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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

Original Author: Tennessee Office of Open Records Counsel
Date of Material: 01/19/2017

Records management--Open records--Laws and regulations
Records management--Open records

Model Public Records Policy

Reviewed Date: 04/22/2021
Pursuant to the requirements of Public Chapter 722, Acts of 2016, the Tennessee Office of Open Records Counsel released the Model Public Records Policy with accompanying material.

Main Document(s):
Reference Document(s):
file 20170119PoliciesandGuidelines.pdf
file 20170119BestPractices.pdf
file 20161130PublicRecordsAct.pdf
file 20170119RecordsRequestForm.pdf
file 20170119RecordsResponseForm.pdf
file 20170119ScheduleofReasonableCharges.pdf
file 20170119FrequentandMultipleRequests.pdf
file 20170119SafeHarbor.pdf
file 20170119InformalAdvisoryOpinions.pdf
file 20161130OpenMeetingsAct.pdf
file 20170119Mediation.pdf