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Original Author: MTAS
Date of Material: 09/25/2002


Fire Chief (2)

Reviewed Date: 05/20/2021
Job description for the position of Fire Chief.



The position is under the administrative supervision of the Commissioner of Fire and Police. The employee is responsible for work performed in planning, organizing, and directing all activities of the Fire Department. Independent judgement is used according to the situation and sometimes different courses of action must be considered to complete the task.


The employee will supervise the operation of and operate fire fighting equipment to include: nozzles, hoses, self-contained breathing apparatus, power saw, pumps, and generators.
The employee will operate a computer, fax machine, copier and other office equipment.
The employee will operate an automobile or truck with radio transmitting and receiving capabilities for constant communication access.
The employee's work shall expose him/her to high places, dangerous machinery and its moving parts, sharp tools, fumes, smoke, chemicals and toxic substances, extreme heat and cold.
Performance and supervision of all fire fighting and emergency operations must be performed during all kinds of weather conditions.

Promulgates administrative rules and regulations to ensure proper organization and use of personnel.
Performs various administrative activities for the Department.
Plans, organizes, coordinates and performs firefighter training programs and drills.
Responsible for preplanning for fire suppression operations.
Supervises firefighters daily activities and directs the supervision of the Department through subordinates.
Prepares, maintains, reviews and distributes fire reports.
Coordinates HASMAT and right-to-know requirements.
Coordinates the assignments, utilization, and discipline of personnel.
Directs the maintenance, repair, and replacement of fire fighting equipment.
Supervises inspection of buildings for fire hazards.
Directs responses to alarms and supervises the suppression of fires, including entry, rescue, and first aid.
Investigates and eliminates potential fire hazards.
Keeps records and prepares reports including personnel reports.
Prepares department budget requests and tracks expenditures of the department.
Conducts investigation of suspicious fires.
Investigates fire scene to determine cause.
Reacts quickly and calmly in emergency situations and determine proper course of action.
Maintains an effective working relationship with the employees of the Department, the City Commission, the public and other departments and agencies.
Deals with citizen complaints regarding Fire Department procedures.


Conducts formal and on-the-job training programs for recruits and personnel development.
Analyzes the fire prevention and fire hazards of the City.
Plans and directs fire prevention and fire safety programs.
Attends meetings and public gatherings, speaks to schools, professional and civic organizations to explain FireDepartment activities.
Coordinates fire and safety training with private industry.


Knowledge of personnel policies and procedures.
Knowledge of the principles and practices of modern fire suppression, administration, operations and supervision.
Knowledge of all legal regulations regarding employee health and safety.
Knowledge of fire prevention methods, codes and regulations.
Knowledge of geographic area of the City.
Knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of a variety of fire fighting equipment.
Knowledge of the use of fire records and their application to the solution of fire problems.
Knowledge of the City's provision for emergency situations.
Ability to drive and operate a variety of firefighting vehicles and other equipment.
Ability to react quickly and calmly in an emergency situation and to determine the proper course of action.
Ability to operate a variety of fire fighting equipment.
Ability to initiate, plan, and carry out programs in fire administration.
Ability to express ideas clearly and concisely, orally and in writing, to groups and individuals.
Ability to maintain an effective working relationship with the employees of the Department.
Cooperates with other departments of the City to unite the City as one.
Ability to deal with citizen complaints regarding Fire Department procedures.
Ability physically and mentally to climb to different heights and function in close quarter.
Ability to plan and direct the work of others.
Ability to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with the employees of the department, the City Commission, the public and other departments and agencies.


Graduation from an accredited high school, preferably graduation from a college or university with major course experience in business administration or related field.
Completion of specialized course work in fire fighting principles, practices, and administration.
Considerable experience in firefighting services of which some experience must have been in a supervisory or administrative capacity.
Must possess a valid Tennessee Operator's license.
Must pass a physical by licensed physician.
Must obtain the Fire Inspector State Certification.