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Cellular Phone Use Policy

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Reviewed Date: January 03, 2017

Original Author: 
Hardy, Pat
Date of Material: 
Dec 13, 2005

Cellular telephones
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Cellular Phone Use Policy

The purpose of this policy is to offer guidance in the use and application of City of Rogersville owned phones.

Knowledgebase-Cellular Phone Use Policy

City of Rogersville, Tennessee
Cellular Phone Use Policy

The purpose of this policy is to offer guidance in the use and application of City of Rogersville owned phones.

A. Authorization
Recommendations for the issuance of City of Rogersville owned mobile phones should be approved by the City Recorder. The use of a City of Rogersville owned phone is considered a privilege and may be revoked. Regular landline phones may be provided to employees as is appropriate for their position.

Both landlines and mobile phones will be assigned by need and not every employee will have a unique landline and/or mobile phone assigned to them. Each case for a phone will be reviewed individually, the location, the business requirements, safety issues and appropriateness will all be taken into consideration when evaluating the need for a new phone.

B. Use
1. Business Use
Any phone owned and issued by the City of Rogersville shall have as its primary function, business related uses. When an employee is in travel status, they are encouraged to use their mobile phone, if service is available.

2. Personal Use
This policy acknowledges that from time to time, a City of Rogersville issued phone may be used for personal calls. As long as this use of the phone is incidental to its primary business use, personal calls are allowed.

If a situation occurs that warrants personal use of a City of Rogersville owned phone, beyond an incidental nature, the individual shall reimburse the City, as appropriate. Should it be determined that an individual is abusing the privilege of using a City of Rogersville owned phone, the phone may be taken from the employee and/or the employee disciplined . Depending on the severity of the abuse, the City=s Progressive Discipline Policy shall apply.

City employees are not allowed to use their personal phones during designated work hours unless specifically permitted by their Department Head. Personal calls during designated work hours may not be taken at any time when it may disrupt the employee =s assigned task / work and/or may compromise the safety of the employee, other employees or the general public.

3. Prohibited Use
Phones issued by the City of Rogersville shall not be used to harass or threaten any individual. Typically, City phones may not be used for personal long distance or fee services. However, in an emergency situation, the expense for any such use shall be reimbursed to the City as soon as possible. When practical, the employee must seek approval from their supervisor.

4. Driving
The City of Rogersville encourages the safe use of phones when operating any vehicle or piece of machinery. Drivers using cell phones may pull off the road into a safe area until the call is terminated. If available, hands free devices may be used to conduct calls while driving.

5. Meetings
Any individual using a City of Rogersville mobile phone shall use good judgment in how and where the phone is used. Phones taken into meetings shall be turned off or to vibrate. If a call is taken during a meeting, every effort should be made not to disrupt the meeting. Unless a call is specifically related to the topic of discussion, talking on the phone in a meeting is strongly discouraged.

C. Phone Records
Every individual City of Rogersville owned mobile phone user is responsible for checking the accuracy of their bill before it is processed for payment. Discrepancies in billing data shall be resolved in a timely manner. Landline calls incurring fees shall be assigned to the appropriate departmental budget code.

If a City phone is used for personal long distance or fee services, the Supervisor must be notified and the City reimbursed.

D. Other
The nature of the technology required to support the wireless mobile telephone is rapidly evolving. Phones may have additional features such as cameras, text messaging, Internet access, etc. The intent of this policy is to apply the principles enumerated herein to any such add Bon or accessory feature.

E. Recordings
Employees that use devices to record telephone conversations shall do so only in a manner consistent with the status of such applicable Local, State and Federal Laws.


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