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Electrical Operating Superintendent

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Reviewed Date: January 13, 2017

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Sep 26, 2002

Electric systems
Electric power

Electrical Operating Superintendent

Job description for the position of Electrical Operating Superintendent.

Knowledgebase-Electrical Operating Superintendent



Employees in this class are under general supervision of the Utilities Superintendent. Work performed in supervising and coordinating activities of the Electric Line Foreman, Service Crew Foreman, Meter Shop Foreman, Customer Service Representatives, Lead Lineman, and Engineering Aided engaged in installing, testing, adjusting, ordering, and repairing meters for recording electric current consumption and others related work as required.


Plans and schedules work.
Assigns employees to specific duties.
Determines materials, equipment, and supplies to be used on a project.
Inspects work in progress and instructs employees.
Installs and supervises others installing meters in response to application for service.
Tests and repairs meters.
Checks and supervises others checking customers complaints concerning electric bills including making physical inspection of electric service.
Locates new commercial and residential electric service for customers.
Supervises the routine maintenance of tools and equipment.
Assists in compiling and maintaining operational and other records and reports pertaining to electric service.
Performs other work as assigned.


Acts as Safety Advisor for Utility District. Responsible for guiding, training, and disciplining others.


Knowledge of maintenance of equipment.
Knowledge of all legal regulations regarding employee health and safety.
Knowledge of National Electric Safety Code and National Electric Code.
Knowledge of current Environmental Protection Agency rulings
Knowledge of effective and efficient methods and procedures for scheduling work.
Knowledge of accepted methods of repair and installation of commercial and residential electric services.
Knowledge of equipment used in testing and calibrating electric meter.
Ability to plan, organize, assign, supervise, and inspect the work of subordinates.
Ability to forecast system growth trends based on economic changes.
Ability to use necessary tools in the performance of required skills.
Ability to regulate and make repairs on electric meters.
Ability to understand and follow oral and written instruction
Ability to keep routine records and make simple reports.
Ability to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with the public and other employees.

Any combination of training and experience equivalent to:

Graduation from a standard high school.
Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering
Eight (8) to ten (10) years experience in the installation of commercial and residential electric services.
Must possess a valid Tennessee driver’s license.
Applicants must be in such physical condition as not to impair their performance of the required duties of the class and may be required to take a physical examination given by a physician licensed to practice medicine in the State and designated by the City.

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