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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

Original Author: Norris, Margaret
Date of Material: 11/02/2004

Police--Intergovernmental agreements
Intergovernmental agreements

Contract for Consolidated Law Enforcement

Reviewed Date: 06/29/2021
MTAS was asked to review a police services contract with the county sheriff's office and created a new one.


This agreement made on the 1st day of January, 2005, between the City of Lobelville, the County of Perry, Sheriff Jerry Blakemore, and Clovis D. Parnell, General Sessions Judge of Perry County, Tennessee.

For good and valuable considerations, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, the City of Lobelville, the Perry County Sheriff’s Department and Perry County, Tennessee agree as follows:

1. The Perry County Sheriff’s Department agrees to provide the City of Lobelville with the following services (hereinafter collectively referred to as “police services”):

a. Police protection for the first, second, and third shifts (24 hours daily) by an officer assigned primarily to the City of Lobelville, five (5) days per week, and coverage provided two (2) days per week by an officer assigned to police the City of Lobelville; and coverage for school zones when school is in session between the times of 7:20 a.m. to 7:50 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.

b. Patrol and Criminal Investigations Division (CID) will provide investigative services to investigate all homicides, sex crimes, burglaries, thefts, fires, property damage, and vandalism and other crimes against property or people.

c. Patrol Traffic Investigators will investigate all motor vehicle accidents including fatal accidents, hit and run accidents, and will conduct reconstruction of accidents and provide other services as needed.

d. Availability of Narcotics Investigators, K-9 units for detection and tracking purposes and Crime Prevention Education units to investigate and perform services as needed.

e. The Sheriff and General Sessions Court will enforce Lobelville’s penal ordinances. In accordance with state statute, Lobelville will provide the sheriff and general sessions court a certified copy of the city’s ordinances.

2 The Perry County Sheriff’s Department does hereby agree to be responsible for the payment of all salaries, taxes and insurance, and to provide all equipment necessary for the police services, with the exception of two police cars as described in Section 3(a).

3 The City of Lobelville does hereby agree to pay to the Perry County Sheriff’s Department and Perry County, the sum of forty-eight thousand one hundred sixty and no/100 dollars ($48,160) for providing police services for a twelve (12) month period of time beginning January 1, 2005 and terminating December 31, 2005. Said payments shall be made by the City of Lobelville to the Perry County Executive by quarterly payments of twelve thousand forty and no/100 Dollars ($12,040) said payments being due on January 1, 2005, April 1, 2005, July 1, 2005, and October 1, 2005 respectively. Additionally:

a. The City of Lobelville agrees to provide the Perry County Sheriff’s Department with two (2) police cars and the County shall be responsible for all expenses associated with the operation of such car, including insurance, repair and maintenance. Said patrol cars, along with any other items of personal property used by the county pursuant to this agreement, are to be returned to the City of Lobelville at the end of the contract term or upon lawful termination

4. It is further agreed that the Perry County Sheriff’s Department and Perry County shall hold the City of Lobelville harmless for any and all acts of the Sheriff or any Deputy Sheriff of Perry County. The Perry County Sheriff’s Department will provide evidence of adequate insurance with the City of Lobelville named as an additional insured.

5. The City of Lobelville has approved this agreement; and said agreement has been duly noted and approved on the minutes of official records of the City of Lobelville.

6. The Perry County Sheriff’s Department does hereby state that it has the power and authority and has the approval of Perry County to enter into this agreement.

7. Perry County, Tennessee does hereby approve this agreement and does hereby state that the Perry County Sheriff’s Department has the power and ability to enter into said agreement and that the said agreement is approved by Perry County, Tennessee.

8. This contract is renewable for three additional periods of twelve (12) months providing; however, that the total payment for the second, third, and fourth years shall allow for salary and benefit adjustments during each calendar year, subject to the approval of each government agency.

9. Any party may terminate this contract by providing written notice to the other parties involved sixty (60) days prior to the termination date.

This the __________________day of_________________________20______.

_________________________________ ____________________________________
Mayor of the City of Lobelville Sheriff of Perry County

_________________________________ ____________________________________
Alderman Perry County Mayor

_________________________________ ____________________________________
Alderman Perry County Commission Chairman

_________________________________ ____________________________________
Alderman General Sessions Judge


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