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Junked Car Notice

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Reviewed Date: June 11, 2017

Original Author: 
Darden, Don
Date of Material: 
Aug 9, 2004

Abandoned property--Vehicles
Motor vehicles--Laws and regulations
Municipal ordinances

Junked Car Notice

MTAS was asked to create a standardized notice to be used to deal with violators of the city's junked car ordinance.

Knowledgebase-Junked Car Notice



To: Name:_______________________________________________

This is to notify you that you are in violation of Ordinance _________an ordinance regulating junked vehicles on public and private property within the Town of Tracy City. A copy of this ordinance is enclosed for your information. The Town of Tracy City would appreciate your compliance with the ordinance as a way to help us develop a community that is a more attractive and healthy place in which to live.

Violation: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

You are hereby given 10 days from the date of this notice to remove the vehicle located at:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

You are entitled to a hearing on this matter, and you have the right to be represented by an attorney. Should you desire a hearing, please contact the City Recorder to arrange a date for the hearing.

Failure to comply with this notice, as specified in paragraph two, will result in a citation for a violation of the town’s ordinance on junked vehicles and may result in a fine of fifty dollars ($50) per day.

Codes Enforcement Officer



I hereby certified that a copy of this notice was personally mailed by certified mail, return receipt required, on _________________

Helen Dykes
City Recorder


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