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Original Author: Stegall, Kay
Date of Material: 01/25/2022

Purchasing--Municipal ordinances
Purchasing--Policies and procedures
Purchasing--Laws and regulations--Tennessee
Purchasing--Bids, proposals and specifications

Municipal Purchasing Procedures (Non-Sealed Bid)

Reviewed Date: 02/11/2022
Municipalities subject to the Purchasing Law of 1983, may wish to increase the maximum amount that exempts public advertisement and competitive bids from $2,500 to up to $10,000. To do so requires passage of an ordinance that adjusts the dollar amounts. This model does not include the language required to adopt the competitive sealed proposal method of procurement. If the municipality chooses to utilize the competitive sealed proposal method as authorized by TCA § 12-3-1207 a procurement code must be adopted by ordinance. Purchasing procedures may be adopted by resolution, however, the procurement code must be adopted by ordinance.

This document includes the following:
  • Sample ordinance to establish a maximum amouont for purchases without public advertisement and competitive bidding
  • Sample resolution adopting purchasing procedures
  • Purchasing procedures. Section 1. General provisions. Section 2. Purchasing Agent and User Department Responsibilities. Section 3. Purchasing Forms and Methods. Section 4. Emergency purchases. Section 5. Petty cash fund. Section 6. Competitive bids or proposals. Section 7. Non-performance policy. Section 8. Delinquent delivery. Section 9. Contractual purchases. Section 10. Items covered by warranty or garantee. section 11. Signatures. Section 12. sale of surplus property. Section 13. Inspection and testing. Section 14. General information. Section 15. Definitions.
  • Example Form: Requisition for supplies
  • Example Form: Purchase order
  • Example Form: Material receiving report
  • Example Form: Request for bid
  • Example Form: Summary of bids
Please contact your MTAS Management or Finance Consultant for further assistance in adopting purchasing policies and procedures. 

Main Document(s):
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