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Strategic Planning

Class Date
Tuesday, January 25, 2022
09:30 am
Class Description
ThereGÇÖs a saying that GÇ£hope is not a strategy.GÇ¥ The best run governments often operate from a strategic plan. A Strategic Plan establishes your communityGÇÖs vision, identifies, and prioritizes the top goals to help you achieve the vision. Join us for an informative session to help get you started!There will be two sessions, one for municipal staff and one for boards and elected officials that will provide an overview of the strategic planning process from the perspective of the elected official, and the other will do so from the staff perspective. Both will discuss the main steps in the strategic planning process, the pros and cons of strategic planning, and how each step leads to a desired organizational change. Participants will practice development of a GÇ£mockGÇ¥ strategic plan to experience the strategic planning process.