Trace: Archived MTAS Publications

Looking for a former MTAS publication?

Former publications have all been archived in Trace for your reference. While these older are NOT current, you will find them within the University of Tennessee's TRACE system as MTAS reference material. Please understand that the material has been archived because it has replaced with more current information on that topic.

Where to Find Current MTAS Resources?
In 2013, the MTAS Online Resource (MORe) database was created to replace the "publication" format for information that MTAS prepares for cities in Tennessee. It contains MTAS information previously produced in a our many publications such as the Municipal Handbook, Records Management, Drug Fund, Municipal Budgets and more.

Please explore MORe here: http://mtasresource.mtas.tennessee.edu/

Additional MTAS produced sample documents and reports are available in the MTAS Knowledgebase here: http://www.mtas.tennessee.edu/web2012.nsf/Web/Knowledgebase+ByTitle

Last Updated 03/07/2017

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