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Original Author: Hardy, Pat
Date of Material: 01/24/2005


Director of Library

Reviewed Date: 07/15/2021
A job description for the position of library director


General Statement of Duties: Performs administrative and professional library work in directing all activities of the library.

Essential Functions of the Job: An employee in this class is responsible for planning, organizing, and directing the overall operations of the library. Duties include determining the need for library services throughout the service area and making recommendations to the library board for the establishment of staffing, equipment, and facilities to meet this need. Extensive public contact is required in frequent conferences with municipal and county officials, in speaking to civic and community groups, and in serving the general public. The employee determines the financial requirements of the library, develops a budget, supervises the expenditure of funds, and works with the library board on a strategic plan for the future. The employee works independently in carrying out assignments under the general direction of the library board.

Examples of Work: (Illustrative only)
Plans, organizes, and directs the overall activities of the library. Interviews and selects the supervisory staff and approves hiring of all other employees as recommended by the supervisory staff. Administers the personnel policies approved by the library board.
Supervises the work of library employees engaged in professional, paraprofessional, and clerical library work. Guides a team of librarians and professional staff in the implementation of the library’s mission.

Oversees the maintenance of library buildings, grounds, vehicles, and related property. Plans alterations to existing buildings, under the direction of the board.

Acts as executive officer to the library board by attending all meetings and submitting reports of all library activities. Advises board members on all program or policy recommendations.

Prepares budgets. Confers with the Business Manager on necessary changes and presents budgets to the full board for approval. Periodically interprets and presents statistical, financial, and other reports to the board, governmental officials, and the general public.

Plans publicity, develops programs, and participates in community and library activities.

Analyzes and evaluates departmental accomplishments and makes recommendations for revised or new procedures.

Participates in resolution of patrons’ issues as needed and refers patrons to the board if necessary.

Occasionally assists at public service desks to help with coverage and to gain better understanding of patrons’ needs and employees’ job responsibilities.

Develops fund raising strategies with the library board, investigates grant opportunities and alternative revenue sources.

Performs related work as assigned by the library board.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of modern library management. Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of library science. Thorough knowledge of library techniques, systems, working tools, and procedures. Ability to plan, organize, and administer a public library system. Ability to supervise the use of specialized library methods and principles in bibliography, cataloging, classification, circulation, and reference services. Ability to plan and direct the work of staff engaged in carrying out generalized and specialized library functions. Ability to present ideas effectively orally and in writing. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the library board, governmental officials, library personnel, and the general public. Strong diplomatic and interpersonal skills.

Desirable Experience and Training: A master's degree in library science is required with 5 years of current professional library experience, including a minimum of 3 years of library administrative experience.

Other Requisites: From time to time the incumbent may be assigned special duties by a superior or, on a temporary basis, may be asked to assist other employees occupying a different position. This job description should not be construed as an all-inclusive statement of every task required of this position, but as a fair representation of the great majority of the work. Every effort will be made in advance to inform the incumbent of the temporary additional assignments, which under no circumstances are intended to constitute a change in classification.


PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Tasks involve some physical effort, i.e. some standing and walking, or frequent light lifting (5-10 pounds) or other restricted physical activities. Manual dexterity in the use of fingers, limbs or body in the operation of shop and office equipment; may involve extended periods of sitting at a keyboard.

ENVIRONMENTAL REQUIREMENTS: Tasks are regularly performed without exposure to adverse environmental conditions (e.g., dirt, cold, rain, fumes).

SENSORY REQUIREMENTS: Task requires sound perception and discrimination. Task requires visual perception and discrimination. Task requires oral communications ability.

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