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Bay County Launches Website about Half-Cent Sales Tax Projects

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Reviewed Date: May 05, 2021

Original Author: 
Bay County, Fla.
Date of Material: 
Sep 26, 2016

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Bay County Launches Website about Half-Cent Sales Tax Projects

This website provides a good example of what happens when a county or city wants to have a referendum that raises the limit; plus, the local government wants to know how to publicize the referendum without paying to support one side or the other.

In the November election, Bay County voters will have the choice of paying a new tax or not. This year county commissioners are putting a half cent sales tax proposal on the ballot. "It will be collected on anything that a sales tax is currently collected on," said Bob Majka, Bay County Manager. Bay County Commissioners have placed a proposal for a half-cent sales tax on the ballot, with the specific purpose of paying for infrastructure projects. Now, the county wants to make sure everyone know exactly how the money from this new tax would be used. "What we're going to be doing us launching an informational web page that the public can go to that they'll be able to look at information on exactly what the surtax is, how it will be collected, how it will be distributed among the county and the municipalities," Majka. On the website,
www.bayhalfcent.com, you can even find a map to show you exactly what projects each city and the county have proposed from road resurfacing, to storm water improvements, to bridge repairs.


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