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Facilities Management
Report/Study (Created: 10/31/2014; Reviewed: April 21, 2017 )

MTAS was asked to evaluate the city's management structure for facility maintenance because of the city's major capital investment in its facilities and the ongoing operational costs associated with their maintenance and repair.
Facilities Usage Policies and Procedures: an MTAS Survey
Survey (Created: 06/15/2005; Reviewed: May 30, 2017 )

Nine cities were asked about allowing park facilities or community centers to be used by concert venues or large events that are not city sponsored.
Facility Naming Policies
General (Created: 06/15/2015; Reviewed: May 30, 2017 )

MTAS was asked to provide some examples of facility naming policies.
Failure of the Local Government to Substantially Comply with the Public Hearing Notice
Legal Opinion (Created: 09/28/1998; Reviewed: May 5, 2021 )

MTAS was asked whether the failure of the local government to substantially comply with the public hearing notice and other procedural requirements prescribed by the state law is jurisdictional rather than directory.
Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) "Administrative" Exemption Test
Form (Created: 11/28/2016; Reviewed: June 15, 2021 )

MTAS was asked to develop forms for FLSA exemption "tests" for use in cities.
Fairview, Tennessee, Fire Station Location Study
Report/Study (Created: 04/30/2011; Reviewed: May 12, 2017 )

The study's purpose is to answer this question: Where should Fairview place its fire stations to provide coverage for the City of Fairview and Fairview's response district based upon the maximum five-mile coverage area allowed by ISO?
Families First Coronavirus Response Act: A Summary for Tennessee Municipalities
General (Created: 03/24/2020; Reviewed: April 15, 2021 )

A summary of the federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act (signed into law March 18, 2020) to assist employers and employees during the pandemic.
Farmer's Market Insurance in Selected Tennessee Cities
Survey (Created: 07/01/2018; Reviewed: May 15, 2020 )

Ten cities in Tennessee were surveyed regarding farmer's markets and insurance for the vendors.
Farmers' Markets in Tennessee Cities
General (Created: 04/13/2015; Reviewed: May 16, 2017 )

MTAS was asked for information on what a city needs to know to host a farmers' market inside the city limits, including rules, regulations, and vendor applications.
Fees and Policies for Grinder Pumps in Selected Tennessee Cities
Survey (Created: 05/15/2018; Reviewed: May 15, 2020 )

MTAS surveyed a number of Tennessee cities regarding their fees and policies for grinder pumps.
Fees Sent to State by City Courts
Legal Opinion (Created: 12/14/2006; Reviewed: June 26, 2017 )

MTAS was asked several questions about fees/costs sent to the State for violations tried in city court.
Filing Suit for Collection of Delinquent Real Property Taxes
Legal Opinion (Created: 11/21/2003; Reviewed: October 26, 2016 )

MTAS was asked about the procedure for collecting delinquent property taxes when the county taxes have been paid.
Filling Vacancies in the City's School Board
Legal Opinion (Created: 07/25/2006; Reviewed: August 18, 2020 )

MTAS was asked whether the school board chairman's appointment to fill the vacancy on the school board was legal.
Film Royalties: an MTAS Survey
Survey (Created: 12/21/2009; Reviewed: June 21, 2017 )

Ten cities were asked whether they pay any type of royalty or permission fee for showing movies at special events.
Final Regulations: Volunteers and the Affordable Care Act
General (Created: 02/17/2014; Reviewed: May 21, 2021 )

In summary, hours worked by a volunteer who does not receive (and is not entitled to receive) compensation in exchange for the performance of services are not treated as hours of service for purposes of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).
Finance Review of Parks and Recreation Dept. of Chattanooga
Report/Study (Created: 06/02/2006; Reviewed: May 30, 2017 )

This review of the Parks and Recreation Department, focuses specifically on three areas of Recreation, the POWERHOUSE, Aquatics, and the Recreation centers.
Financial Audit Advertisement
Form (Created: 09/09/2010; Reviewed: August 18, 2020 )

A sample advertisement for an auditor who is qualified to perform a financial and compliance audit.
Financial Review of Non-City Athletic Leagues
General (Created: 02/06/2014; Reviewed: May 30, 2017 )

MTAS was asked whether the City has an obligation to conduct any type of financial review of non-city athletic leagues.
Fines for Violation of Town Ordinances
General (Created: 04/02/2007; Reviewed: June 26, 2017 )

MTAS was asked how much the fine can be and if a separate fine can be assessed for each day of a violation.
Fire Chaplains Program Challenged Establishment Cause Grounds
Legal Opinion (Created: 03/22/2002; Reviewed: May 20, 2021 )

MTAS was asked whether there has been a case where a fire chaplain program has been challenged on establishment clause grounds.
Fire Chief
Job Description (Created: 08/23/2001; Reviewed: April 28, 2021 )

Job description for the position of Fire Chief for the City of Smyrna.
Fire Chief (1)
Job Description (Created: 09/25/2002; Reviewed: May 21, 2021 )

Job description for the position of Fire Chief.
Fire Chief (2)
Job Description (Created: 09/25/2002; Reviewed: May 20, 2021 )

Job description for the position of Fire Chief.
Fire Chief Is In The Driver's Seat
General (Created: 09/13/2001; Reviewed: May 20, 2021 )

An article answering the question regarding the responsibility and scheduling of the Fire Chief's position in a fire department.
Fire Chief Sample Job Descriptions
Job Description (Created: 09/12/2013; Reviewed: May 21, 2021 )

A collection of several sample job descriptions for the position of fire chief; includes job descriptions for fire chiefs of a volunteer fire department.
Fire Department Hose Test Record
Form (Created: 03/24/2020; Reviewed: May 19, 2020 )

A form created to be used by fire departments to track fire hose testing information.
Fire Department Hose Test Record
Form (Created: 04/29/2021; Reviewed: May 18, 2021 )

This form was created to be used by any fire department and includes a method for testing fire hoses.
Fire Department Major
Job Description (Created: 08/27/2003; Reviewed: January 13, 2017 )

A job description for the position of Fire Department Executive Officer with the rank of Major.
Fire Department Minimum Staffing Survey
Survey (Created: 06/10/2020; Reviewed: November 12, 2020 )

Selected Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding the staffing numbers in their fire departments.
Fire Department Recognition Bill
General (Created: 02/26/2003; Reviewed: January 13, 2017 )

This information from a TFCA flyer answers questions about the Fire Department Recognition Bill.
Fire Department Schedule
Report/Study (Created: 08/01/2001; Reviewed: May 21, 2021 )

Proposed 28-day schedule for a fire department working a 24/48 shift pattern, including meal time deduction and kelly day.
Fire Department Sick Leave Policies
Survey (Created: 05/25/2007; Reviewed: May 20, 2021 )

TPMA sent out a survey to determine how municipalities handle sick leave for Fire Department employees and received fourteen responses.
Fire Department Standard Operating Procedure: Fire Department Vehicle Safety, Emergency and Non-Emergency Response, Safe Emergency Operations on Roadways
General (Created: 06/30/2010; Reviewed: January 13, 2017 )

This procedure identifies requirements for the implementation of a safe Fire Department vehicle operations program.
Fire Department Training Records
General (Created: 08/25/2003; Reviewed: May 21, 2021 )

Fire Department records for training and personnel are open for inspection upon demand during any reasonable hours.
Fire Drills in Schools and ISO Credit
Form (Created: 07/26/2018; Reviewed: May 21, 2021 )

Section 1000 of the ISO Fire Suppression Rating Schedule evaluates the community risk reduction efforts in a community. Part of Section 1032B1, Fire Safety Education in Schools, evaluates fire safety efforts in schools, including the conducting of monthly fire drills. This section requires that “Each school must conduct 1 fire exit drill, in accordance with the general criteria of NFPA 101, Life Safety Code, or the ICC International Fire Code each month that the campus is in session.”
Fire Hydrant Flow Test Results Calculator
General (Created: 02/26/2015; Reviewed: May 12, 2017 )

This spreadsheet may be downloaded to calculate the results of fire hydrant flow tests.
Fire Hydrant Installation, Maintenance, and Fees: an MTAS Survey
Survey (Created: 04/30/2013; Reviewed: May 12, 2017 )

Eight cities were asked several questions about fire hydrants and the utility districts to which they are attached.
Fire Hydrant Ordinance
Ordinance (Created: 03/24/2014; Reviewed: May 12, 2017 )

An ordinance adopting by reference the NFPA fire hydrant color coding standards and establishing certain standards for fire flows and hydrants and use of some existing fire hydrants.
Fire Hydrant Rental
General (Created: 05/14/2003; Reviewed: May 12, 2017 )

MTAS was asked whether it is legal and what is a reasonable fee for the general fund to pay the water fund a 'rental fee' for fire hydrants.
Fire Inspection Quality Assurance Survey
Form (Created: 07/25/2018; Reviewed: May 21, 2021 )

This form is a sample survey that cities can use as follow up after a fire code compliance inspection.
Fire Investigator Mentor Program
General (Created: 11/14/2008; Reviewed: May 20, 2021 )

This Fire Investigator Mentor Program has been endorsed by the Tennessee Chapter of the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI) and recognized by the IAAI as an excellent program in training and qualifying new fire investigators.
Fire Positions Exempted from Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System Mandatory Retirement at Age 60
Survey (Created: 09/01/2017; Reviewed: November 12, 2020 )

A survey of selected cities to determine if their battalion chief or shift caption positions are exempted from the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System mandatory retirement for public safety positions at age 60.
Fire shift commanders and assistant chief salary and overtime
Survey (Created: 02/01/2018; Reviewed: November 12, 2020 )

Selected Tennessee cities were surveyed regarding their fire departments and the levels of authority in them.
Fire Shift Supervisor Survey
Survey (Created: 12/04/2014; Reviewed: May 20, 2021 )

Eight cities responded to this survey that asks about the position that is responsible for the supervision of two or more fire stations and their crews.
Fire Stations and Coronavirus Precautions: A Hot Topic for Tennessee Municipalities
General (Created: 03/27/2020; Reviewed: March 27, 2020 )

Firefighters understand the concept of hot, warm, and cold zones in fire stations when it comes to keeping turnouts and fire contaminated gear out of the living areas of the station. But what about viruses and other pathogens? The practices used for fire contaminated gear do not work with pathogens. Therefore, firefighters need to practice more extensive contamination control to reduce the chance of spreading the coronavirus while at the fire station.
Fire Support Specialist
Job Description (Created: 04/24/2017; Reviewed: May 21, 2021 )

A sample job description for a fire support specialist.
Fire Support Specialist
Job Description (Created: 03/03/2017; Reviewed: May 21, 2021 )

A sample job description for a Fire Support Specialist.
Fire Watch Policy
Form (Created: 02/08/2016; Reviewed: May 21, 2021 )

This sample fire watch policy provides for the continuous presence of a trained person, who maintains a constant fire watch, while the required fire protection system is out of service.
Job Description (Created: 09/25/2002; Reviewed: May 21, 2021 )

Job description for the position of Firefighter.
Firefighter Driver
Job Description (Created: 09/25/2002; Reviewed: May 21, 2021 )

Job description for the position of Firefighter/Driver.
Firefighter Mechanic
Job Description (Created: 09/25/2002; Reviewed: May 20, 2021 )

Job description for the position of Firefighter/Mechanic.
Firefighter Training and Certification in Tennessee
General (Created: 04/29/2021; Reviewed: April 29, 2021 )

MTAS Fire Consultant Dennis Wolf created this document in order to compile information from frequently asked questions regarding what training firefighters are required to have.
Firefighter Training in Tennessee
General (Created: 02/11/2021; Reviewed: February 11, 2021 )

MTAS is often asked about what training firefighters are required to have. The answer is that, from a standpoint of required training, the training requirements for firefighters vary from none-at-all to minimal. The key word in this question is “required,” being defined as mandatory by a state law or regulation.
Firefighter Vacation Accrual in Selected Tennessee Cities
Survey (Created: 04/15/2019; Reviewed: November 12, 2020 )

MTAS asked a number of Tennessee cities how they handle vacation accrual for firefighters.
Firefighters as Auxiliary Police Officers and Dispatcher Psychological Assessment Survey
Survey (Created: 07/01/2019; Reviewed: May 14, 2020 )

A survey of selected cities and towns regarding allowing firefighters to serve auxiliary police officers and also the psychological assessment of dispatchers.
Firefighters Driving on a License from Another State
General (Created: 04/03/2014; Reviewed: May 20, 2021 )

MTAS was asked whether, in Tennessee, firefighters are required to have a valid Tennessee driver's license to operate vehicles and work in the full capacity of a fire fighter.
Firefighters Must Have Key to Fire Station
General (Created: 09/19/2006; Reviewed: May 21, 2021 )

If a fire station is locked when not occupied, then all firefighters must have a key.
Firefighters Vacation Accrual Summary Report
Survey (Created: 03/23/2010; Reviewed: May 20, 2021 )

Eighteen cities were asked about vacation leave for full-time employees of the fire department.
Fireworks Sample Ordinance
Ordinance (Created: 10/19/2006; Reviewed: May 21, 2021 )

An ordinance to add Chapter 4, "Fireworks," to Title 7 of the City of ______ Municipal Code.
Firing the City Attorney
Legal Opinion (Created: 11/29/2000; Reviewed: June 23, 2017 )

MTAS was asked for whom the City Attorney works and if the City Attorney may be fired.
First Responder Compensation Survey
Survey (Created: 10/23/2020; Reviewed: May 21, 2021 )

Ten Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding compensation for experienced, certified and entry level first responders.
First Responders and Fireworks Incidents Survey
Survey (Created: 08/21/2020; Reviewed: May 21, 2021 )

Six Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding first responders having fireworks shot or directed at them while on-duty.
Fitness Facility Manager
Job Description (Created: 08/23/2001; Reviewed: April 28, 2021 )

Job description for the position of Fitness Facility Manager for the City of Smyrna.
Fitness Facility Manager
Job Description (Created: 09/25/2002; Reviewed: May 30, 2017 )

Job description for the position of Fitness Facility Manager.
Flea Market Dealers
General (Created: 02/03/2003; Reviewed: May 9, 2017 )

Registering dealers at a multi-vendor open-area flea market that routinely occurs along the Tennessee border and probably has multi-state vendor participation.
Fleet and Materials Manager
Job Description (Created: 09/24/2002; Reviewed: October 7, 2020 )

Job description for the position of Fleet and Materials Manager.
Fleet Maintenance and Operations Schedules
Form (Created: 07/12/2012; Reviewed: October 7, 2020 )

Seven checklists for preventive maintenance and inspections.
Fleet Maintenance Services Survey
Survey (Created: 10/20/2014; Reviewed: October 7, 2020 )

MTAS asked six cities about charging the city's various departments for fleet services.
Fleet Management: an MTAS Survey
Survey (Created: 11/24/2008; Reviewed: October 7, 2020 )

Ten cities were asked several questions about their fleet management practices.
FLSA and Exempt Employees
General (Created: 09/29/2004; Reviewed: June 15, 2021 )

MTAS was asked to provide documentation allowing city to send employees home when they have worked 40 hours in workweek.
FLSA Questions on Bereavement and Overtime
General (Created: 02/01/2008; Reviewed: June 15, 2021 )

Questions on recognizing bereavement leave as hours worked and hours worked over 8 in a day.
FMLA and Extended Leave of Absence: an MTAS Survey
Survey (Created: 02/14/2011; Reviewed: June 15, 2021 )

Twenty-three cities were asked about their FMLA policies and extended leave of absence policies.
FMLA Forms Now Updated by DOL
Form (Created: 06/05/2015; Reviewed: January 3, 2017 )

For those of you who maintain hard copies of FMLA sample forms, as provided by the Department of Labor - Wage and Hour Division, you will need to destroy outdated revisions, and replace with the newly issued (Effective June 1, 2015) forms.
FOG programs in selected Tennessee cities
Survey (Created: 01/15/2019; Reviewed: August 20, 2020 )

Seven Tennessee cities responded to a request for information on their local FOG programs and the fees that may be associated with the program.
Forcing the City to Accept and Maintain Private Streets Located in Privately Owned Residential Developments
Legal Opinion (Created: 08/15/1991; Reviewed: October 7, 2020 )

MTAS was asked whether the City can be forced to accept the dedication and ongoing maintenance responsibility for private streets, street lights and storm sewers located within condominium and planned unit developments.
Forestry Inspector
Job Description (Created: 11/16/2007; Reviewed: May 31, 2017 )

Job description for the position of Forestry Inspector
Forestry Supervisor
Job Description (Created: 11/15/2007; Reviewed: May 31, 2017 )

Job description for the position of Forestry Supervisor
Form for Operating a Business in the City of Lebanon
Form (Created: 06/15/2000; Reviewed: May 9, 2017 )

A form to help the city deal with new businesses, providing the applicants with notice to comply with the city's zoning laws.
Form of Government, Charter Type, District vs. At-Large Elections and Term Limits in Selected Council/Manager Municipalities
Survey (Created: 11/01/2019; Reviewed: May 14, 2020 )

The MTAS Research and Information Center team compiled election and term limit information for a number of selected Tennessee cities.
Form of Petition for Liquor Sales
Legal Opinion (Created: 09/12/2006; Reviewed: June 20, 2017 )

MTAS was asked for a form of petition for package liquor sales and liquor-by-the-drink sales.
Forming a New Police Department
General (Created: 07/14/1997; Reviewed: June 21, 2017 )

MTAS was asked several questions about the benefits of forming a new police department versus contracting with the county for police services.
Forms of Payment Accepted for Plans Review and Permits Survey
Survey (Created: 10/14/2015; Reviewed: November 28, 2016 )

MTAS asked ten cities about the forms of payment accepted from general contractors and subcontractors for plans review and building permits.
Forms to Accompany Capital Asset Accounting System
Form (Created: 07/02/2003; Reviewed: April 22, 2021 )

Includes a sample capital asset disposal record, a capital asset ledger card, and a model resolution to establish a threshold that dictates when expenditures may be capitalized.
Forms to Accompany the Drug Fund Manual
Form (Created: 07/02/2003; Reviewed: June 21, 2017 )

Includes sample forms, description of the forms, and a sample drug fund budget.
Four Questions on the Open Meetings Law
Legal Opinion (Created: 11/14/1992; Reviewed: July 15, 2017 )

MTAS was asked what "adequate notice" means under the Open Meetings Law; whether three hours was adequate notice of a meeting; what is the effect of action taken at a meeting in which a violation of the Open Meetings Law occurred; and does an illegal meeting make the minutes illegal.
Fowl Ordinance Comparison
Survey (Created: 04/01/2010; Reviewed: May 30, 2017 )

The Town of Signal Mountain asked twenty-four cities whether they had an ordinance regulating chickens within the city limits.
Free Water and Sewer Service Provided to School
Legal Opinion (Created: 06/30/2010; Reviewed: April 22, 2021 )

MTAS was asked whether it is legal to provide water for free to a public school, and posed further questions about the enforcement of the agreement with the county and school district.
Freedom to Protest: Guidance for Managing Demonstrations in Tennessee Towns and Cities
General (Created: 06/25/2020; Reviewed: May 12, 2021 )

MTAS guidance on freedom of speech, freedom to assemble and how to handle demonstrations. This is a video resource. (Created June 25, 2020; 7:07 minutes in length)
Frequency of Election : Local Option
General (Created: 02/15/2002; Reviewed: April 15, 2020 )

Information was requested on the frequency of elections for liquor by the drink.
Function and Duties of a Home Rule Charter Commission
Legal Opinion (Created: 10/07/2008; Reviewed: May 25, 2017 )

Basic introduction of charter commission candidates to the functions and duties of the charter commission.

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