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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Resources for Local Government in Tennessee

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Reviewed Date: July 29, 2020

Original Author: 
Adams-O'Brien, Frances
Date of Material: 
Mar 4, 2020

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Resources for Local Government in Tennessee

A list of resources for local governments in Tennessee related to the COVID-19 Coronavirus. This list will be updated regularly as resources become available. Note: Due to the variety and volume of information on this page, new resources that are more recently added to this page are indicated with RED type.

Latest Resources

From Dennis Wolf, MTAS Fire Management Consultant: 7/20/2020:

Sales and production of fraudulent PPE – especially N95 and KN95 masks – have increased since December 2019 as people took advantage of the pandemic to make some money.  Many agencies and departments are having problems getting PPE and have to source from unknown sellers. It’s important to be able to identify fraudulent, counterfeit or unapproved products in order to ensure the safety of your personnel.
A new fact sheet from the Technical Research, Assistance Center, Information Exchange (TRACIE) provides a quick reference to help you protect your staff with safe, approved PPE and instructions on how to report sellers of counterfeit products.
Respirators for Healthcare during COVID-19: Authorized Use and Avoiding Fraudulent Products recommends the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Certified Equipment List and the Food and Drug Administration’s Emergency Use Authorization list.  These lists give you information on what types of masks or respirators are to be used under what circumstances, use of imported products and indicators of counterfeit products and vendors.
Review this guidance and consider keeping it on-hand as a reference to help ensure the safety of people in your department.

(Source: ASPR TRACIE. U.S. Dept. Health and Human Services. Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Information Gateway)

MTAS Resources

MTAS materials here are listed in the order in which they were posted to this page.

  • COVID-19 Resources for Law Enforcement and Jails (4/23/2020) | Read
  • Use of Hydrogen Peroxide for Coronavirus Disinfection (MTAS) (4/22/2020) | Read
  • IPS Town Hall Webinar Recording: COVID-19's Effect on Tennessee's Businesses and Communities (posted 4/15/2020) | View
  • How to Avoid "Zoombombing" for Tennessee Municipal and County Governments (4/7/2020) | Read
  • MTAS Guidance on the Limited Reuse of N95 Respirators (4/2/2020) | Read
  • MTAS Memo on COVID-19 and the Ryan White Act (3/31/2020) | Read
  • MTAS Guidance on Non-Compliance with Governor Lee's Executive Orders Nos. 17, 21 and 22 (3/30/2020) | Read
  • MTAS Q & A on N95 Respirators and Respiratory Protection (3/30/2020) | Read
  • Financial Aid Available for Certain Families That Lost Employment Due to COVID-19 (3/25/2020) | Read
  • MTAS Summary of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (3/24/2020) | Read
  • MTAS Legal Guidance on Executive Order 16 Council/Board Meetings During COVID-19 Emergency (3/23/2020) | Read
  • MTAS Template COVID-19 Response Policy for Fire or First Responders | Read
  • COVID-19 and Municipal Governments: A Q & A Hot Topic for Tennessee Municipalities (MTAS) | Read
  • Tennessee Municipal Public Health Emergency Closures (MTAS Legal Hot Topic) | Read
  • Handling Employee (fire, EMT, paramedic, police officer) Exposure to CVOID-19. Dennis Wolf. 3/22/2020 (updated 4/15/2020) | Read
  • Use of PPE and Its Effectiveness. Dennis Wolf. 3/22/2020 | Read

Local Municipal Resources

Sample polices and procedures from around Tennessee (for fire or EMS organizations).

  • Gilt Edge (TN) Fire Department shared their COVID-19 Emregency Call Response Plan guidelines | Read
  • Jackson (TN) Fire Department COVID-19 Response Policy | Read
  • Shelby County (TN) Fire Department shared their EMS Operations (Inffectious Disease) | Read
  • Bartlett Fire Department Video: The Bartlett Fire Department has prepared a short video to provide information on COVID-19/coronavirus to the public. | View

MTAS Partner Resources

Public Entity Partners

Tennessee Municipal League

State Resources

Office of the Governor

Governor Lee's Daily Live Media Briefings | Join here
Tennessee Pledge: Click here for Main website

  • Recreation (Non-Contact, Small Group) | Read
  • Access Guidelines for Office Buildings | Read
  • Reopening Tennessee Responsibly (4/24/2020) | Read

Letter to Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, District Attorneys General Regarding Executive Orders Nos. 22, 23, and 27 re: Staying at Home Unless Engaging in Essential Activities or Services - 4/14/2020 | Read

Executive Orders and Related Materials

  • Executive Order no. 51: Order Extending Safe, Open, and Transparent Public Meetings by Electronic Means While Determinations of How to Return to Safe, In-person Meetings Remain Ongoing  (6/29/2020) | Read
  • Executive Order no. 50: Order to Facilitate and Respond to Continuing Effects of COVID-19 by Extending Exectuive Orders Nos. 36 & 38 (As Amended by Executive Order no.49) (6/29/2020) | Read
  • Executive Order no. 38: Order Expanding the Number of Tennesseans Who May Return to Work Safely While Urging Continued Adherence to Health and Social Distancing Guidelines to Limit the Spread of COVID-19 (5/22/2020)  | Read

  • Executive Order no. 37: Order Extending Until June 30, 2020, Executive Order no. 26 Temporarily Permitting Remote Notiarization and Witnessing of Documents to Further Contain COVID-19 (5/12/2020) | Read
  • Executive Order no. 36: Order Suspending Provisions of Certain Statutes and Rules and Taking Other Necessary Measures in Order to Facilitate the Treatment and Containment of COVID-19 (5/12/2020) | Read
  • Executive Order no. 35: Order Amending Executive Order no. 30 to Allow Reopening of Small Group, Non-Contact Entertainment and Recreational Venues Pursuant to New Safety Guidelines (5/7/2020) | Read
  • Executive Order no. 34: Order Extending Until June 30, 2020, Executive Order no. 16 Temporarily Permitting Safe, Open, and Transparent Public Meetings by Electronic Means to Preserve and Increase the Containment of COVID-19 (5/6/2020) | Read
  • Executive Order no. 33: Order Amending Executive Order no. 30 to Allow Reopening of Close Contact Personal Services Pursuant to New Safety Guidelines (5/5/2020) | Read
  • Executive Order no. 30: Order Allowing Tennesseans to Return to Work Safely While Encouraging Conituned Adherence to Health Guidelines to Limit the Spread of COVID-19 (4/28/2020) | Read
  • Executive Order no. 29: (REPEALED BY E.O. no. 30) Order Amending Executive Order no. 17 To Reopen Dining in Restaurants (4/24/2020) | Read
  • Executive Order no. 28: Amends Executive Order no. 15 and Taking Other Necessary Measures to Facilitate the Treatment and Containment of COVID-19 (4/17/2020) | Read
  • Executive Order no. 27: (REPEALED BY E.O. no. 30) Extends the Temporary Social Distancing and Stay-at-Home Provisions of Exectuive Order Nos. 17, 21, 22 and 23 Until April 30, 2020 (4/13/2020) | Read
  • Executive Order no. 23: (REPEALED BY E.O. no. 30) Gov. Lee Requires Tennesseans to Stay at Home as Data Shows Increased Activity Among Citizens (4/2/2020) | Read
  • Executive Order no. 22: (REPEALED BY E.O. no. 30) Order Directing Tennesseans to Stay Home Unless Engaging in Essential Activites to Limit Their Exposure To and Spread of COVID-19 (3/30/2020) | Read
  • Executive Order no. 21: (REPEALED BY E.O. no. 30) Amends Exec. Order no. 17 to Further Mitigate the Spread of COVID-19 by Limiting Non-Essential Services and Gatherings (3/30/2020) | Read
  • Executive Order no. 18: Limiting Non-Emergency Healthcare Procedures (3/23/2020) | Read
  • Executive Order no. 17: (REPEALED BY E.O. no. 30) Mandates Alternative Business Models for Restaurants and Gyms, and Lifts Take-out or Delivery Alcohol Regulations (3/22/2020) | Read Exec. Order | Read press release
  • Executive Order no. 16: Meetings During COVID-19 Emergency. (3/20/2020) | Read

Tennessee Elected Official Toolkit "Safer at Home" | Read

Office of the Comptroller

Department of Economic and Community Development

  • Sales Tax Loss Forecasting During COVID-19 Resources and Tools (5/8/2020) | Read

Department of Environment and Conservation 

  • CVOID-19 Technical Bulletin: What Public Parks and Recreation Facilities Need to Do to "Flatten the Curve" | Read
  • Recommendations for Drinking Water and Wastewater Systems Relative to Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Read
  • Staying Connected During Quarantine: Temporary Free Internet Access and More (State of Tennessee Economic and Community Development) https://tnecd.com/news/stay-connected-during-quarantine/

Department of Finance and Administration

Department of Health

  • Coronavirus Resource Page: https://www.tn.gov/health/cedep/ncov.html Healthcare providers are asked to call 615-741-7247 if COVID-19 is suspected in a patient.
  • Financial Aid Available for Certain Families That Lost Employment Due to COVID-19 | Read

Tennessee Emergency Management Agency
COVID-19 Federal Assistance Guidance (4/17/21020) | Read

Federal Resources 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Code of Federal Regulations.
Labor. Part 826. Paid Leave Under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (Eff. until 12-31-20) 

US Environmental Protection Agency

US Department of Health and Human Services

US Department of Homeland Security

US Department of Labor. Wage and Hour Division.

US Fire Administration. FEMA (4/13/2020)

US Office of Personnel Management 

US Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Other Resources

Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center. International Map of Cases. Total cases, total recovered, total deaths: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html

American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Clinical Alert. https://www.acep.org/by-medical-focus/infectious-diseases/coronavirus/

American Public Works Association. Coronavirus Resource Page.

International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF). Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). https://www.iaff.org/coronavirus/

International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC).

International City/County Management Association (ICMA) Resource Page https://icma.org/coronavirus-resources-plan-and-prepare-now-it-hits-your-community?_zs=dCPsb1&_zl=XGBa6

International Personnel Management Association-HR Coronavirus Resources https://www.ipma-hr.org/coronavirus?utm_source=Informz&utm_medium=Mailing&utm_campaign=Default&_zs=6UvUX&_zl=KxO12

National Governors Association. “Coronavirus and what you need to know” https://www.nga.org/coronavirus/

National Institutes of Health. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) https://www.nih.gov/health-information/coronavirus

Water Environment Foundation.

World Health Organization  https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019


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