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Zoning Amendment Vote
Legal Opinion (Created: 06/04/2002; Reviewed: July 16, 2021 )

MTAS was asked to interpret a vote when a majority vote of the membership of the board is required as opposed to a quorum of the present members.
Zoning and Restricting Locations of Homeless Shelters
Legal Opinion (Created: 04/09/2012; Reviewed: June 25, 2021 )

MTAS was asked about the exercise of emergency powers and where emergency shelters for the homeless can operate.
Zoning and Subdivision Regulations Are in Conflict
Legal Opinion (Created: 09/17/2002; Reviewed: January 3, 2019 )

MTAS was asked which of the zoning regulations and of the subdivision regulations prevail when the two are in conflict.
Zoning for Group Home
Legal Opinion (Created: 07/25/2005; Reviewed: January 3, 2019 )

MTAS was asked whether certain group homes for mentally handicapped people could locate in an R-1 zone in the city.
Zoning of Tattoo Parlors
Legal Opinion (Created: 12/11/2009; Reviewed: January 3, 2019 )

MTAS was asked the status of tattoo studios under the zoning ordinance of the city.
Zoning Ordinance and Stormwater Ordinance Regulating Land Use in Floodplains
Legal Opinion (Created: 02/26/2008; Reviewed: June 21, 2017 )

MTAS was asked three questions related to a "lot of record" that was annexed by the city.
Zoning Restrictions Applied to Pain Clinics
General (Created: 02/07/2012; Reviewed: February 23, 2012 )

MTAS was asked whether pain clinics can be excluded from a community.
Zoning Restrictions Applied to Tattoo Parlors
Legal Opinion (Created: 08/09/2011; Reviewed: January 3, 2019 )

MTAS was asked whether the city can apply the same zoning restrictions it can apply to tattoo parlors to other businesses such as body piercing, massage parlors, and pawnshops.

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