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Recent Knowledgebase Articles

2019 Fair Labor Standards Act final rules released
General (Created: October 18, 2019; Reviewed: October 18, 2019)

The U.S. Department of Labor has set a new standard salary level in the Fair Labor Standards Act of $684 per week/$1,368 biweekly/$1,482 semimonthly/$2,964 month (equivalent of $35,568 per year). The Department has also set the Highly Compensated Employee (HCE) annual compensation amount at a new level of $107,432. The new salary rates are effective January 1, 2020. This hot topic from MTAS reviews the history of the new rules and also discusses discretionary bonuses and incentive payments rule changes.

Municipal Banking Services Must Now Be Evaluated Every Four Years (Public Chapter 277 of 2019)
General (Created: October 15, 2019; Reviewed: October 15, 2019)

MTAS resources and guidance on Public Chapter 277 of 2019 which requires a contract for banking services be based on the evaluation of proposals, which should be documented for audit purposes. Attached are a Q & A and a sample quote for banking services for use by Tennessee municipalities.

ISO Residential Sprinkler Fact Sheet
General (Created: October 9, 2019; Reviewed: October 9, 2019)

This fact sheet from the Insurance Services Office discusses discounts available to homes protected by a residential sprinkler system and includes discount examples in Tennessee from a 2008 study.

"Barry Brady Act" : a report with recommendations for Tennessee municipalities on Public Chapter 490
Report/Study (Created: October 5, 2019; Reviewed: October 5, 2019)

An MTAS report with recommendations regarding the implementation of the 2019 "Barry Brady Act." The Barry Brady Act or Public Chapter 490 amends T.C.A. § 7-51-201 by adding subsection (d) which outlines specific types of cancers that are presumed to have been acquired as the result of employment in the fire service and the eligibility requirements for firefighters seeking to be covered by the presumption. This public chapter outlines specific employment, pre-employment, and annual medical monitoring that a firefighter must undergo in order to be covered by the presumption.

"Barry Brady Act" Pre-Employment Physical Medical Examination Waiver
Form (Created: October 3, 2019; Reviewed: October 3, 2019)

This form is a template for a city to consider when developing their own waiver form for a potential firefighter to waive the inclusion of cancer screening regarding the employment related firefighter cancer rebuttable presumption established by the Barry Brady Act as part of a pre-employment physical examination. MTAS recommends that cities discuss this with their city attorney before implementing any waiver.