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Drug Task Force Financial Officer

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Reviewed Date: June 21, 2017

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Sep 26, 2002

Police--Finance--Drug operations

Drug Task Force Financial Officer

Job description for the position of Drug Task Force Financial Officer.

Knowledgebase-Drug Task Force Financial Officer



This employee provides administrative services for the drug task force. The employee performs work which requires an accurate accounting of expenditures and receipts and preparation of a variety of specialized reports. The employee is under the general supervision of the drug task force Director. Instructions to the employee are general, however, many aspects of the work are guided by specific operating standards or procedures. There are times when independent judgement is necessary.


The employee will operate a variety of modern office equipment including a computer, typewriter, telephone, calculator, and copier.
The employee will also operate a variety of specialized equipment such as drug test kits and surveillance equipment.
The employee typically works indoors in an office environment and may be exposed to tobacco smoke. The employee may be required to lift light objects such as journals and reports.


Prepares a variety of reports for the drug task force, county, state and federal agencies.
Serves as custodian of evidence. Enters, logs, and issues evidence when needed.
Verifies invoices and pays bills.
Accurately accounts for the revenues and expenditures of the drug task force in accordance with accepted guidelines and county, state and federal requirements.
Issues purchase orders and buys supplies.
Attends board meetings. Helps prepare the agenda and takes minutes at meetings.
Assists the district attorney in preparation of grant applications.
Handles seizures and forfeitures of property.
Enters a variety of information in the computer.
Prepares financial statements and reports.


Files purchase orders, checks, warrants, and invoices.
Types a variety of documents and performs a number of general office duties.
Prepares an accurate account of expenditures and obligations for budget preparation.
Assists in preparation of the yearly budget.
Trains other drug task force financial officers.
Maintains checking accounts and safe deposit box.
Performs related duties as required.


Knowledge of the principles and practices of bookkeeping.
Knowledge of business English and arithmetic.
Knowledge of modern office practices, procedures, and equipment.
Knowledge of a variety of specialized equipment such as surveillance systems.
Ability to make arithmetic calculations rapidly and accurately.
Ability to handle a considerable volume of detailed work.
Ability to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with other employees and individuals from a variety of agencies.
Ability to effectively present information, in oral or written form, in a variety of formats.

Any combination of training and experience equivalent to:

Graduation from a standard high school, preferably with some training in record-keeping or accounting. At least one year experience in an office environment, preferably in an area of law enforcement and with the use of computers.
Ability to pass a background investigation.

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