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Original Author: MTAS
Date of Material: 08/16/2001


Assistant Superintendent of Water and Sewer

Reviewed Date: 04/09/2021
Job description for the position of assistant superintendent of water and sewer.



This employee assists in the operation and maintenance of the water treatment plant. The employee may also perform a variety of general labor activities such as operation of a truck, mowing, general mechanical repairs, painting, etc. In addition, the employee may serve as Superintendent of Water and Sewer. The employee is under the direct supervision of the Superintendent of Water and Sewer. Work is generally routine and is accomplished in accordance with established policies, procedures and practices. Independent judgement must at times be used to accomplish tasks.


The employee will operate a water treatment facility requiring the use of mechanical tools, laboratory and testing equipment, and specialized pumps, routers, etc. The employee may also operate a truck, mower, welding machine, jackhammer, hand tools, and other equipment.

The employee routinely works both indoors and outdoors and may be exposed to machinery with moving parts, noise, fumes and chemicals, extreme conditions of weather, heavy lifting, etc.


Conducts bacteriological and chemical tests required by state and federal regulations.

Adds proper chemical dosages to treat, disinfect, deodorize, and clarify water.

Calculates percentage of water used and chemical dosage used; takes and tests samples; reads meters and gauges.

Responsible for the accurate completion of a variety of reports as required by local, state, and federal regulations.

Performs maintenance on water and/or sewer lines, pumps and other equipment, including packing bearings on motors, changing or adding oil, makes necessary repairs on equipment, washes filters, etc.

Operates water treatment plant.

Installs water taps and new lines.


Collects grab samples, conducts tests and reports results as required.

May assist in the repair and maintenance of a variety of heavy and light equipment.

Cleans water and sewer lines and valves, checks lines and meters for leaks; assists in the repair of leaks.

Performs general maintenance and labor activities such as mowing grass, operating a dump truck or other heavy equipment, collecting garbage or driving a refuse collection truck, spraying and weed-eating weeds, picking up debris, painting, etc.

Performs repairs on small electrical equipment and meters.

May climb water tanks to perform inspections, maintenance, or repair.

Recommends the purchases of equipment and supplies.

May serve as Superintendent of Water and Sewer in the absence of the Superintendent of Water and Sewer.

Performs other duties as assigned.


Must have a knowledge of the equipment and materials used in maintaining and servicing a water plant, distribution system, and storage facilities.

Knowledge of occupational hazards and safety precautions.

Knowledge of the theory and practice of modern water treatment, and of the machines, equipment and material used in such treatment.

Knowledge of modern supervisory practices and procedures.

Knowledge of the layout of piping and valves at the water plant, storage facilities, and the water distribution system.

Must have an ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with city officials, other employees and the general public.

Ability to perform bacteriological tests as required by state and federal regulations, to keep records and prepare clear and concise reports of water operations.

Ability to diagnose and alleviate pumping, treatment, storage and water condition problems.

Ability to understand and follow moderately complex written and oral instructions, read, write legibly and make accurate arithmetic calculations.


Graduation from a standard high school, preferably supplemented by courses in chemistry, engineering and water or sewer plant operations.

Experience in the operation of a water or sewer treatment facility and water distribution or sewer collection system.

Must possess a valid Tennessee driver's license.

Must possess a valid State of Tennessee Water Plant Operator Class I Distribution license and a Grade IV Water Treatment Plant Operator license.


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