Cities by Charter Form

This page contains a listing of Tennessee cities grouped by form of government. Click on the twistee () to the left of a charter form to collapse or expand a listing of cities within that grouping.Additional City Information
Charter FormCities by CountyCity OfficialsElection Dates
Fax NumbersMeeting TimesPopulationWebsites
Show details for General Law Manager-Commission - 47 CitiesGeneral Law Manager-Commission - 47 Cities
Show details for General Law Mayor-Alderman - 67 CitiesGeneral Law Mayor-Alderman - 67 Cities
Show details for General Law Modified Manager-Council - 2 CitiesGeneral Law Modified Manager-Council - 2 Cities
Show details for Home Rule - 14 CitiesHome Rule - 14 Cities
Show details for Metropolitan Government - 3 CitiesMetropolitan Government - 3 Cities
Show details for Private Act - 212 CitiesPrivate Act - 212 Cities

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