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Gas Tax Distribution

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Reviewed Date: December 17, 2019

Original Author: 
Carrier, Angie
Date of Material: 
Jan 16, 2018

Taxes--Gasoline and motor fuels
Revenue sources--State

Gas Tax Distribution

MTAS responds to questions regarding how the city will receive the new "gax tax" fund.

Email transmission
Date    1/16/2018
Amber Scott
City Administrator
City of Lenoir City
Office: 865-986-2715
Email address: ascott@lenoircitytn.gov
Question to MTAS:
We have a question about the Gas Tax bill that was passed last year.  In what manner will these funds come to our City?  Will they be combined with our State Street Aid funds?  When should we expect these funds?  Will they have to come to our County first and then we dispersed to us?
Response from MTAS:
I am attaching a couple of items. First is a MORe report on state shared revenue. I have highlighted a few areas that reference your questions. The funds from the gas tax will come to you with your state shared revenues. You should be receiving these directly from the State around the 20th of every month.
A breakdown of those numbers are shown on a report via Edison https://sso.edison.tn.gov/psp/paprd/EMPLOYEE/EMPL/h/?tab=PAPP_GUEST on the State’s website. This link will take you to the login page. You must set-up an account if you do not have one in order to view. Also, there is an Edison Help Desk if you have difficulty.
I am also attaching a sample report from Sweetwater. The gas tax comes to you in a couple of different ways-“gas tax” which goes to the State Street Aid fund and the one labeled as “petro special” (petroleum special) will go the general fund.



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