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Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS)

Original Author: Broughton, Jeff
Co-author: Jones, Josh
Date of Material: 05/14/2014

Historical preservation--Municipal ordinances
Code enforcement--Building demolition

Addressing Dilapidated Structures and Saving Historic Buildings

Reviewed Date: 07/27/2021
When demolition is not a desired outcome, adoption of a slum clearance ordinance or adoption of a demolition by neglect ordinance may allow the city to address dilapidated structures in the downtown and save historic buildings.

Main Document(s):
file Centerville%2C Letter%2C slum clearance and demolition by neglect.pdf
Reference Document(s):
file Kingsport Design Guideline - Main Street District.pdf
file Ordinance%2C slum clearance%2C Forest Hills %281%29.docx
file Ordinance%2C Administrative hearing officer %28AHO%29%2C Knoxville %281%29.docx
file Demolition by Neglect - Knoxville %281%29.pdf
file DEMOLITION BY NEGLECT - Kingsport %281%29.pdf