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Original Author: Hardy, Pat
Date of Material: 10/05/2009

City administrator
Municipal government--Administration

Morristown City Administrator Job Description

Reviewed Date: 07/08/2021
Job description for the position of City Administrator.

Morristown City Administrator Job Description


The City Administrator is responsible for day to day operations of the city government. The employee is under the general supervision of the City Council and serves at the will and pleasure of the City Council. Instructions to the employee are general and the employee must routinely use independent judgment when completing tasks. The employee must consider different courses of action and sometimes deviate from standard operating procedures. The work requires frequent contact with the Mayor and City Council, committees, all department heads and employees and the general public.


The employee will operate a computer, fax machine, copier and other modern office equipment.

The employee will normally work indoors in an office environment but may occasionally work outdoors when monitoring projects, inspecting services, etc.


Responsible for implementation of City Council directives in a cost-efficient, effective, and timely manner.

Responsible for the preparation and administration of the city budget, as well as the development of documents such as the capital budget, personnel policies and procedures, etc.

Responsible for the overall operation of the city and monitors the performance of all departments. Coordinates and supervises all day to day administrative activities and operations for each department, under policies established by the City Council. Holds departments accountable for their operations. Interacts at a high level with each department, is a people person, and in part “manages by walking around.”

Ability to develop the city’s workforce into an effective team. Also able to integrate the employee team with the City Council in order to achieve goals and provide effective services.

Consults and cooperates with the committees of the City Council in the administration of city affairs. Collaborates with committees to achieve results.

Keeps the City Council informed as to departmental operations. Communicates openly, equally, timely, and in a variety of ways in order to keep the Council informed.

Prepares administrative directives and bulletins and conducts, on own initiative or upon request of the Mayor or City Council, analysis of administrative programs and projects confronting city operations.

Makes recommendations to the City Council for improving the quality and quantity of public services to be rendered by the officers and employees to the citizens of the city.

Responsible for the hiring, promotion, evaluation, termination, and discipline of city personnel under policies established by the City Council, City Charter, or Municipal Code.

May recommend specific personnel positions and/or reorganization of city administration, as may be required to meet the needs and operational requirements of the city, with approval of the Council.


Keeps the Council fully advised as to the conditions and needs of the city.

May collaborate with a variety of groups and agencies, both public and private, in development of the city’s economic base.

Reports to the Council the condition of all city equipment, buildings and facilities, and real estate; makes recommendations regarding repairs, replacement or improvements.

Makes recommendations to the Council on policies and procedures for the efficient business-like operation of city government.

Serves as liaison with County, State, and Federal officials and other agencies. Stays abreast of grant opportunities and opportunities for cooperation with other groups in order to achieve common goals. Is knowledgeable regarding legislation and its effect on City operations.

Routinely evaluates the city’s infrastructure and recommends to the Council the priority of programs or projects involving public works, public improvements, public safety, etc.

Develops an orientation program available to newly elected officials.

Works closely with department heads to ensure that employees receive adequate opportunities for training to maintain and improve their job-related knowledge and skills.

May help facilitate the establishment of a vision, set of goals and objectives, and actions to achieve those with both the City Council and staff.

Performs other duties as required by the City Council.


Knowledge of municipal finances and budgetary principles and practices.

Knowledge of the organization, functions and problems associated with municipal government operations.

Public relations skills including the ability to make presentations to community groups, explain issues, develop support for programs, etc. Is visible in the community.

Knowledge of municipal purchasing practices as required by law.

Knowledge of municipal personnel administration, including policies and procedures and federal and state laws dealing with personnel administration.

Knowledge of administrative skills, practices and procedures related to effective and efficient administration of city government.

Ability to evaluate situations and make decisions in a timely manner.

Ability to study municipal operations and make recommendations to the Council for improvements.

Ability to plan, assign, supervise and coordinate the activities of city employees and other resources in order to achieve the most efficient and effective day to day operations.

Ability to express ideas and information clearly, concisely and convincingly both orally and in writing to staff, the governing body, and to the general public.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the general public, employees, and elected officials.


Graduation from an accredited college or university including or supplemented by accredited courses in accounting, business administration, political science, public administration, economics, or city management. A Masters degree is desired.

A minimum of 7 years administrative experience in public administration.

Must become a resident of the City of Morristown or obtain written approval from the City Council to do otherwise.

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