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Employee Seeking Promotion Treated Like Other Candidates

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Reviewed Date: May 16, 2017

Original Author: 
Jones, Bonnie
Date of Material: 
Jul 19, 2012

Personnel--Selection and recruitment
Records management--Open records

Employee Seeking Promotion Treated Like Other Candidates

MTAS was asked whether there is any protection of the candidacy information of an employee who is seeking a promotion.

Knowledgebase-Employee Seeking Promotion Treated Like Other CandidatesMTAS was asked: When an employee is seeking a promotion, is there any protection about their candidacy?  I know their personal info like phone, address, those sorts of things need to be redacted, but what about other info that will indicate who they are, by the schools and positions they have held, and even their name? This is for the position of Police Chief.

From: Jones, Bonnie Curran
Thursday, July 19, 2012 4:19 PM
Re: RE: FW:

I consulted with the attorney and what I said below is correct.  It is open record.  There is no protection or privacy on people finding out who applies.  Their credentials including education are relevant and accessible.  

From: Jones, Bonnie Curran [mailto:bonnie.jones@tennessee.edu]
Thursday, July 19, 2012 2:51 PM
Re: FW:

All of that would be treated just like any other candidate and part of open records, unless exempt by law.  None of those items would qualify for protection.

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