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Engineer Codes Official

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Reviewed Date: April 17, 2017

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Sep 25, 2002

Building codes
Code enforcement--Personnel

Engineer Codes Official

Job description for the position of Engineer/Codes Official.

Knowledgebase-Engineer Codes Official



This position is under the administrative direction of the Mayor. The employee is responsible for administration and supervision of the code enforcement compliance programs relative to the construction, alteration and repair of buildings and enforcement of current zoning regulations. Work includes supervision of code inspection activities, review of subdivision and other development plans and providing appropriate recommendations to the Smyrna Planning Commission. The employee performs inspections of subdivisions and other development work, coordinates performance bonds and/or letters of credit and prepares the Smyrna Planning Commission agenda. The employee performs various engineering tasks including surveying and traffic control. Instructions to the employee are general and the employee must routinely use independent judgement when performing tasks.


The employee will operate a computer, fax machine, copier and other modern office equipment.
The employee will operate an automobile with radio transmitting and receiving capabilities for constant communication access.
The employee typically works indoors in an office environment and may be exposed to tobacco smoke, however sometimes work is performed outdoors regardless of the weather.
The employee may be required to lift heavy objects weighing more than 25 pounds.
The employee's work may expose him/her to high places, dangerous machinery and its moving parts, sharp tools, fumes, chemicals and/or toxic substances.


Plans, designs, makes cost estimates and supervises construction and maintenance of street lighting, traffic signals, asphalt paving, pavement marking and other projects and/or activities.
Prepares and obtains right-of-way easements and/or acquisitions.
Reviews subdivision and other development plans, prepares comments and recommendations to the Smyrna Planning Commission.
Inspects subdivision and other developments and approves or disapproves the acceptance of roads, utilities and other facilities by the town.
Performs tests on all water and sewer lines to accepted by the city and assures quality of materials and construction.
Submits plans, permit applications and other documentation to the State Department of Transportation, the State Health Department and the Corp of Engineers when required.
Administers and supervises underground storage tank compliance.
Represents the Town of Smyrna on the Regional Transportation Authority.
Coordinates performance bonds and/or letters of credit by developers held by the city to assure proper completion of developments.
Prepares legal descriptions, files plats, researches deeds and other land records.
Administration and supervision of the code enforcement compliance programs relative to the construction, alteration and repair of buildings and enforcement of current zoning regulations.
Prepares Smyrna Planning Commission agenda.
Approves plans, specifications and final completion of city construction contracts, such as sewer rehabilitation and expansion, water and gas system expansion.
Investigates and responds to stormwater drainage complaints.


Performs other related duties and special projects as assigned.


Knowledge of modern management and office administration practices and techniques.
Knowledge of the principles and practices of construction and maintenance supervision.
Knowledge ofInternational Code Councilresidential and commercial building codes and accepted construction principles and practices.
Knowledge of local zoning and subdivision rules and regulations.
Knowledge of the principles and practices of inspection of roads, utilities and other facilities in land development.
Knowledge of the occupational hazards of work to be accomplished and supervised and the necessary safety precautions needed.
Knowledge of laws and regulations regarding employee health, safety and employment practices.
Knowledge of state and federal laws governing traffic control, water and sewer extensions and stream maintenance.
Knowledge of principles and practices of civil engineering, particularly as applied to municipal utility and public works.
Ability to plan, organize, assign, supervise and inspect the work of subordinates.
Ability to maintain inventory control and administer appropriate purchasing policies and procedures.
Ability to implement innovative methods to provide more efficient and effective operations.
Ability to keep routine operational and personnel records and make reports.
Ability to express ideas and information clearly, concisely and effectively in writing and orally.
Ability to assist in the development of sound plans for the future development of public utilities systems and other public facilities in relation to community needs.
Ability to establish and maintain an effective relationship with the public and other employees.


Graduation from a four year college or university majoring in the field of civil engineering or civil engineering technology.
At least 5 years experience in the field of civil engineering and construction inspection in a supervisory capacity.

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