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Firefighter 1 Training

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Reviewed Date: May 23, 2017

Original Author: 
Wolf, Dennis
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Nov 3, 2003


Firefighter 1 Training

MTAS was asked the requirements for a Firefighter to become certified as a Firefighter 1.

Knowledgebase-Firefighter 1 TrainingHello Richard,

I am in need of some help.  Could you please help clarify something for us.  There is some question concerning Firefighter I training requirements.  We have a firefighter that completed his FFI training at the state academy in March.  We have a provision that when a firefighter completes FFI he gets a .40 pay increase.  Our Chief says that this firefighter can not get his .40 increase until his year anniversary date.  He completed his 300 hours of training at the academy, it is our understanding that they either have to complete 300 hours of training or be on the force for a year before they are eligible for FFI.  I guess my real question is this employee completed his training in March and did not get his increase until Sep. if we owe him for back pay back to his certification I would like to be sure he gets it.  Can you help clarify what the State requirements are?  Thank you so much.

Tiny Barton
Deputy Director Personnel

Mr. Barton:

Richard Stokes has asked me to answer this question for you.
For a Firefighter to become certified as a "Firefighter 1" in the State of Tennessee, three things need to occur:

  • Obtain training and education
  • Pass the FF1 exam as given by the Tennessee Firefighter Commission
  • Have one full year of service in a fire department.

    My question for you is, "What does your city actually require?"
    If your city requires the firefighter to be a certified FF1 before getting the raise, then your Fire Chief is absolutely correct. If however, it was the cities intention to give the raise once the firefighter passed the test, then that might be a different date.

    It would be my recommendation to wait until the firefighter has the one full year of service before giving the raise.

    Ray Crouch, Sr.
    Fire Department Management Consultant
    University of Tennessee IPS / MTAS

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