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Jeopardy Game for Council Orientation

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Reviewed Date: June 19, 2017

Original Author: 
Norris, Margaret
Date of Material: 
May 9, 2007

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Jeopardy Game for Council Orientation

An orientation activity developed for Blaine.

Knowledgebase-Jeopardy Game for Council OrientationJeopardy Game
Blaine City Council Orientation

200 The number of readings required for ordinances - 2 (6-2-102)
400 A majority of the board is called this – quorum (6-2-102)
600 This person has the authority to employ, promote, discipline, suspend and discharge all employees and department heads – mayor (6-3-106(b)2(A))
800 The length of the residency requirement for candidates to run for board – 1 year (6-3-103)
1000 The number of powers the city is granted in the charter – 33 (6-2-201)

This person shall countersign checks and drafts drawn upon the treasury and sign all contracts to which the municipality is a party – mayor (6-3-106(a)(5)).

200 The average cost of a new, full-sized and equipped police car - $31,000
400 The cost of one bulletproof vest, or body armor - $450
600 The average staff level (officer per thousand citizens) in southern states – 2.7 per 1,000
800 The charge for court costs in Blaine - $91.50
1000 The person in the city who has control of the drug fund – city recorder

General Government
200 The name of your state representative – Dennis Edward Roach
400 Another name for the open meeting law – Sunshine law (T.C.A. 8-44-102)
600 One of two types of laws the city can pass – resolution and ordinance
800 The number of Tennessee cities - 347
1000 The state requires purchases over this amount of money to be competitively bid - $2,500 (T.C.A. 6-56-304)

Public Works
200 How many days a week the convenience center is open each week – Tues. 2-6, Wed, 9-1, Th. 2-6, Sat 8-2
400 The main cause of potholes – poor drainage
600 The number of times more that it costs to repair asphalt after it deteriorates from fair to very poor – 5 times
800 The amount of the money the city receives from the state for street maintenance and repair per person – $28.49
1000 The percent of refuse that is paper – 39%

200 Name one revenue source – state shared taxes, court fines and costs, local sales tax, cable TV Franchise, concession sales, entry fees for ball teams, donations, drug fines and forfeitures, grants, salary supplement for police.
400 The city’s fiscal year begins in this month - July
600 The maximum amount a city can charge for a municipal ordinance violation - $50
800 The amount of the city’s general fund budget revenues - $407,000 (FY 2006-2007 = $383,412)
1000 Name one of the seven state shared taxes – sales, Hall income (income tax), beer, streets & transportation, corporate excise, gross receipts from TVA, gas & motor fuel, telecommunications

200 The number of people employed by the city of Blaine - 7
400 The number of positions the charter says the board shall appoint – 3 (treasurer, judge and recorder: 6-4-401, 6-4-301, 6-4-201)
600 What FLSA is an acronym for – Fair Labor Standards Act
800 Cities spend (on average) this percent of their general fund budget on personnel expenses – 70%
1000 Name two items in a personnel file that are confidential: bank account information, social security number, unlisted phone number, medical record, driver’s license number (if DL isn’t required for the job), and the same information of immediate family members or household members; the address and home telephone number of undercover officer. (T.C.A. 10-7-503).


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