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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

Original Author: Adams-O'Brien, Frances
Date of Material: 07/31/2013

Festivals and celebrations
Licenses and permits

City Permits for Mass Gathering Events: an MTAS Survey

Reviewed Date: 06/25/2021
Six cities were asked several questions about permits for special events and mass gatherings.

City Permits for Mass Gathering Events
MTAS Research and Information Center
July 2013


City Does your city require an application and permit to hold a special event or “mass gathering”? If yes, how do charge for the permit and associated services provided by the city? (i.e. police or public works services) Could you provide a copy of your policy and fee structure by email or fax?
Brentwood Permits are not issued. The procedure is to go before the planning committee for approval. There is a fee for going before the planning committee, but otherwise, no charge. n/a
Bristol Yes No Charge Written policy not available, will send copy of application forms (RECEIVED)
Cleveland Yes, a permit is needed for events and a separate permit if there is a tent. $500 refundable deposit is required for events.
$5000 refundable deposit for tents
Proof of liability insurance (must be for $1,000,000)
Will send policy and forms
Collierville Yes No charge for permit, may be a fee for renting certain spaces, like parks Will send policy
Gallatin No permits required for most things, there are parade and demonstration permits. There are no fees associated with holding events. Depending on the type of event, if it is on city property, must have proof of liability insurance In city code
LaVergne Anything on the street requires a permit, like a parade, 5k, or demonstration. No permits required for festivals held in city parks. No fees In city code

Main Document(s):
file Permits for Mass Gatherings Results Table.pdf
Reference Document(s):
file Attach 1 Mass gathering permits City of Bristol%2C Tenn.pdf
file Attach 2 Bristol Special Event Application 2011.pdf
file Attach 3 Mass Gathering Special Event App Collierville.pdf
file Attach 4 Bristol Special Event Insurance Certificate Example.pdf