and employees to the inhabitants of the municipality;
(3) Keep the board fully advised as to the conditions and needs of the municipality;
(4) Report to the board the condition of all property, real and personal, owned by the municipality and recommend repairs or replacements as needed;
(5) Recommend to the board and suggest the priority of programs or projects involving public works or public improvements that should be undertaken by the municipality;
(6) Recommend specific personnel positions, as may be required for the needs and operations of the municipality, and propose personnel policies and procedures for approval of the board; and
(7) Perform such other duties as may from time to time be designated or required by the board.

Section 2. This ordinance shall take affect from and after its final passage and publication of its caption, the public welfare requiring it.

Passed first reading: ________________________ Passed second reading: _________________________

_________________________________________ Mayor

_________________________________________ City Recorder


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