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Original Author: Norris, Margaret
Date of Material: 02/01/2009

City manager
Personnel--Performance appraisal

Norris City Manager Evaluation

Reviewed Date: 07/08/2021
MTAS was asked to create an evaluation form based on requirements from the city's charter and code.

Norris City Manager Evaluation

Please use the following scale to rate the City Manager’s performance on the following criteria:

1. Well Below Standard (Unsatisfactory)
2. Below Standard (Marginal)
3. On Standard (Satisfactory)
4. Above Standard (Commendable)
5. Well Above Standard (Outstanding)

Council Interaction

  Carries out policies of the council
  Attends all council meetings
  Is responsible to the council for the administration of all departments
  Makes reports and recommendations to the council
  Prepares council meeting agenda, ordinances, and resolutions for council
  Presents bills payable to council for approval each month
  Presents to council all legal processes against the city at the next regular council meeting
  Presents monthly comprehensive financial reports to council
  Submits to the council a certified statement of the total amount of the valuation or assessment of the taxable property
  Recommends and obtains approval of council before attending any professional development meeting or course or official business function outside the State of Tennessee

Supervision of Personnel

  Delegates powers and duties to staff
  Supervises heads of the city’s Public Works and Public Safety Departments, and office staff
  Administers the city’s personnel system
  Employs, maintains, and terminates city employees in accordance with applicable federal, state, and city legislative and procedural provisions

Responsibilities as Records Custodian

  Keeps a full and complete record of the proceedings of the council
  Serves as custodian of the city records and certifies copies of original records


Norris City Manager Evaluation - Continued

Please use the following scale to rate the City Manager’s performance on the following criteria:

1. Well Below Standard (Unsatisfactory)
2. Below Standard (Marginal)
3. On Standard (Satisfactory)
4. Above Standard (Commendable)
5. Well Above Standard (Outstanding)

Financial Responsibilities

  Exercises general supervision over the fiscal affairs of the city
  Collects taxes
  Countersigns all contracts with the Mayor
  Certifies the property tax records from the county
  Serves as the tax collector for the city
  Certifies a delinquent property tax list to the Trustee of the county
  Serves as the general accountant and auditor of the city
  Installs and maintains an efficient system of accounting for the city
  Audits all payrolls, accounts and claims against the city and certifies the balance
  Uses numbered forms in connection with the receipt or disbursement of city funds
  Enforces the collection of merchants' taxes and all other license taxes
  Cancels bonds upon final payment
  Manages the sinking funds

Other Duties

  Preserves the public peace and health
  Ensures the safety of persons and properties
  Enforces laws, ordinances, and franchises
  Develops and utilizes the city's resources
  Maintains and administers oaths of office for all officers and employees
  Accepts no other outside employment
  Resides within the city limits
  Continues professional development by attending training sessions, seminars and conferences
  Participates in all meetings of the Planning Commission
  Participates in and serves as Secretary-Treasurer to the Water Commission and Watershed Board
  Keeps informed of activities and conditions that affect city administration
  Maintains association with advisory services and officials of other municipalities and county governments

Please add any additional comments about the Manager’s performance over the last year that you feel this instrument did not address:

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