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Mail Inserts and ISO Credit
General (Created: 07/15/2018; Reviewed: May 19, 2020 )

Dennis Wolf responded to a request for information from Murfreesboro regarding ISO credit for a residential fire safety program.
Maintaining Health Insurance Coverage on a City Employee's Dependants While the Employee is on FMLA Leave
Legal Opinion (Created: 11/01/1995; Reviewed: January 3, 2017 )

MTAS was asked whether the city must maintain health insurance coverage on a city employee's dependants while the employee is on FMLA leave.
Maintaining the Appropriate Level of Unrestricted Fund Balance in the General Fund
General (Created: 07/02/2014; Reviewed: October 19, 2018 )

MTAS was asked about determining the appropriate level of unrestricted fund balance to maintain in the general fund.
Maintenance and Operation of Street Lighting on Interstate Highways
Legal Opinion (Created: 02/01/1999; Reviewed: April 23, 2021 )

MTAS was asked whether the city can pay the county for the operation of certain street lights on the interstate highway system outside the city.
Maintenance of a County Road
General (Created: 07/08/2015; Reviewed: October 7, 2020 )

MTAS was asked about the advisability of spending city funds to improve a road outside of the city limits.
Maintenance Worker
Job Description (Created: 09/25/2002; Reviewed: May 30, 2017 )

Job description for the position of Maintenance Worker.
Making a Motion Concerning an Item That Is Not on the Agenda
General (Created: 08/31/2011; Reviewed: September 14, 2011 )

MTAS was asked whether a board member may make a motion concerning an item that is not on the agenda without being recognized by the chairman.
Making the Mayor Follow the Agenda
Legal Opinion (Created: 11/18/1996; Reviewed: March 22, 2010 )

MTAS was asked how the city council can make the mayor follow the agenda and otherwise conduct meetings as prescribed by Roberts Rules of Order.
Management of City Parks
Legal Opinion (Created: 11/07/2001; Reviewed: May 30, 2017 )

MTAS was asked what powers the city has to pass regulations governing the use of the city park if there is a contract between the city and a non-profit management organization.
Managing the Drug Fund
General (Created: 07/19/2012; Reviewed: June 21, 2017 )

PowerPoint and handouts from a class on managing a drug fund.
Mandated Asset Forfeiture
Form (Created: 07/15/2019; Reviewed: April 6, 2020 )

A form to be used for reporting all asset forfeiture proceeds to the Tennessee Comptroller at the end of the fiscal year.
Mandatory Retirement Age for Police and Firefighters
Legal Opinion (Created: 01/03/2002; Reviewed: May 23, 2017 )

MTAS was asked what the mandatory retirement age is for police and firefighters.
Manufactured/Modular Homes
Legal Opinion (Created: 10/01/1999; Reviewed: June 26, 2017 )

MTAS was asked whether the city can enact local ordinances that would have the effect of excluding manufactured or modular homes from being situated inside the city's corporate boundaries, or by regulating such by zoning or land-use planning from land designated for residential use.
Marketing & Operations Manager
Job Description (Created: 10/01/2009; Reviewed: May 31, 2017 )

A job description for the position of Marketing & Operations Manager
Maryville Lineman survey
Survey (Created: 08/07/2020; Reviewed: April 9, 2021 )

Seven cities were identified in the MTAS City Directory as providing electric services to their communities. Two of the seven cities responded with data - Alcoa and Dayton. The following cities do not own their electric utilities and referred MTAS to the local utilities: Cleveland, Shelbyville and Springfield. Each of the utilities were contacted and to do ate we have not received the requested information.
Maryville Police Department Home Fleet Program
Report/Study (Created: 01/11/2002; Reviewed: June 21, 2017 )

The purpose of this study was to analyze the feasibility of a home fleet (take home car) program.
Massage Parlor and Technicians Ordinance
Ordinance (Created: 07/26/2002; Reviewed: May 5, 2017 )

An ordinance regulating massage parlors and technicians.
Massage Parlor License Application
Form (Created: 06/01/2002; Reviewed: May 5, 2017 )

This massage parlor license application for Thornton, Colorado includes a checklist, the application, authorization, background, zoning referral, and city code section.
Master Patrolman Program
General (Created: 03/05/2002; Reviewed: May 3, 2017 )

The Master Patrolman program would compensate an officer for attaining a certain level of achievement.
Material on the Regulation of Adult Bookstores
Legal Opinion (Created: 06/01/1995; Reviewed: May 5, 2017 )

MTAS was asked to provide material on the regulation of adult bookstores in Tennessee.
Maximum Fee For Bad Checks
Legal Opinion (Created: 04/24/2017; Reviewed: April 25, 2017 )

A legal opinion on the maximum that a city can charge for a bad check.
Mayor Can Vote to Break a Tie or Be a Member of the Quorum
Legal Opinion (Created: 06/29/1993; Reviewed: October 7, 2020 )

MTAS was asked, if four alderman are required to make a quorum and several resign, leaving only three, whether the mayor may act as an alderman.
Mayor Making Nominations
General (Created: 02/21/2007; Reviewed: March 22, 2010 )

MTAS was asked whether it is proper for the Mayor to make nominations.
Mayor May Vote to Break a Tie
General (Created: 03/10/2005; Reviewed: October 7, 2020 )

MTAS was asked if the Mayor may vote to break a tie during the meeting that is to be conducted for the purpose of filling vacancies.
Mayor Pro Tem to Hire Consulting Attorney
Legal Opinion (Created: 06/30/2003; Reviewed: June 14, 2017 )

MTAS was asked to review ordinance permitting mayor pro tem to hire consulting attorney.
Mayor Refuses to Take an Oath of Office
Legal Opinion (Created: 03/01/1991; Reviewed: May 8, 2017 )

MTAS was asked whether, if the mayor refuses to take an oath of office, his seat is considered vacant.
Mayor Serving as Unpaid Volunteer Reserve Police Officer
Legal Opinion (Created: 11/07/2003; Reviewed: June 14, 2017 )

MTAS was asked whether the Mayor may legally serve as an unpaid volunteer reserve police officer.
Mayor Wishes to Appoint One of the Aldermen to the Planning Commission When the Mayor and One of the Aldermen Are Already Members of the Planning Commission
Legal Opinion (Created: 01/24/2003; Reviewed: June 21, 2017 )

MTAS was asked whether the mayor can appoint members of the city's governing body to the planning commission as "citizen" members of that commission.
Mayor's Appointment of Staff
General (Created: 04/10/2012; Reviewed: November 5, 2020 )

MTAS was asked for clarification on the appointment of the fire chief and assistant fire chief under the city's charter and municipal ordinances.
Mayor's Authority Relative to the Authority of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.
Legal Opinion (Created: 06/15/1995; Reviewed: June 12, 2017 )

MTAS was asked two questions related to the mayor's authority relative to the authority of the board of mayor and aldermen.
Mayor's Compensation and COLA
Legal Opinion (Created: 05/11/2010; Reviewed: June 12, 2017 )

MTAS was asked whether the language in the city charter either entitles or authorizes the mayor to cost of living increases.
Mayor's Obligation to Carry Out the Will of the Board
Legal Opinion (Created: 02/11/1993; Reviewed: October 28, 2009 )

MTAS was asked whether the Mayor can refuse to sign a contract that the Board of Aldermen have voted to approve.
Mayor's Replacement of Planning Commission
Legal Opinion (Created: 09/28/2011; Reviewed: October 19, 2018 )

MTAS was asked about the tenure of the planning commission members and other issues.
Mayor's Right to Make Motions and Speak on Matters Before the City Council
Legal Opinion (Created: 07/06/2010; Reviewed: July 23, 2010 )

MTAS was asked whether the mayor may make motions and speak on matters on issues on which he has the right to vote.
Mayor's Right to Vote or Make Motions
Legal Opinion (Created: 04/01/2008; Reviewed: June 12, 2017 )

MTAS was asked whether the mayor had the right to vote or make motions.
Mayor's Salary
Legal Opinion (Created: 03/06/2002; Reviewed: May 8, 2017 )

The Tennessee Constitution has a provision prohibiting the General Assembly from adopting a local or private act that would alter a local officer's salary before the end of the term
Mayor's Salary and COLA
Legal Opinion (Created: 03/18/2008; Reviewed: June 12, 2017 )

MTAS was asked whether the mayor is entitled to COLA under Article XI, Section 9 of the Tennessee Constitution, and if he is now, whether he must pay back COLA's paid to him.
Mayor's Salary and Compensation Are Not the Same Thing
Legal Opinion (Created: 08/14/2002; Reviewed: June 12, 2017 )

MTAS was asked to analyze the law governing the salary and compensation of the mayor.
Mayor's Voting in Planning Commission Meetings
Legal Opinion (Created: 01/20/2005; Reviewed: June 21, 2017 )

MTAS was asked whether the mayor has a voice on the planning commission when he has appointed a substitute under TCA 13-4-101 or 6-54-112.
Mayoral Compensation in Selected Small Cities with a Strong Mayor Form of Government
Survey (Created: 01/22/2020; Reviewed: July 15, 2020 )

Nine Tennessee cities with a population of no more than 2,000 citizens and with a strong mayor form of government responded to a request for information regarding the mayor's compensation in their city.
Mayoral Elections in Council Manager Cities: an MTAS Survey
Survey (Created: 06/19/2007; Reviewed: May 4, 2017 )

Fifty-one cities were asked whether their mayor is elected from the board or by the people.
Mayoral Proclamation
General (Created: 06/23/2016; Reviewed: May 30, 2017 )

A proclamation of the City of Dunlap Mayor and Board of Commissioners Declaring June 9, 2016, as Dakota Hudson Day in the City of Dunlap, Tennessee.
McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Act
Legal Opinion (Created: 06/26/2001; Reviewed: May 8, 2017 )

A city cannot pass a model of the McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Act for local application.
McMinnville Goal-Setting Report
Report/Study (Created: 04/17/2002; Reviewed: May 9, 2017 )

The McMinnville City Council and City staff met to establish a set of goals to help guide the city's efforts over the next several years.
McMinnville, Tennessee, Fire Station Study
Report/Study (Created: 09/28/2012; Reviewed: May 12, 2017 )

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the city's distribution of fire stations and to determine whether the city needs a third fire station or if relocating one or both of the existing stations would provide adequate coverage. The study reviews the current roster of fire apparatus and makes recommendations on the city's fire apparatus needs. The scope of this study includes a review of the present ISO rating, meeting OSHA and NFPA requirements, and fire service best practices regarding deployment of resources.
Meaning of a Full Board
Legal Opinion (Created: 07/25/1996; Reviewed: May 31, 2017 )

MTAS was asked what a 'full board' is within the meaning of the personnel regulation of the city that entitles an employee to appeal a personnel action to the 'full board.'
Meaning of Majority Vote for Planning Commission
Legal Opinion (Created: 07/24/2003; Reviewed: June 21, 2017 )

MTAS was asked whether a majority of the body is required to vote in the affirmative for approval of a matter, or if a majority of the quorum is sufficient.
Measuring Methods Used in Beer Distance Regulations
Legal Opinion (Created: 09/10/2008; Reviewed: May 31, 2017 )

MTAS was asked what measuring methods are used in beer distance regulations when a city's ordinance does not provide for those methods.
Job Description (Created: 08/24/2001; Reviewed: May 3, 2017 )

Job description for the position of Mechanic.
Meeting ADA Standards for City Hall
General (Created: 01/03/2001; Reviewed: May 23, 2017 )

MTAS was asked to explain the compliance of a city hall with the ADA.
Meeting Agenda Process
General (Created: 05/06/2014; Reviewed: January 26, 2021 )

MTAS was asked how to formalize and manage the city council meeting agenda preparation and distribution.
Membership of the Industrial Development Board
General (Created: 08/15/2003; Reviewed: May 16, 2017 )

MTAS was asked several questions about the membership of the Industrial Development Board.
Memorializing in City Hall: an MTAS Survey
Survey (Created: 09/30/2009; Reviewed: May 23, 2017 )

Nine cities were asked about the practice of placing plaques, framed photos, etc. in the city council chamber or meeting room to honor or memorialize individuals. Includes sample policies and inductee form.
Memphis Code on Panhandling
Ordinance (Created: 12/11/2006; Reviewed: June 9, 2017 )

The purpose is to regulate and punish violations of the act of panhandling, rather than the status of the person.
Mental health return to duty evaluation form survey
Survey (Created: 05/26/2017; Reviewed: July 18, 2019 )

A survey of selected cities to determine if those cities employ the use of a mental health return to duty evaluation form.
Merger of Municipal Utilities
Legal Opinion (Created: 05/14/2001; Reviewed: August 18, 2017 )

MTAS was asked to explain the legal process for merging the water systems of two cities.
Meter Reader
Job Description (Created: 09/27/2002; Reviewed: April 14, 2021 )

Job description for the position of Meter Reader.
Metropolitan Government
Report/Study (Created: 10/12/2011; Reviewed: May 31, 2017 )

A report on the process of consolidation in Tennessee, as well as the pros and cons of consolidated government.
Military Leave and School Patrol Officers in Selected Tennessee Cities
Survey (Created: 07/06/2018; Reviewed: April 1, 2019 )

Twelve cities in Tennessee were surveyed regarding employees who deploy on military leave and whether or not they accrue benefits while gone. Those surveyed were also asked about School Crossing Guards and what benefits, if any are available to them.
Minority Set-Aside Program Legality in Tennessee Municipalities
Legal Opinion (Created: 06/27/2002; Reviewed: May 5, 2017 )

MTAS was asked whether minority set-aside quotas or set-aside goals are legal on the part of Tennessee municipalities.
Miscellaneous Local Taxes and Fees
Report/Study (Created: 08/01/2002; Reviewed: January 7, 2010 )

Third volume in a TACIR report focusing on local government finance.
Misuse of City Equipment in Political Campaigns
Legal Opinion (Created: 06/26/2006; Reviewed: May 11, 2017 )

MTAS was asked whether the fire chief may take the city's fire engine to a political rally for the city attorney.
Mobile Homes as Preexisting Nonconforming Uses
Legal Opinion (Created: 08/04/2012; Reviewed: April 28, 2021 )

MTAS was asked whether the city can adopt regulations that allow mobile home owners to rebuild on the original footprint of a structure destroyed by fire, or other reasons.
Model Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm Response Policy
Form (Created: 12/05/2016; Reviewed: December 6, 2016 )

This model policy was created to provide procedures for personnel to follow for the safe investigation and mitigation of reported carbon monoxide (CO) incidents.
Model Employment Application (2012)
Form (Created: 05/21/2012; Reviewed: January 3, 2017 )

An employment application for municipal employees, revised May 2012.
Model Fire Sprinkler Ordinance
Form (Created: 12/03/2019; Reviewed: December 3, 2019 )

This is a model fire sprinkler ordinance for both commercial and residential property. Fire sprinkler systems save lives, property, and reduce the potential for large fires in the community, thus protecting the tax base.
Model Juvenile Fire Setter Standard Operating Procedure
General (Created: 11/13/2019; Reviewed: May 15, 2020 )

The purpose of this guideline is to establish a consistent procedure in partnership with community resources for the screening, education and referral of youths who have been identified as misusing ignition sources (matches, lighters, or fireworks) or starting a fire, either unintentionally or maliciously.
Model Municipal Debt Policy
General (Created: 10/31/2011; Reviewed: April 23, 2021 )

The purpose of this debt policy is to establish a set of parameters by which debt obligations will be undertaken by the City. (NOTE: Bold language or similar statements are required by the State of TN Comptroller's Office. Italicized language is recommended along with other components in GFOA's Model Debt Policy.)
Model Press Release for Fire Hydrant Inspections and Flow Testing
Form (Created: 10/04/2016; Reviewed: May 23, 2017 )

The model press release may be customized and used by any fire department to inform residents and business owners in their community that the fire department will be conducting inspection, maintenance, and flow testing of fire hydrants in the community.
Model Procurement Code Amendment for Purchases Through Competitive Sealed Proposals
Ordinance (Created: 02/25/2021; Reviewed: February 25, 2021 )

MTAS and the Tennessee State Comptroller are required by state law (T.C.A.12-3-1207(d)) to "develop a model procurement code that may be adopted by any municipality to guide the governing body and purchasing agent in making purchases through requests for competitive sealed proposals. The model procurement code shall contain provisions allowing an aggrieved respondent to protest the intended award to another respondent if the protest is filed within seven (7) calendar days after the intended award is announced. The protest shall be filed with and decided by the municipal governing body." This model ordinance, developed by MTAS and approved by the State Comptroller's Office, satisfies this statutory requirement.
Model Public Records Policy
General (Created: 01/19/2017; Reviewed: April 22, 2021 )

Pursuant to the requirements of Public Chapter 722, Acts of 2016, the Tennessee Office of Open Records Counsel released the Model Public Records Policy with accompanying material.
Model Resolution Directing Payment of Tax Equivalents
Resolution (Created: 04/02/2004; Reviewed: October 26, 2016 )

MTAS was asked to create a resolution for payment in lieu of taxes.
Model Safety Policy
General (Created: 08/17/2001; Reviewed: January 3, 2017 )

Model safety policy for local governments.
Model Stormwater Utility Ordinance
Ordinance (Created: 07/29/2002; Reviewed: June 14, 2017 )

A model ordinance that creates and funds a stormwater utility.
Model Succession Plan
Report/Study (Created: 12/10/2009; Reviewed: May 16, 2017 )

Includes a model succession plan and a succession plan for McMinnville.
Modified Light Duty Programs
Survey (Created: 10/01/2017; Reviewed: October 1, 2017 )

Sixteen Tennessee cities responded to questions about whether or not they have a modified/light duty program in place for employees.
Moral Turpitude
Legal Opinion (Created: 05/10/2001; Reviewed: May 31, 2017 )

MTAS was asked if DUI and passing a bad check are offenses involving moral turpitude.
Morristown City Administrator Job Description
Job Description (Created: 10/05/2009; Reviewed: May 31, 2017 )

Job description for the position of City Administrator.
Morristown Civil Service Review
Report/Study (Created: 01/12/2007; Reviewed: August 3, 2017 )

MTAS was asked to examine the Morristown Civil Service system and make recommendations for improvements.
Morristown Fire Department Driver Training Standard Operating Guideline
General (Created: 12/30/2014; Reviewed: May 23, 2017 )

This document includes: information on EVOC timed evaluations and station skill sheets for the practical, fire apparatus driver/operator; forms to request to qualify and to certify as a driver trainee; a driver trainee checklist and fire apparatus operator practical checklist; certification for out-of-grade pay; and request for upgrade pay.
Morristown Fleet Management Survey
Survey (Created: 12/16/2016; Reviewed: February 10, 2017 )

Eight cities responded to an MTAS survey about their fleet management, including number and types of vehicles, work bays, and lifts, plus information on staffing, work orders, calls for service, and routine maintenance.
Morristown Police (or Fire) Chief Annual Evaluation
Form (Created: 02/16/2016; Reviewed: January 3, 2017 )

This form may be used for the annual performance appraisal of the police or fire chief.
Morristown, Tennessee, Fire Services Study
Report/Study (Created: 09/30/2012; Reviewed: January 13, 2017 )

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the entire fire department and make recommendations related to fire department management, operations, resources, and enhanced level of services. The scope of this study included review of the present ISO rating, meeting OSHA and NFPA requirements, and best practice management of the fire department.
Motor Vehicle Privilege Tax
General (Created: 01/07/2014; Reviewed: October 25, 2016 )

MTAS was asked about the motor vehicle privilege tax or wheel tax.
Mount Carmel Mayoral Analysis Report
Report/Study (Created: 08/21/2020; Reviewed: September 3, 2020 )

MTAS was asked to weigh in on the possibility of Mount Carmel changing the term of the mayoral office from the current 4 years to 2 years.
Mount Juliet City Manager Resume Review Worksheet
Form (Created: 08/03/2001; Reviewed: May 31, 2017 )

Resume review form for position of city manager.
Mountainous Residential District Regulations
Ordinance (Created: 09/24/2014; Reviewed: April 29, 2021 )

MTAS provided a file copy of draft regulations for a new R-M2 mountainous residential district, plus several examples of adopted hillside development regulations and zoning ordinances.
Moving a Building to Another Piece of Property
Legal Opinion (Created: 03/22/2011; Reviewed: April 29, 2021 )

MTAS was asked whether a certain city resident could move a building to another piece of property without a building permit and includes surrounding issues that arose from that question.
MS4 Stormwater Documents 2010
Form (Created: 10/05/2010; Reviewed: June 14, 2017 )

This collection of stormwater documents includes: Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Annual Report; Phase II Stormwater Permit Notice of Intent (NOI); and NPDES General Permit for Discharges from Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems
MS4 Stormwater Documents 2016
Form (Created: 10/06/2016; Reviewed: June 14, 2017 )

This collection of stormwater documents includes: NPDES General Permit for Discharges from Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems; Rationale Sheet; Addendum to Rationale (NOD); Phase II Stormwater Permit Notice of Intent (NOI); an MTAS 2016 Model MS4 Notice of Intent (NOI) that has been reviewed by TDEC; and Form for Annual Report.
Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, Fire Services Study
Report/Study (Created: 01/23/2012; Reviewed: January 13, 2017 )

MTAS was asked to provide analysis of the best fire service options for Mt. Juliet.
Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee, Comprehensive Fire Management Overview
Report/Study (Created: 06/30/2016; Reviewed: January 13, 2017 )

MTAS conducted this study by a review of submitted documentation, field study work involving interviews with Mount Pleasant personnel, physical inspection of the fire station and equipment, and a tour of the service area. This report provides an outside perspective of the city's fire services and future needs.
MTAS Compensation Philosophy and Plan: an MTAS Survey
Survey (Created: 08/31/2011; Reviewed: May 11, 2017 )

Twelve cities were asked about their compensation philosophy and plans.
MTAS Comprehensive Management Review (CMR) Board Member Type Questions
Form (Created: 01/06/2006; Reviewed: June 2, 2020 )

A form to help guide board member interviews in comprehensive management reviews.
MTAS Comprehensive Management Review (CMR) Checklist
Form (Created: 07/31/2003; Reviewed: May 31, 2017 )

A model for the MTAS comprehensive management review (CMR).
MTAS Firefighter Meals: an MTAS Survey
Survey (Created: 03/31/2009; Reviewed: May 23, 2017 )

Twenty-two cities were asked whether the shift can transport the fire engine to a restaurant for a meal and whether an employee may use a city vehicle to pick up food for the whole shift.
MTAS Golf Course Survey
Survey (Created: 02/21/2013; Reviewed: May 30, 2017 )

Four cities were asked several questions about their golf courses, including operations, funding, green fees, usage by local colleges and high schools, and number of rounds of golf played in FY 2012
MTAS Guidance on the Limited Reuse of N95 Respirators
General (Created: 04/02/2020; Reviewed: April 27, 2020 )

With the severe shortage of N95 respirators, many municipalities and other organizations are faced with the dilemma of reusing N95 respirators, using a lessor form of protection, such as a surgical mark, trying to make their own mask or respirator, or going without any respiratory protection.
MTAS Guides To Water Systems for Tennessee Municipal Elected Officials
General (Created: 08/14/2020; Reviewed: April 9, 2021 )

These six guides are part of a series created by MTAS for elected officials in Tennessee municipalities. Each guide is an overview of the tools used and the some of the requirements as specified by the State of Tennessee. Topics covered are corrosion, turbidity, microbiological issues, disinfection, disinfection byproducts and cross-connections.
MTAS Health Insurance Benefits: an MTAS Survey
Survey (Created: 05/31/2008; Reviewed: January 3, 2017 )

Twelve cities were asked 31 questions about their health insurance coverage for municipal employees.
MTAS Near-Miss Reporting Standard Operating Procedure Template
Form (Created: 04/12/2018; Reviewed: May 15, 2020 )

This MTAS template to report near-misses can be customized to meet local needs.
MTAS on Robert's Rules of Order
General (Created: 05/17/2019; Reviewed: May 17, 2019 )

A series of brief, instructive articles explaining the use Robert's Rules of Order for cities and towns in Tennessee. The series starts with the history of the Robert's Rules parliamentary procedures and delves into everything from making a motion to adjourning a meeting.
MTAS Tax Sale Procedures Survey
Survey (Created: 08/15/2019; Reviewed: July 9, 2020 )

Six Tennessee cities were surveyed to find out how sales on properties with delinquent taxes are handled.
MTAS/CTAS ADA Compliance Officer Training 2018
(Created: 06/05/2018; Reviewed: May 18, 2020 )

Materials from an MTAS/CTAS statewide class designed for those city and county staff with ADA compliance responsibilities. Information resources includes the extensive class handout as well as the class slide presentation.
Municipal and Personal Liability Under the Tennessee Tort Liability Act Made Simple
General (Created: 08/17/2001; Reviewed: May 18, 2017 )

Details the effects of the Tennessee Tort Liability Act regarding municipal and personal liability.
Municipal Authority to Charge Sewer Tap Fees
Legal Opinion (Created: 10/14/1994; Reviewed: April 26, 2021 )

MTAS was asked under what authority municipalities charge sewer tap fees.
Municipal Banking Services Must Now Be Evaluated Every Four Years (Public Chapter 277 of 2019)
General (Created: 10/15/2019; Reviewed: March 18, 2020 )

MTAS resources and guidance on Public Chapter 277 of 2019 which requires a contract for banking services be based on the evaluation of proposals, which should be documented for audit purposes. Attached are a Q & A and a sample quote for banking services for use by Tennessee municipalities. Also included here is a link to the MTAS City Byte, an online short course, on the topic.
Municipal Banking Services: Public Chapter 277 of 2019
General (Created: 03/18/2020; Reviewed: April 14, 2020 )

This MTAS City Byte, a short online tutorial, reviews Public Chapter of 277 of 2019. This law stipulates that municipal banking services must be evaluated at least every four years and proposals must be from at least two banks. The statute also requires a contract for banking services be based on the evaluation of proposals, which should be documented for audit purposes. The law was effective July 1, 2019 thus banking services must be evaluated within the next four years or when the current contract expires whichever is sooner. (MTAS City Byte series)
Municipal Bonds
General (Created: 09/11/2012; Reviewed: April 23, 2021 )

Local governments generally should consider using bond issues for large, long-term debt of more than $1 million and for longer than 12 years. The various types of municipal bonds include general obligation bonds, special tax bonds and special assessments, revenue bonds, industrial revenue bonds, and double-barrel bonds.
Municipal Boundaries
General (Created: 05/16/2011; Reviewed: May 26, 2017 )

MTAS was asked to assist in determining municipal boundaries.
Municipal Code Citation
Form (Created: 07/26/2007; Reviewed: December 23, 2016 )

A citation form to be used by the City of Smithville for offenses that are not traffic related.
Municipal Codes Inspector
Job Description (Created: 04/22/2005; Reviewed: December 20, 2016 )

A job description for the position of municipal codes inspector.
Municipal Court Clerk
Job Description (Created: 09/24/2002; Reviewed: June 21, 2017 )

Job description for the position of Municipal Court Clerk.
Municipal Court Judge Survey
Survey (Created: 08/17/2011; Reviewed: June 26, 2017 )

Seventeen cities were asked several questions about the position of city judge, including salary and number of hours worked.
Municipal Court Survey 2020
Survey (Created: 10/20/2020; Reviewed: November 5, 2020 )

MTAS conducted a statewide survey of municipal court clerk contacts available in the MTAS city directory. Survey invitations were sent to 234 contacts and 105 surveys were completed. Questions about municipal court operations are frequent and over the years MTAS has conducted several smaller surveys. This survey was an attempt to combine the previous surveys into one comprehensive resource.
Municipal Government Intern Job Description
Job Description (Created: 07/29/2020; Reviewed: August 21, 2020 )

A job description to be used by any city or town when creating and recruiting for a municipal government intern.
Municipal Judge, Without Concurrent Jurisdiction, Hearing State Misdemeanor Charges
Legal Opinion (Created: 07/17/2002; Reviewed: June 26, 2017 )

MTAS researched the ability of a municipal judge, without concurrent jurisdiction, to hear state misdemeanor charges.
Municipal Liquor Inspection Fees
Legal Opinion (Created: 09/05/1997; Reviewed: October 4, 2017 )

MTAS was asked whether the records that liquor wholesalers provide to the municipality under the law authorizing municipalities to impose a liquor inspection fee are open to the public.
Municipal Officers, Municipal Employees, Ministerial Officers, and General Supervision
Legal Opinion (Created: 09/03/2009; Reviewed: May 31, 2017 )

MTAS was asked the difference between an officer and an employee, what is a ministerial officer, and what does the term "general supervision" mean with respect to a mayor's right to exercise general supervision over certain city officers or employees.
Municipal Purchasing Act and Extension of Contract with Same Bid Pricing
Legal Opinion (Created: 10/25/1993; Reviewed: March 26, 2010 )

MTAS was asked whether the city can enlarge or reduce the project size by up to 25% with the same unit price.
Municipal Regulations Governing Blasting
Legal Opinion (Created: 09/03/1993; Reviewed: May 23, 2017 )

MTAS was asked whether Tennessee Code Annotated, ' 68-44-110 et seq. preempts any municipal regulations governing blasting.
Municipal Swimming Pools and Admission Fees: A Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library for the City of Collinwood
Survey (Created: 04/01/2004; Reviewed: May 3, 2017 )

Ten cities were asked about admissions charges for municipal pools, rate of pay for lifeguards, salary for pool managers, and rates for private party rental.
Municipal Work on Private Property
Legal Opinion (Created: 08/07/2018; Reviewed: August 17, 2018 )

Analyzes the law governing right of a city to spend money to make improvements on private property.
Municipalities Enacting an Auto Decal Charge
General (Created: 04/06/2018; Reviewed: April 16, 2018 )

MTAS was asked to review the auto decal charge implemented by the City of Chattanooga and advise whether it was feasible for this town to implement.
Municipality Conducting Drainage Issue Mitigation Work on Private Property
General (Created: 03/31/2020; Reviewed: July 15, 2020 )

A city administrator contacted MTAS regarding the town doing drainage work on private property. Public Works Consultant John Chlarson responded to the request, explaining that the water issue is causing damage to the town's right of way. It is recommended that the ditch be rechannelized and that channel and bank protection should be installed.
Municipality May Have to Return Money Paid By a User Who Was Billed for Sewer Service When No Sewer Service Was Provided or Available
Legal Opinion (Created: 07/02/1993; Reviewed: April 23, 2021 )

MTAS was asked whether a municipality has to return money paid by an outside water user who was also billed for sewer service when no sewer service was provided or available.
Murfreesboro Fire Department 2010 Annual Report
Report/Study (Created: 02/04/2011; Reviewed: January 13, 2017 )

An example of an annual report from the Murfreesboro Fire Department.
MUTCD and Engineering Study for Traffic Light
Legal Opinion (Created: 09/04/2007; Reviewed: May 4, 2020 )

Citizen ran a red light and alleges that he cannot be convicted of running the light because the installation of the light was not supported by an engineering study as required by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).
Mutual Aid Assistance in Tennessee: A Collection of Resources from MTAS
General (Created: 04/09/2020; Reviewed: April 15, 2020 )

A collection of resources on mutual aid assistance in Tennessee. The collection includes MTAS Hot Topics, a legal opinion from former MTAS Legal Constant Dennis Huffer, a full text document of Public Chapter 743, and two mutual aid assistance agreement templates.
Mutual Aid Update: FEMA Reimbursement of Mutual Aid Costs Under Certain Conditions.
General (Created: 12/17/2011; Reviewed: April 9, 2020 )

FEMA will reimburse mutual aid costs under certain conditions.

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