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Original Author: Wyatt, Steve
Date of Material: 08/14/2020

Water--Lines and pipes
Water--Laws and regulations
Water quality--Tennessee
Water distribution--Laws and regulations

MTAS Guides To Water Systems for Tennessee Municipal Elected Officials

Reviewed Date: 04/09/2021
These six guides are part of a series created by MTAS for elected officials in Tennessee municipalities. Each guide is an overview of the tools used and the some of the requirements as specified by the State of Tennessee. Topics covered are corrosion, turbidity, microbiological issues, disinfection, disinfection byproducts and cross-connections.

file Corrosion in systems p1.pdf
file Turbidity in drinking water p2.pdf
file Microbiological issues p3.pdf
file Disinfection in a system p4.pdf
file Disinfection Byproducts p5.pdf
file Cross_connections p6.pdf