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Mount Juliet City Manager Resume Review Worksheet

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Reviewed Date: May 31, 2017

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Aug 3, 2001

City manager
Personnel--Performance appraisal

Mount Juliet City Manager Resume Review Worksheet

Resume review form for position of city manager.

Knowledgebase-Mount Juliet City Manager Resume Review WorksheetAPPLICATION NUMBER:_____________________________________________________

Date:________________ Review Conducted by: Number:



(Grade each applicant on the criteria, with a score of 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest)

1. Do the resume= and cover letter suggest real interest in the position?

Are they well written? _________

2. Has the applicant had experience with the variety of services provided to

residents of the City of Mt. Juliet? _________

3. Has the applicant had experience with a comparable staff size and budget? _________

4. Has the applicant had experience working in a local government or private

organization of comparable size? _________

5. Has the applicant worked in a similar geographic area? _________

6. Has the applicant demonstrated that he is community oriented? _________

7. Has the applicant had broad administrative and supervisory authority, or

is experience focused on administering activities in specialized areas and

doing research? _________

8. Has the applicant had experience in working with elected officials, citizen

groups and appointed boards and commissions? _________

9. Has the applicant had specific responsibilities that compare with the

objectives and priorities of the local government? _________

10. Does the applicant = s employment history suggest a pattern of broad

experience and increasing responsibility? _________

11. Does the applicant have good tenure with most previous employers? _________

12. Does the applicant show interest in continuing professional development, as

evidenced by participation in training programs and professional organ-

izations? _________

13. Educational attainment. _________

TOTAL SCORE (Maximum of 65 points) _________


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