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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

Original Author: Adams-O'Brien, Frances
Date of Material: 08/07/2020

Electric power

Maryville Lineman Survey

Reviewed Date: 04/09/2021
Seven cities were identified in the MTAS City Directory as providing electric services to their communities. Two of the seven cities responded with data - Alcoa and Dayton. The following cities do not own their electric utilities and referred MTAS to the local utilities: Cleveland, Shelbyville and Springfield. Each of the utilities were contacted and to do ate we have not received the requested information.

Main Document(s):
file Summary_report_Maryville.pdf
Reference Document(s):
file TVA Lineman Apprentice Program.pdf
file Oak-Ridge-ELECTRIC-LINE-TECH-II_.pdf
file 4029 - Electric Crew Supervisor.doc
file 4026 - Lead Line Technician.doc
file 4024 - Journey Line Technician.doc
file 4022 - Apprentice Line Technician.doc
file 4021 - Electric Line Worker Trainee.doc