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Original Author: Hardy, Pat
Date of Material: 02/14/2005

Electric systems--Personnel

Electric System Director Job Description

Reviewed Date: 01/13/2017
Job description and management responsibilities for the position of Electric System Director.

Knowledgebase-Electric System Director Job Description


REPORTS TO: Board of Directors

SUPERVISES: Assistant Directors-Engineering/Operations
Administrative Services, Resource Management
Administrator, Utilities; Executive Secretary


The Electric System Director directs the activities of the Electric System.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION STATEMENTS–Essential responsibilities and duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Works with Electric System personnel, interpreting policies of the Board of Directors, establishing department priorities, monitoring department performance, identifying actions which will increase the department’s level of performance, and coordinates activities with other community agencies such as the City.

Participates with the Board to review and help develop overall approaches to Electric System issues and priorities.

Establishes and maintains good working relationships with public groups interested in Electric services including commercial and industrial customers, environmental organizations, etc.

Advises the Board in all matters pertaining to delivering and selling utility services.

Supervises plans to ensure that the utility will be able to meet customer service, operating and financial requirements.

Assures that the utility’s operations are run in a safe, reliable, efficient and economic manner.

Assure that the annual operating and capital budget is consistent with goals, service needs, budget policies and procedures, and that rates are adequate to meet operating requirements to maintain appropriate levels of reserves.

Assures that employee development, safety and training programs are designed and successfully implemented within the utility.

Assure that cost effective technology is deployed within the department to meet the system’s strategic objectives, to meet industry information requirements, and to enhance staff productivity and improve customer service.

Perform related duties and responsibilities as required.


Sufficient education, training and/or work experience to demonstrate possession of the following knowledge, skills, and abilities which would typically be acquired through:

Possession of a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in engineering, business, public administration or a field directly relevant to the management of a utility; master’s degree in public or business administration or a related field is preferred.

Five years experience in engineering, operations and/or business in a utility or public organization, three years of which should be in a senior management capacity.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Demonstrated ability in operations, financial management, organization and planning, as well as operational understanding of major utility functions.

Flexibility, imagination, and the ability to develop and implement state-of-the-art programs from an operational understanding of major utility functions.

Knowledge of and sensitivity to the interrelationship and coordination which must exist between utilities functions and other municipal programs.

Ability to interact effectively with staff, public, elected and appointed officials, representatives of business, industry, the press, and other governmental agencies.

Ability to analyze an effective resolution of complex operational problems in a utilities environment; maintain flexible and creative approaches to issues.

Ability to make sound financial and personnel decisions and exercise sound judgement on matters affecting the long-term viability of the system.

Ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing, with a wide variety of individuals and groups; work independently on diverse and demanding projects; plan and implement new programs; keep informed of advances in utility and business technology.

Skill in identifying, analyzing and resolving problems; dealing effectively with others; participating as a supporting member of a team to identify and resolve problems.

Management skills, including the ability to organize, prioritize and evaluate work as well as the ability to supervise and direct staff are essential to success in this position.

Knowledge of the electric industry in Tennessee.

Special Requirements:

Possession of a valid Tennessee driver’s license.

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