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Original Author: MTAS
Date of Material: 09/25/2002

Parks and recreation--Grounds maintenance
Parks and recreation--Personnel
Parks and recreation--Facilities--Golf courses

Groundskeeper (Assistant)

Reviewed Date: 06/21/2021
Job description for the position of Groundskeeper, Assistant.



This position is under the administrative direction of the Head Groundskeeper. The employee assists the Head Groundskeeper and performs supervisory work in the care and maintenance of the municipal golf course. The employee is responsible for keeping the golf course in excellent condition. Considerable independence is allowed in the performance of the care and maintenance functions. Policy questions are discussed with the Head Groundskeeper who reviews worked performed through inspection and discussion. The reaction and comments of the public using the facilities of the course serve as an evaluation of the proficiency with which the golf course is maintained.


The employee will operate tractors, trucks, mowers, cutters, edgers and other necessary equipment for maintenance of the course.
The employee works out-of-doors and may be exposed to tobacco smoke, fumes and chemicals, toxic substances, noise, heavy lifting, sharp tools, extreme weather conditions, and machinery with moving parts.
The employee may be required to lift objects weighing more than 25 pounds.
Intermittently sitting, standing, stooping and walking is required.


Assists the Head Groundskeeper in planning, scheduling and supervising the care, maintenance and operation of the municipal golf course grounds.
Assists, Instructs and supervises other groundskeeping personnel engaged in green and fairway care and maintenance, including mowing, use of mowing equipment and other course maintenance equipment.
Supervises and maintains the irrigation of trees, shrubs and grasses, the weeding of greens, raking of traps, and the pruning and planting of trees.
Supervises and participates in the propagation of grass, trees, shrubs and other plants through planting, fertilizing, etc.
Assists the Head Groundskeeper in suggesting methods for and supervising the control of fungus, weeds and rodents.
Assists the Head Groundskeeper in diagnosing diseases and determining necessary treatment for trees, shrubs and grasses.
Directs the use of fungicides and insecticides for control of disease, insects and rodents.
Recommends, supervises and assists with changes in the sprinkler and irrigation system.
Recommends, supervises and assists in the new construction and re-construction of greens, tees, traps, fairways and irrigation system.
Directs, checks and performs the efficient operation of power mowing machines, tractors and other automotive equipment used in maintenance and patrolling work.
Recommends purchase of new equipment and directs the restoration, repair and maintenance of existing equipment.


Performs other related work as required.


Knowledge of the modern principles, practices, methods, techniques, materials and equipment used in the care and maintenance of golf course grounds, including fairways, tees, greens, etc.
Knowledge of turf diseases, insects, and rodents and chemicals and methods used to control these undesirable elements.
Knowledge of the uses and operating methods of, and the care of, equipment and tools used in golf course grounds maintenance.
Knowledge of golf rules and methods of play.
Knowledge of the layout, draining and shaping of fairways and greens, as well as placement of traps, cups and other elements which make for a good golf course.
Knowledge of effective chemical sprays, powders, etc. to combat lawn diseases and pests.
Ability to give and follow oral and written instructions.
Ability to effectively supervise and maintain an effective working relationship with other employees.
Ability to deal tactfully and courteously with the public.
Ability to keep necessary records and prepare reports.
Ability to estimate materials, supplies and equipment needed in the care and maintenance of a golf course.


Graduation from a standard high school or GED equivalent with trade and vocational school courses completed.
Considerable experience in the maintenance of golf course grass greens and fairways, including experience in supervising other employees.
Ability to become certified to use insecticides and other chemicals.
Possession of a valid Tennessee Vehicle Operators License is required.