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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

Original Author: Barton, Rex
Date of Material: 03/25/2002


Body Armor Policy

Reviewed Date: 05/12/2021
The city will provide personal body armor (bulletproof vest) to each full-time police officer and provide guidance in the use of the equipment.


Bulletproof Vests

It is the policy of this agency to maximize officer safety through the use of body armor. The city will provide personal body armor (bulletproof vest) to each full-time police officer. The following procedures provide guidance in the use the equipment.

Uniformed Patrol Officers

All uniformed patrol officers will wear the department issued body armor at all times while in uniform, unless specifically exempted by these regulations or granted a temporary exemption by the Chief of Police.

While attending court in an off-duty capacity an officer may choose not to wear the body armor.

Administrative Personnel

A. Uniformed Administrative Personnel

Uniformed personnel assigned to administrative duties that generally require them to remain in police headquarters may elect not to wear the body armor. However, when those personnel respond to any call for service or perform any normal patrol duties, they shall wear the body armor.

B. Detectives/Plain Clothed Personnel

Detectives and plain clothed personnel will not be required to wear body armor at all times. When serving a search warrant, making arrests, or participating in high risk activity, those personnel will don their body armor. The armor will be worn under the officer’s clothing.

It is suggested that detectives/plain clothed personnel carry their body armor in an equipment bag or attache case to ensure that it is available when needed.

C. Off-duty personnel

When normally off-duty personnel participate in any police activity, they must wear their personal body armor, just as they would if on duty.

Specialized body armor

When appropriate, the department may issue specialized body armor. Specialized body armor includes bullet resistant “raid” jackets or tactical armor. When police officers are wearing this type of armor, they will not be required to wear personal body armor. This section does not allow uniformed patrol officers to substitute specialized armor for their personal body armor.

Care of the Equipment

Each officer will be responsible for the proper care of assigned body armor. The manufacturer’s care instructions will be issued with the body armor and should be followed by the officer.