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Recently Added

Sample Fire Department Social Media Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to Fire Department members to clarify the boundaries between appropriate and inappropriate use of social media by fire department personnel and to provide guidelines on the management, administration, and oversight.

City Cemetery Policies and Charges Survey

Survey of selected cities regarding cost of plots, policy on cremains, and infant burial.

Sample City Attorney and Assistant City Attorney Job Descriptions

Sample job descriptions: Chattanooga staff attorney 1, Murfreesboro city attorney and Franklin assistant city attorney.

Summary of 2021 Public Acts

This document summarizes the year's public acts that have the most impact on municipal operations in Tennessee.

Sample Ordinance for Premise Identification

A cluster mailbox, or cluster box unit (CBU), is a multi-unit mailbox centralized for common use by the occupants of a residential or commercial development. When cluster mailboxes are installed in single family developments there are no mailboxes in front of each home. This creates a problem for fire, police, EMS, and other emergency and essential services in finding the address of a home. Every building in every community should have the street address number posted on the building, but this is not always the case. At night, and in bad weather, numbers posted on a building can be hard to find and hard to read. Landscaping may grow and obscure the number. The number may not be placed in a conspicuous place. These factors make it difficult for emergency responders to find the home, which increases response time and delays getting help to the person who needs it.

MTAS created a sample ordinance to require address posts for developments that use cluster box units. The sample ordinance requires a reflective signs and minimum sized numbers to be mounted on a post at the curb to make it easy for emergency responders to locate a home. A municipality may modify the sample ordinance to meet local aesthetic needs, if desired.

Resolution Authorizing MTAS to Conduct a Stormwater Study

A resolution written for the City of Red Bank, Tennessee, authorizing MTAS to conduct a stormwater fee analysis and rate study.

City Recorder/Finance Director Job Description

A job description for Jonesborough, Tennessee for the City Recorder/Finance Director who reports directly to the board of mayor and aldermen.

Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Fire Resource Information

The author of this document explains the number of all electric and hybrid vehicles are on the road with the number of them expected to increase. The listed resources are provided to assist fire departments and other first responders with their local training program on electric and hybrid vehicle fires.

Employee Performance Evaluations in Selected Tennessee Cities

Twenty-two Tennessee cities responded for a request for information regarding their methods for employee performance evaluations.

Fire Department Hose Test Record

This form was created to be used by any fire department and includes a method for testing fire hoses.

Firefighter Training and Certification in Tennessee

MTAS Fire Consultant Dennis Wolf created this document in order to compile information from frequently asked questions regarding what training firefighters are required to have.

Judge Salary and Benefits Survey

Twelve Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding what salary and benefits are offered to their sitting judges.

Ordinance to Add Sections Regarding Internet, Cyber Security, and Sensitive Information to a Municipal Personnel Policy

This ordinance, created for Cumberland Gap, Tennessee adds internet, cyber security and sensitive information sections to the town's personnel policies and procedures.

Salary and Benefits for Elected Officials in Selected Tennessee Cities

Fifteen Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding annual salaries and benefits offered to elected officials.

State of Tennessee Standard Chart of Accounts: Classification by Fund, Function, & Object

The municipal version of the current chart of accounts for the State of Tennessee; updated by Kay Stegall (May 2021).

Natural Gas Primer for Elected Officials

This guide provides basic information to municipal elected officials concerning natural gas as it relates to a municipal gas system or local distribution customer (LDC). It is not intended to be an all-inclusive detailed discussion on natural gas.

A Review of Selected Tennessee Municipal Food Truck Ordinances

In April 2021, the MTAS Research and Information Center compiled a listing of municipal food truck ordinances across the state of Tennessee.

Mayoral Compensation in Selected Small Cities with Strong Mayor Form of Government

Tennessee cities with a strong mayor form of government responded to a request for information regarding mayoral salaries.

Parks and Recreation Director Salary Information in Selected Tennessee Cities

Nine Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding salary ranges and how many employees report to the Parks & Recreation Director.

Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment and Retention

According to the National Volunteer Fire Council, volunteers make up 67% of our nation’s fire service. In Tennessee, volunteers account for 69% of all firefighters, but the number of volunteer firefighters in Tennessee is decreasing. There were 17,122 volunteer firefighters in Tennessee in 2013, and that number dropped to 15,833 in 2015. Many communities today face volunteer recruitment and retention issues, as volunteers strive to balance work, home, personal time needs, and the fire department in a depressed economy when many people have more than one job or manage a single-parent household. Many people do not have a lot of free time, and if they spend their free time helping their community, they want to know that their time and effort has value. Here are some examples of volunteer recruitment and retention efforts that have proven successful in communities across Tennessee. Not every idea will work in every community or situation, but these resources may provide ideas for programs that will work in your community.

Employee Surety Bonds

Nine Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding what positions in city government are required to have a surety bond and what the required amounts are for those bonds.

Compensation/Classification Consulting Service Providers

A list of consulting companies who can do compensation studies.

Smoke Alarm Installation Policy During a Pandemic

This document is a draft procedure for installation of smoke alarms by fire personnel during a pandemic.

Model Procurement Code Amendment for Purchases Through Competitive Sealed Proposals

MTAS and the Tennessee State Comptroller are required by state law (T.C.A.12-3-1207(d)) to "develop a model procurement code that may be adopted by any municipality to guide the governing body and purchasing agent in making purchases through requests for competitive sealed proposals. The model procurement code shall contain provisions allowing an aggrieved respondent to protest the intended award to another respondent if the protest is filed within seven (7) calendar days after the intended award is announced. The protest shall be filed with and decided by the municipal governing body." This model ordinance, developed by MTAS and approved by the State Comptroller's Office, satisfies this statutory requirement.

Water & Sewer Tap Fees in Selected Tennessee Cities

Fifteen Tennessee cities responded to a request for information having to do with residential water and sewer tap fees.

Firefighter Training in Tennessee

MTAS is often asked about what training firefighters are required to have. The answer is that, from a standpoint of required training, the training requirements for firefighters vary from none-at-all to minimal. The key word in this question is “required,” being defined as mandatory by a state law or regulation.

Reserve Leave in Select Tennessee Cities

Ten Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding the maximum amount of leave given to personnel who serve in the military reserves.

Alternative Hostile Work Environment Policy Language

Sample policy language for use when a complaint of hostile work environment, workplace harassment, or sexual harassment is lodged against a city manager by a city employee. Language provides an alternative process for handling the compliant.

City Manager Agreements, Severance Provisions, and Salary in Selected Tennessee Cities

A survey of selected cities in Tennessee regarding city manager/administrator agreements and salary. Data includes covers agreement/contract, length of contract/agreement, severance package, insurance, tenure of manager, salary and car allowance.

An Ordinance Adding Language Regarding Animal Control for Cats

The Town of Baileyton, Tennessee required an update to the Municipal Code in order to change the animal control language to include provisions for cats.