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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

Original Author: Nevad, Warren
Date of Material: 10/19/2012

Community development
Public information--Citizen education

Livingston's Community Visioning Process

Reviewed Date: 07/22/2021
MTAS was asked to facilitate a community visioning process for the City of Livingston.

October 19, 2012

Mayor Curtis Hayes
The City of Livingston
301 McHenry Circle
Livingston, TN 38570

Dear Mayor Hayes:

Thank you for inviting MTAS to help facilitate the city of Livingston’ community visioning process on October 13th and 16th. You had a very engaged and interactive citizenry that participated in the event; and it was wonderful to be a part of this process.

As an overview of the process, on October 13th, MTAS brought a team of 5 staff along with 2 members of the Tennessee Tech University External Relations Department to help facilitate six subject areas. The people that attended were broken down into small groups and rotated through each of the six topics. Each group answered five questions on the subject at hand and the answers were recorded, with notes being made of repeated responses. The topics reviewed included 1) Economic Development, 2) Environment, 3) Transportation, 4) Recreation, 5) Public safety and 6) Education.

Between October 13th and 16th, all of the information was compiled electronically and then tabulated to determine the top five most commonly mentioned key issues for each topic, for a total of thirty items. On October 16th, the public was again invited to the Overton County Chamber of Commerce to voice their opinions on the issues most important to them. Citizens were given eight stickers with which to vote on the key issues that most concerned them. They voted by placing a sticker next to an item under the six categories. Individuals could disperse their eight stickers or could group them all on one issue.

The top ten key issues that emerged, in order of ranking were:

1) Recruit hospitality facilities-hotel/conference rooms and restaurants
2) Develop a Performing arts center/Amphitheatre Arts and crafts
3) Develop a comprehensive greenway/sidewalk/bike path plan
4) Implement beautification improvements- eliminate dilapidated buildings/nuisance/noise violations
5) Create a Promotional campaign of Americana music
6) Create and staff a city leisure services department
7) Implement a job creation plan
8) Recruit entertainment facilities-theatres/bowling alley /Skate Park
9) Develop a Teen center: Bowling alley/skate park/disc golf
10) Purchase of emergency alert system/early warning system

The full thirty items and their rankings are attached as separate documents.

It was a pleasure working with you and all the citizens on the vision for the year 2035. We also appreciate the fine assistance by Greg McDonald and Rita Reagan with the Chamber. If there is any way that MTAS can be of service in accomplishing any of these tasks, please let me know.


Warren Nevad
Municipal Management Consultant

Main Document(s):
file Livingston 2035 ranking visioning Top 30 Items in Ranked Order.pdf
file Livingston 2035 Letter.pdf
file Livingston 2035 visioning process Top 10 Items in Ranked Order.pdf
file Livingston 2035 Visioning Process.pdf