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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

Original Author: Brentwood
Date of Material: 04/17/2009


City Judge Appointment Procedures

Reviewed Date: 07/27/2021
The City of Brentwood developed a procedure for appointing a city judge.

Overview of Brentwood Municipal Court

· There are approximately 1000 citations issued per month.
· Of this number, the Judge hears approximately 200 citations in Court per month. Most cases are traffic violations by first time offenders seeking dismissal by attending a defensive driving class. There is an occasional city code violation on the docket prosecuted by the City staff (mainly for zoning violations.)
· Court is typically held two weeks each month with four court days - two Tuesdays and two Thursdays with two sessions per day, 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to accommodate the police officers work schedules. Sessions typically last from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on number of defendants.
· Citations written by officers are typically given court dates 30 – 60 days hence.
· Citations are verified and entered in the court software daily by court clerk and filed in alpha order by court date.
· Fines imposed by the City Judge may not exceed $50, although each day a violation continues, a separate fine may be imposed. In addition, court costs of up to $75 are imposed for cases heard in City Court.
· Most citations are resolved prior to court by the defendant pleading guilty and paying the full amount of court cost and fines (typically totaling $75 to $125) or providing documentation that a non-moving violation has been corrected and the case is dismissed after paying court costs only ($15).
· The defensive driving class that is offered at court in order to have a moving violation dismissed is for persons who have not had a previous moving violation (or taken a class to have a moving violation dismissed) within the past three years. There are two accepted schools, one live classroom and one internet program, which are approved by the National Safety Council. Court costs ($75) must be paid that day and one 4 hour class (with a $50 registration) must be completed within 30 days of court.
· Defensive driving defendants are tracked in the court software.
· Resolved citations are filed in numeric order w/status date, final resolution and receipt number(s) written on back.
· Warning letters are sent by the court clerk two (2) weeks after the court date for unresolved citations with requests to suspend licenses filed by clerk with the Tennessee Department of Safety for those citations still unresolved 30 days after warning letter.
· Suspension documents filed in alpha order pending resolution.
· Approximately six weeks after the initial court date, the final docket for each court session is prepared by the court clerk for the judge’s signature including the suspension requests submitted to the State.

Main Document(s):
file Overview of Brentwood Municipal Ct.pdf
file Res. 2009-15 - Procedure for Appointment of Judge.pdf
file Brentwood city judge application.pdf
Reference Document(s):
file Brentwood city judge application.doc
file Overview of Brentwood Municipal Ct.doc