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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

Original Author: Darden, Don
Date of Material: 08/14/2001

City administrator
Personnel--Performance appraisal

City of Manchester City Administrator Evaluation 2001

Reviewed Date: 04/26/2021
This evaluation form is designed to determine the effectiveness of the city administrator.




[The evaluator is requested to use his/her best judgment in evaluating the effectiveness of the city administrator in carrying out his duties as set forth in the Manchester Municipal Code. Careful attention should be given the rating criteria prior to completion of the evaluation.]


_________ 1. Manages and supervises all departments and offices to achieve Board determined goals within available resources.

_________ 2. Plans and organizes workloads and staff assignments.

_________ 3. Provides adequate training for staff.

_________ 4. Provides leadership to and evaluates assigned staff.

_________ 5. Reviews work progress and directs changes as needed.

_________ 6. Provides leadership in defining issues and developing short and long range strategies to deal with problems.

_________ 7. Interprets and analyzes data for studies, reports, and recommendations to the Board.

_________ 8. Coordinates activities among various city departments and other governmental entities as needed.

_________ 9. Provides professional advice to the Board and department heads.

_________ 10. Makes presentations to the Board, commissions and committees, civic groups, and the general public.

_________ 11. Communicates adopted plans, policies, and procedures to staff and the general public.

_________ 12. Adequately informs the Board on the financial condition of the city.

_________ 13. Performs other duties assigned by the Board.

Comments:________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

Rating Criteria:

1. Fails to accomplish work expected.

2. Does an adequate job in carrying out duties.

3. Occasionally exceeds expectations in carrying out duties.

4. Always exceeds expectations in carrying out duties.

5. Always demonstrates extra effort in performing duties in an outstanding manner.

Composite Rating:

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen should rate each of the 13 criteria for the city administrator, total the points for each rating, and divide by 13. This will provide a composite evaluation score.


Main Document(s):
file Manchester administrator evaluation form.pdf