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Please review the Policies and Procedures for the CMFO Program before registering.

Important information for CMFOs. The State of Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury Division of Local Government Audit has provided important information for anyone who wants to enter the CMFO program and also how to maintain the CMFO certification once it has been awarded. | Instructions and information. | Important memo concerning compliance with the CMFOA Act of 2007.
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The Certified Municipal Finance Officer (CMFO) is a certification program offered by MTAS. It is an 11-course program that includes an exam at the end of each course. Courses are offered in a sequence beginning with the "Government Environment." Courses are offered approximately every month in several locations across the state. Each course is a day-long event beginning at 8:00 AM. This program can be completed in one calendar year.

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The Municipal Finance Officer Certification and Education Act of 2007 (Act), as passed by the Tennessee General Assembly, requires each municipality to have in its employ a Certified Municipal Finance Officer (CMFO) by a specified date. The legislation also provided an alternative for cities with gross annual revenues of $500,000 or less and $500,000 or less in outstanding debt. These cities are given the option to have an employee complete 24 hours of qualifying continuing education each year. These cities may also elect to send an employee through the CMFO program.

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