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Original Author: Huffer, Dennis
Date of Material: 01/14/2009

Parks and recreation--Facilities--Civic centers

Community Center Lease Agreement

Reviewed Date: 07/25/2021
MTAS was asked to prepare a lease agreement for the rental of the Town Community Center.


1. This lease is made between the Town of Palmer and ______________________________________ (Lessee).

2. The leased premises is a community center and is owned by the Town and located at ____________________________________________________ .

3. The Town leases the premises to ____________________________ for the day of ______________ beginning at ____ a.m. and terminating at _____ p.m.

4. The Lessee agrees to pay the Town $ _________ for use of the premises during this period. This amount must be paid before the premises can be used by the Lessee.

5. The Lessee agrees to return the premises to the Town in substantially the same condition in which they were received, including cleaning the premises. Lessee agrees to pay the Town for any repairs that must be made because of damage done by the Lessee or its invitees during the use of the premises. Damage and cleaning deposit required: $ _______ .

6. Lessee agrees to hold the Town harmless for any bodily injury or property damage done by the Lessee or its invitees on the premises during the period of this lease.

7. Town will provide property insurance on the premises and necessary utilities.

Date: ________________________


By: _______________________________ ____________________________________

Under authority of Resolution No. ______ BY: ___________________________________

Attest: _____________________________

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