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Office Manager

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Reviewed Date: May 07, 2021

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Sep 25, 2002


Office Manager

Job description for the position of Office Manager under the Department of Utilities.



Under the general administrative direction of the Superintendent of Utilities, responsible for performing difficult administrative and clerical work requiring a specialized knowledge of department operations; supervises and coordinates the activities of workers engaged in preparing utility service orders and receiving service requests and employees engaged in receiving requests from customers pertaining to connection, transfer, or disconnection of utilities services; and other related work as required.


Supervise and administer investments;
Supervise, administer and calculate utility deposits;
Supervise and administer heat pump, water heat, delinquent collections, letters of customer credit, customer deposit, heating assistance, meter inventory, TVA power plus home, utilities cost refunds, up-date of E-911, order supplies, and the purchase and repair of all office equipment;
Train, direct and supervise meter readers, order clerks, and other clerical staff;
Process and make bank deposits and assist with customers services and customer complaints;
Maintain all general filing systems;
Take and complete service orders as needed;
Work in conjunction with TVA on charge-offs, advertising;
Analyze and approve adjustments for water leaks, burst pipes, Misread-reads and swimming pools;


Dispense employment applications, handle all bankruptcy accounts, provide public relations activities as needed, attend power board and other professional meetings, assist staff take service orders, collect utility bills, calculate uniform expenses, answer telephone and/or radio.


Ability to direct the work of others;
Ability to communicate policies and directives effectively;
Ability to use tact and diplomacy and maintain confidential information;
Ability to maintain effective relationships with others;
Ability to use various types of office equipment including calculator, photocopier, fax, and computers;
Ability to use various computer software applications;
Knowledge of accounting procedures and data processing;
Knowledge of F.C.R.A., EEOC, ELOA Collections, Bankruptcy, OSHA and other laws covering utility services.

Any combination of training or experience equivalent to:

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration preferred;
High school diploma plus two years of college required;
Four years experience in general secretarial work or extensive experience in related field;
Four years supervisory experience.

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