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Original Author: MTAS
Date of Material: 09/25/2002

Parks and recreation--Facilities
Parks and recreation--Personnel

Fitness Facility Manager Job Description

Reviewed Date: 06/21/2021
Job description for the position of Fitness Facility Manager.



This position is under the general supervision of the Director of Parks and Recreation. The employee is responsible for the coordination, planning, overall organization and operation of the Town Centre Fitness Facility. The employee also acts as Director of Parks and Recreation when the Director is absent. Independent judgement is used according to the situation and different courses of action must be taken to complete the tasks.


The employee will operate light duty vehicles, parks maintenance equipment, mobile radios, camcorders/vcr, cameras, computers, calculators, fax and other modern office equipment.
The employee works inside and outside and may be exposed to tobacco smoke, fumes and chemicals, toxic substances, noise, machinery with moving parts.
The employee may be required to lift objects weighing more than 25 pounds.
The employee will be required to safely operate and give instruction in the safe operation of a variety of physical fitness equipment.
Intermittently sitting, standing, stooping and walking is required.


Plans, coordinates, directs the overall organization and operation of the fitness facility.
Recruits, interviews, directs, supervises and evaluates the work of the supervisors and other employees in the fitness facility operation.
Assists in the promotion of the fitness facility to city citizens to emphasize its benefit to the community for leisure and health opportunities.
Investigates and responds to public complaints in regard to operation of the fitness facility.
Assembles, maintains and reports pertinent operating record data, financial data and other information relating to the facility.
Reviews and analyzes facility operations, including its progress and effectiveness in patron services and use, and computes a cost-revenue ratio.
Makes special studies and investigations as deemed necessary to assist in the improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of the facility.
Assists the supervisors on various administrative and technical matters in specific operations of the facility.
Serves in a liaison capacity with the Town Centre Restaurant and Hospitalit.
Services Manager in coordinating the building maintenance and Centre programs and special events to avoid conflicts which may otherwise arise.
Prepares budgets, cost estimates and other requested reports relative to the operation and submits them to the Director of Parks and Recreation.
Approves the requisition of supplies and equipment, and prepares bid specifications if necessary, for submittal to the Director of Parks and Recreation.
Assumes control, accounts for, directs and manages budgeted funds allocated to the fitness facility.
Produces weekly, monthly, annual and other periodic reports indicating statistics, revenues, expenditures, user trends and other pertinent information requested by the Director of Parks and Recreation.
Reviews, prospects and targets various groups and companies using advertisement / marketing strategies to increase facility revenues and usage.
Manages and supervises all swimming pool operations, including maintenance, accounting for revenue collections, concession / vending contracts, hiring of lifeguards, etc.
Recruits and trains all lifeguards and selects instructors for water safety courses.
Establishes goals and objectives of the fitness facilities operation in concert with the goals and objectives established for the department by the Director of Parks and Recreation.


Performs duties as Director of Parks and Recreation in the absence of the Director.
Operates recreational and park maintenance equipment when necessary.
Perform other duties as assigned.


Knowledge of personnel policies and procedures.
Knowledge of principles and practices of public recreation fitness program design and delivery, and facilities management.
Knowledge of the materials and equipment used in general maintenance and construction work.
Knowledge of requirements necessary for performance of lifeguard duties and water safety instruction.
Knowledge of occupational hazards and safety precautions.
Knowledge of the principles and methods of supervision.
Knowledge of the facilities and equipment needed to implement and operate a broad recreation and fitness program.
Ability to plan, direct, implement and manage all phases of a comprehensive parks and recreation program, its personnel, policy and fiscal planning activities.
Ability to plan and supervise the work of subordinates.
Ability to use necessary tools and equipment in performance of required skills.
Ability to evaluate situations and make positive decisions.
Ability to communicate ideas and information clearly, concisely, and convincingly, orally and in writing.
Ability to keep accurate records and make reports.
Ability to react quickly and calmly in emergency situations and determine proper course of action.
Ability to deal effectively with citizen complaints regarding department activities and procedures.
Ability to perform public appearances, interviews and speaking engagements to promote Parks and Recreation services, especially in the area of fitness programs.


Graduate from an accredited four year college or university with a degree in health and physical fitness, recreation or related field.
At least two years experience in physical fitness program delivery and facilities management.
At lease two years experience in management and supervision of subordinates.