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Recently Added

Baileyton sewer connection increase ordinance

Management Consultant Pat Hardy authored this ordinance for the Town of Baileyton, Tennessee regarding adjusting sewer connection charges.

Somerville Pearl Road speed limit recommendations

Somerville Police Chief David Webb contacted MTAS to ask for assistance establishing speed limits on Pearl Road in the Glengarry Estates Subdivision. Glengarry is a relatively new subdivision that up until recently did not have speed limits posted. The outcome is that MTAS recommends that the speed limit be set at 25 miles per hour.

Computer-aided dispatch software survey

A compilation of information from ten counties in Tennessee and the computer-aided dispatch software used in their 911 departments.

Utility Board Manual

The purpose of this manual is to provide cities with a better understanding of funding water and sewer utility operations. Water and sewer operations are often very costly, but they provide a public health service. Also, water and sewer services are necessary if communities are to grow and attract new investment.

Guide to Alcohol and Beer Laws in Tennessee

MTAS frequently receive questions related to alcohol and beer laws in Tennessee. In an effort to assist municipal officials and employees with these questions, MTAS developed this guide that includes many of the relevant statutory provisions related to alcohol and beer in Tennessee. This guide does not include every statutory provision related to alcohol or beer, so the Tennessee Code will still need to be reviewed as questions arise.

Tennessee Sales and Use Tax: County and City Local Tax Rates (Nov. 2020)

Alphabetical list of Tennessee counties and cities with their local sales tax rates from the Tennessee Department of Revenue. Document is dated as "revised November 2020."

First Responder Compensation Survey

Ten Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding compensation for experienced, certified and entry level first responders.

Manager Compensation Survey

Nine Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding salary and compensation for their City Manager/City Administrator roles.

Municipal Court Survey 2020

MTAS conducted a statewide survey of municipal court clerk contacts available in the MTAS city directory. Survey invitations were sent to 234 contacts and 105 surveys were completed. Questions about municipal court operations are frequent and over the years MTAS has conducted several smaller surveys. This survey was an attempt to combine the previous surveys into one comprehensive resource.

City Manager Agreements, Severance Provisions, and Salary in Selected Tennessee Cities

A survey of selected cities in Tennessee regarding city manager/administrator agreements and salary.

Electric System Director Interview Questions

Sample interview questions developed by MTAS for interviewing candidates for position of municipal electric system director.

Legality of Ordinance Changing Staggered Four-Year Term of Office to Non-Staggered Two-Year Term of Office

MTAS was asked to give an opinion on the legality of an ordinance which changed the board of mayor and alderman from a staggered four-year term of office to a non-staggered two-year term of office.

Ordinance Regulating Detached Garages and Other Accessory Structures

A brief ordinance developed by MTAS to address the regulation of detached garages and other accessory structures.

Resolution to Hire Part-time City Manager (General Law Manager-Commission Charter)

A sample resolution prepared by MTAS to be used by a board/council for hiring a part-time city manager in a general law manager-commission charter city.

Educational Assistance in Tennessee Cities and Selected Airports

An online survey was sent to 111 email addresses for human resources directors and other positions holding these responsibilities. A total of 66 responses were received regarding educational assistance for city and airport employees in the state.

Samples of Zoning Regulations for Accessory Units

Management Consultant Pat Hardy compiled zoning regulations for accessory units on residential lots from six Tennessee cities.

Sample Resolution to Designate Depository Bank

MTAS developed a brief resolution for designating a depository bank.

Sampling of Current Long-Serving Mayors

This is a brief sampling of mayors that have served 20 years or more (concurrently).

It's Not Too Late to Achieve a Good Census Count in Your Tennessee Municipality

An MTAS Hot Topic providing resources on the 2020 Census impact on local finances and resources for getting a message out encouraging participation in the decennial count.

2020 Payroll Tax Deferral Guidance

A memo from MTAS on the 2020 Payroll Tax Deferral Program

City Manager Job Description in a Smaller General Law Manager-Commissioned City

A sample job description for the City Manager of Watauga, Tennessee.

Sample Agreement for Building Code Inspection Services Between Johnson City, TN and Elizabethton, TN

A sample agreement for the building inspector from Elizabethton, TN to enforce the NEC 2011 for Johnson City, TN on a temporary basis. Agreement includes terms for the hourly wage and mileage payments.

Sample Municipal Airport Minimum Standards

Sample municipal airport minimum standards shared by Rockwood, TN, Elizabethton, TN and Greeneville, TN.

Tennessee Open Meetings Act Violation

MTAS was asked how a governing body can cure a violation or alleged violation of the Tennessee Open Meetings Act (TOMA).

An Ordinance Adopting an Unclaimed Property Policy

A sample ordinance that can be used by any city or town in Tennessee that explains how officials can dispose of unclaimed property.

First Responders and Fireworks Incidents Survey

Six Tennessee cities responded to a request for information regarding first responders having fireworks shot or directed at them while on-duty.

Mount Carmel Mayoral Analysis Report

MTAS was asked to weigh in on the possibility of Mount Carmel changing the term of the mayoral office from the current 4 years to 2 years.

Sample Ordinance to Change Board Meeting Dates

An ordinance that can be used by a city or town to authorize the Board of Mayor and Aldermen to set the date for their regular meetings.

Sample Ordinance to Increase Number of Beer Permits

An ordinance for use by a city or town in Tennessee to amend their municipal code by adding additional beer permits.

MTAS Guides To Water Systems for Tennessee Municipal Elected Officials

These six guides are part of a series created by MTAS for elected officials in Tennessee municipalities. Each guide is an overview of the tools used and the some of the requirements as specified by the State of Tennessee. Topics covered are corrosion, turbidity, microbiological issues, disinfection, disinfection byproducts and cross-connections.