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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

Original Author: Stokes, Richard
Date of Material: 01/24/2017

Personnel--Fringe benefits
Colleges and universities

Educational Assistance Survey

Reviewed Date: 05/07/2021
Thirteen cities were asked several questions about educational assistance opportunities, tuition reimbursement, and requirements for employees to participate in their educational assistance programs.

Educational Assistance Survey Questionnaire

1. Does your company offer a tuition reimbursement or some type of educational assistance opportunities program?


City/Organization Yes/No
Cookeville Yes
Jackson Yes
Cleveland Yes
Bartlett Yes
Maryville No
Collierville No
Franklin Yes
Crossville Yes
McMinnville Yes
Memphis Yes
Farragut Yes
Columbia No
Mt. Juliet Yes

2. What is the eligibility period for your reimbursement(s)?


City/Organization Eligibility Period for Reimbursement
Cookeville must have worked 1 year
Jackson 1 year of full-time
Cleveland Fiscal year
Bartlett 1 year
Franklin 1 year
McMinnville Next budget year
Memphis Must be pre-approved
Mt. Juliet An employee will be eligible for higher education after (1) year of continuous employment with the City. It is always a condition of available funds for that fiscal year.

3. What is the annual allowance for each employee per year?


City/Organization Annual Allowance
Cookeville 3 semester hours/quarter
Jackson $1,800.00
Cleveland $2,388.00
Bartlett $750 (semester???)
Franklin 7 hours per semester at the Board of Regents Rate.
Crossville Approved by council in budget each year. Employee must submit request prior to the budget and enrolment in courses.
McMinnville $3,000.00
Memphis $2,500.00
Farragut $1,500.00
Mt. Juliet There is no set amount.

4. What are the minimum grade requirements?


City/Organization Minimum Grade Requirement
Cookeville passing
Jackson Grade of "C" and above
Cleveland Grade of "C" and above
Bartlett Grade of "C" and above
Franklin A and B for 100% reimbursement. C for 50%
Crossville C average or better
McMinnville B for 100% C for 50%
Memphis Grade of “C” and above
Farragut 3.0
Mt. Juliet Grade of “C” and above

5. Do your employees need to remain employed at your organization for a given length of time to be eligible for your educational assistance program? (for example, up to 1 year before and 1 year after program completion).


City/Organization Yes/No
Cookeville Yes
Jackson Yes
Cleveland Yes
Bartlett No
Franklin Yes
Crossville Yes
McMinnville Yes
Memphis No
Farragut No
Mt. Juliet Yes

a. If yes, please explain:


City/Organization Remain Employed for Period of Time
Cookeville completion of one year in good standing
Jackson 1 Year of Full-time employment; no requirement to remain with us after educational reimbursements.
Cleveland remain 2 years after receiving assistance or must pay back 50%
Franklin if the employee leaves employment within a year after an associate, two years after receiving a bachelor’s degree or three years for a masters or juris doctorate or any time prior to receiving the degree, all amounts paid by the City for tuition reimbursement up to the resignation
Crossville Must remain employed for 2 years after reimbursement; if employee voluntarily separates within the 2 years they are obligated to reimburse 50%
McMinnville 3 years after
Mt. Juliet If employee voluntarily separates from the City within two (2) years of receiving training at the cost of $2,000 or more, the employee will be required to reimburse the City 50 % of the training cost.

6. Do you require employees to sign an agreement/contract including a payback schedule should they leave prior to terms?


City/Organization Yes/No
Cookeville No
Jackson No
Cleveland No
Bartlett No
Franklin Yes
Crossville Yes
McMinnville Yes
Memphis Yes
Farragut No
Mt. Juliet Yes

a. If so what is the payback scale?


City/Organization Payback Scale
Franklin Reimburse the City within 18 months with interest on any monies not paid within 30 days of resignation. The City shall have authority to waive repayment if separated for a disability or budget cuts.
Crossville Agreement that the City is the sole source of funding and reimbursement of 50% to the City should the employee voluntarily separate
McMinnville payback would be prorated over the 3 years
Memphis less than 12 months - 100%; 13 - 24 months - 50%; no pay back after 24 months
Mt. Juliet Employee going into the Police Academy is required to sign a contract, if they leave within that time period they will be required to pay a percentage of the amount back.

7. Are your educational assistance requirements directly related to either of the following:


City/Organization Current Job Future Role Company’s Business Objectives
Cookeville No No No
Jackson Yes Yes  
Cleveland Yes No Yes
Bartlett Yes No Yes
Franklin Yes    
Crossville Yes    
McMinnville Yes Yes Yes
Memphis Yes Yes Yes
Farragut Yes Yes Yes
Mt.Juliet Yes    

8. What expenses does your educational assistance program provide?


City/Organization Expensed Provided
Cookeville Tuition only
Jackson Tuition, Lab Fees,
Cleveland Tuition, books other required fees
Bartlett Tuition
Franklin All expenses up to Board of Regents rates for seven hours per semester
Crossville Registration, tuition and books
McMinnville Tuition only
Memphis Tuition and books
Farragut Tuition only
Mt. Juliet Tuition and associated fees (books or not included) are reimbursement upon completion. This is if funds are available for that budget year.

9. Do you intentionally link your educational assistance opportunities program with career development opportunities within your organization? (e.g., Career Development Roadmaps, etc.)


City/Organization Yes/No
Cookeville No
Jackson No
Cleveland No
Bartlett No
Franklin Yes
Crossville No
McMinnville No
Memphis No
Farragut No
Mt. Juliet Yes

10. Should we have follow-up questions, who is the appropriate person to contact?


City/Organization Contact Person
Cookeville Gail Fowler
Jackson Lynn B. Henning
Cleveland Jeff Davis
Bartlett Ted Archdeacon
Franklin Shirley Harmon-Gower or Natasha Parker
Crossville Leah Crockett
McMinnville Jennifer Rigsby
Memphis Eric Sabatini
Farragut Janet Curry
Mt. Juliet Janet Southards

Contact Information:


Name Organization # of Employees Contact Number
Gail Fowler City of Cookeville 425 931.520.5256
Lynn Henning City of Jackson 721 731.425.8252
Jeff Davis City of Cleveland 320 423.559.3313
Ted Archdeacon City of Bartlett 700 901.385.5515
Teresa Best City of Maryville 311 865.273.3428
Cindy Greer Town of Collierville 540 901.457.2290
Shirley Harmon - Gower City of Franklin 740 615.791.3216
Leah Crockett City of Crossville 170 931.456.5681
Jennifer Rigsby City of McMinnville 152  
Eric Sabatini City of Memphis 6500 901.636.6411
Janet Curry Town of Farragut 50 865.966.7057
Connie Etzkin City of Columbia 386 931.560.1565
Janet Southards City of Mt. Juliet 156 615.773.6290

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