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Keeping Honey Bees in a Residential Area
Legal Opinion (Created: 05/31/2012; Reviewed: July 8, 2021 )

MTAS was asked about regulating the keeping of honey bees inside the corporate limits of the town.
Keeping the Proceeds of Utility Overbillings
Legal Opinion (Created: 12/18/1997; Reviewed: April 23, 2021 )

MTAS was asked whether the city can refund $20,000 in sewer and water capacity fees paid by a certain developer, who decided not to develop the property for which he paid the fees.
Kingsport City Manager Search Interview Training
General (Created: 04/10/2014; Reviewed: June 9, 2021 )

MTAS was asked to provide guideline a city manager interview process.
Kingsport Code Enforcement Review
Report/Study (Created: 01/04/2010; Reviewed: April 29, 2021 )

MTAS was asked to conduct an examination of Kingsport's code enforcement system. Environmental court programs were also reviewed.
Kingsport, Tennessee, Fire Protection Management Study
Report/Study (Created: 06/30/2011; Reviewed: July 22, 2021 )

This fire study was conducted at the request of the City of Kingsport.
Kingston Green Technology Committee Goals and Objectives
General (Created: 11/09/2009; Reviewed: April 12, 2021 )

MTAS was asked to facilitate a meeting of the Kingston Green Technology Committee.
Kitchen Manager Working Chef
Job Description (Created: 09/25/2002; Reviewed: June 21, 2021 )

Job description for the position of Kitchen Manager/Working Chef.

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