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Hair Length and Styles for Female Police Officers
Survey (Created: 11/14/2013; Reviewed: June 21, 2017 )

Fourteen cities were asked about their policy on hair length and style for female police officers; includes sample policies.
Hamilton County Government Group Health Plan Request for Proposal
RFP (Created: 06/26/2007; Reviewed: February 18, 2010 )

An RFP for proposals for HMO, POS and PPO products, both fully-insured and self-funded; includes certificate of compliance.
Handicapped Access, In-Lieu-Of Tax Payments, Liquor by the Drink
Legal Opinion (Created: 02/21/2001; Reviewed: June 19, 2017 )

MTAS was asked whether the city is required to provide handicap access to the second floor walking track in its new recreation building, if the Electric Company can change its monthly in-lieu of tax payments to a single annual payment, and whether the City can put 'liquor by the drink' back on the ballot during the next election since the measure was approved in the last election.
Handicapped Parking at City Parking Meters
Legal Opinion (Created: 12/07/2007; Reviewed: May 1, 2020 )

MTAS was asked whether TCA permits disabled and handicapped persons who display the appropriate license plate and/or placard to park in handicapped parking spaces beyond the time limits prescribed by a city ordinance for the parking space.
Handling Employee (fire, EMT, paramedic, police officer) Exposure to COVID-19
General (Created: 03/22/2020; Reviewed: September 24, 2020 )

MTAS advice on what to do if an employee (firefighter, EMT, paramedic, police officer, etc.) has close contact to a COVID-19 positive patient, to a patient that is suspected of having COVID-19, or to a patient exhibiting respiratory distress symptom.
Harriman, Tennessee, Comprehensive Fire Management Overview
Report/Study (Created: 08/31/2015; Reviewed: January 13, 2017 )

MTAS conducted this CMR by review of submitted documentation, field study work involving interviews with Harriman personnel, physical inspection of the fire stations and equipment, and a tour of the service area.
Harrogate Liquor by the Drink and Privilege Tax Ordinance
Ordinance (Created: 07/16/2018; Reviewed: May 14, 2020 )

An ordinance of the City of Harrogate, Tennessee repealing the prohibition of liquor by the drink sales and adopting a privilege tax on the sale of alcoholic beverages.
Harrogate, Tennessee Fire Protection Management Report and Recommendations
Report/Study (Created: 01/29/2008; Reviewed: January 13, 2017 )

The city council asked MTAS to look at the fire department and report if they should have an ISO review as well as make recommendations on how the department could be improved.
Hatch Act: Guidance From Federal Government
General (Created: 07/20/2017; Reviewed: August 18, 2017 )

Hatch Act Modernization Guide for State and Local Employees
Hazardous Materials Incident Reimbursement Ordinance
Ordinance (Created: 05/10/2011; Reviewed: October 12, 2016 )

A sample ordinance for the reimbursement of costs associated with a hazardous materials incident.
Health Benefits Consultant RFPs
RFP (Created: 06/28/2016; Reviewed: June 30, 2016 )

MTAS was asked to provide examples of requests for proposals (RFPs) for a health benefits consultant.
Health Care Reform and W-2 Reporting Guidance
General (Created: 10/08/2012; Reviewed: January 3, 2017 )

MTAS was asked for information about Form W-2 for Health Care Reform reporting.
Health Insurance
RFP (Created: 09/14/2001; Reviewed: April 30, 2017 )

Health Insurance Benefits to Family Following a Line of Duty Death
Survey (Created: 10/18/2016; Reviewed: February 14, 2017 )

Thirty-five cities responded to an MTAS survey asking whether the city provides health insurance benefits to qualifying survivors in the event of a line of duty death.
Health Insurance Waiting Periods in Selected Tennessee Cities
Survey (Created: 05/15/2018; Reviewed: May 15, 2020 )

A survey of selected Tennessee cities regarding waiting periods for health insurance for municipal employees.
Heavy Equipment Operator
Job Description (Created: 09/27/2002; Reviewed: January 3, 2017 )

Job description for the position of Heavy Equipment Operator.
Heavy Equipment Operator (2)
Job Description (Created: 09/27/2002; Reviewed: October 27, 2016 )

Job description for the position of Heavy Equipment Operator.
Heavy Truck Traffic Regulation
General (Created: 07/15/2002; Reviewed: May 1, 2020 )

MTAS was asked for information on heavy truck traffic regulation.
Helicopter Regulation
Legal Opinion (Created: 09/14/2000; Reviewed: April 21, 2020 )

MTAS was asked to provide examples of helicopter regulation.
Hendersonville, Use of Time Clocks Survey
Survey (Created: 02/27/2014; Reviewed: May 1, 2017 )

Seven cities were asked several questions about their use of time clocks for employees to track their daily time.
HIPAA Training Acknowledgment Form
Form (Created: 08/27/2003; Reviewed: May 16, 2017 )

A form to acknowledge the receipt of a copy of the Town's HIPAA policy and training on that policy.
Hiring a City Administrator
General (Created: 05/13/2003; Reviewed: May 31, 2017 )

MTAS was asked the advantages of hiring a city administrator.
Hiring a City Manager
Form (Created: 02/01/2009; Reviewed: May 31, 2017 )

MTAS was asked for assistance in hiring a replacement city manager. Includes an evaluation system for council members to review the cover letters and resumes.
Hiring a City Manager When There is No Provision for Such a Position in the Charter
Legal Opinion (Created: 08/19/2003; Reviewed: May 31, 2017 )

MTAS was asked whether a city can hire a city manager when there is no provision in the charter for such an officer or employee.
Hiring a New Building Inspector
Legal Opinion (Created: 07/12/1996; Reviewed: December 20, 2016 )

Because the building inspector has failed to receive certification from the state fire marshall, MTAS was asked how the city should proceed with regard to inspecting the buildings where construction is in progress and hiring a new inspector.
Hiring Full Time Police Officer As Part Time Recreation Director
General (Created: 05/08/2003; Reviewed: May 9, 2017 )

An employee works 43 hours a week as a police officer and wants to be hired for an additional 20 hours a week as the recreation director.
Hiring Minors Age 16 and 17
General (Created: 07/09/2012; Reviewed: May 12, 2017 )

MTAS was asked about a city's responsibilities when hiring minors age 16 or 17 for a fulltime seasonal position.
Hiring New Firefighters and Promoting Firefighters
General (Created: 04/08/2007; Reviewed: May 23, 2017 )

Includes information on volunteer firefighters.
Hiring Questions about Applicant Pool and an Applicant with Known Disabilities
General (Created: 08/13/2012; Reviewed: May 16, 2017 )

MTAS was asked for advice when there is a very small applicant pool and one applicant has a known disability that might affect his or her ability to perform the job.
Historic Business Licenses Are Public Records
Legal Opinion (Created: 01/11/2012; Reviewed: May 9, 2020 )

MTAS was asked whether business licenses are public record if they are more than seventy years old.
Historic Planning Commission: MTAS Library Survey
Survey (Created: 05/31/2008; Reviewed: May 30, 2017 )

Sixteen Cities were asked about residents petitioning to approve an historic zoning designation or overlay
Historical Commission By-Laws
General (Created: 07/15/2003; Reviewed: May 23, 2017 )

MTAS was asked to help prepare by-laws for the LaFollette Historical Commission.
Holding a Referendum for the City to Create a Municipal School District
Legal Opinion (Created: 08/18/2011; Reviewed: December 19, 2016 )

MTAS was asked several questions regarding a referendum to create a municipal school district.
Holding Dual Offices
General (Created: 01/23/2014; Reviewed: October 7, 2020 )

MTAS was asked if there is a prohibition either in the city's charter or in state law that prevents a member of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen from also serving as either a county commissioner or a register of deeds.
Holiday Compensation for Public Safety Employees Survey
Survey (Created: 02/20/2014; Reviewed: May 23, 2017 )

Eleven cities were asked how they compensate full-time and part-time firefighters for holidays and how these policies compare to police patrol employees.
Holston Business Development Center: A Report to the City of Kingsport, Tennessee
Report/Study (Created: 09/30/2015; Reviewed: May 9, 2017 )

MTAS was engaged to conduct a review of the Holston Business Development Center (HBDC) for the purpose of identifying future directions due to the pending retirement of the executive director.
Horticultural Program Assistant
Job Description (Created: 03/01/1995; Reviewed: May 30, 2017 )

Job description for the position of Horticultural Program Assistant.
Horticultural Technician
Job Description (Created: 01/01/1991; Reviewed: May 30, 2017 )

Job description for the position of Horticultural Technician.
Hotel-Motel Tax in Tennessee Cities (2015)
Survey (Created: 07/01/2015; Reviewed: October 25, 2016 )

This document includes those cities that responded to MTAS's request for information regarding the collection of a hotel-motel tax. It is not a comprehensive list of all Tennessee cities. Fifty-five cities responded that they do collect a hotel-motel tax, with an average reported tax rate of 4.5%; 112 cities responded that they do not collect this tax.
Hotel/Motel Tax from the Residents of Motels Who Rent Their Motel Rooms by the Week or Other Period
Legal Opinion (Created: 07/14/1997; Reviewed: October 25, 2016 )

MTAS was asked whether the city is entitled to a hotel-motel tax from the residents of motels who rent their motel rooms by the week or other period.
Hours for Beer Sales When Private Club Also Holds Liquor License
Legal Opinion (Created: 01/09/2009; Reviewed: May 31, 2017 )

MTAS was asked whether or not the hours for liquor sales set by the ABC apply to the hours for beer sales when the City has not approved liquor sales.
Hours of Service Under FMLA
Legal Opinion (Created: 12/31/2002; Reviewed: January 3, 2017 )

MTAS was asked several questions about the application of the federal Family and Medical Leave Act.
How is Hemp Impacting Your Municipality?
General (Created: 03/18/2020; Reviewed: April 14, 2020 )

This MTAS City Byte, a short online tutorial, will explore recent changes in legislation that made hemp-based products more accessible and how that accessibility is impacting municipalities. (MTAS City Byte series)
How to Incorporate a New City in Tennessee
General (Created: 07/01/2000; Reviewed: May 16, 2017 )

Procedures and forms required for incorporating a new city in Tennessee.
Human Resources: Independent Contractor or Employee?
Legal Opinion (Created: 10/27/2015; Reviewed: May 3, 2017 )

MTAS was asked whether a specific individual is an employee of the city or an independent contractor.
Humboldt Fire Department Salary and Organizational Plan
Report/Study (Created: 11/06/2001; Reviewed: November 7, 2016 )

Salary scale and organizational plan for the Humboldt Fire Department.

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