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Safety Boot Reimbursement for Employees: A Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library
Safety Incentive Survey Program
Safety Policies Survey
Safety Policy
Safety Program Director
Salaries for Municipal Judges with General Sessions Jurisdiction
Salary Increase for the Board of Mayor and Aldermen
Salary Increase for the Mayor During His Present Term of Office
The Sale and Regulation of Beer
Sale Hours for Beer and Alcohol
Sale of Alcoholic Beverages, Including Beer, on Election Day
Sale of Beer by Municipalities
Sale of Beer Within the City
Sale of Confiscated Property: Revenue Disposition
Sale of Food at Special Events
Sale of Surplus Property
Sales Hours of Peddlers
Sales Tax and Transient Vendors Permit Relative to Special Events
Sales Tax on Merchandise Sold by City at an Annual Festival
Sample Building Dedication Policy
Sample City Code Provisions Restricting the Number of Alcoholic Beverage Permits
Sample Codes of Conduct for Public Safety
Sample Criminal Background Check Policy
Sample Demolition by Neglect Ordinances
Sample Disciplinary Policy for Fire Departments
Sample Fire Department Physical Ability Test
Sample Fire Department Risk Management SOP
Sample Fire Department Social Media Policy
Sample Forms for Contraband Weapons to Be Titled to the Police Department and Exchanged or Sold by the Police Department
Sample Language for Workers' Compensation
Sample Personnel Forms to Download
Sample Petition and Court Order to Destroy Confiscated Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia
Sample Policies for Background Checks
Sample Policy for the Wearing of the Fire Department Dress Uniform by Retired Members
Sample Policy for Transgender Use of Restroom Facilities
Sample Purchasing Ordinances
Sample Rejection Letters
Sample Resolution Adopting a Public Records Policy
Sample Respiratory Protection Program Template
Sample RFPs for Collection Agency Services
Sample RFPs for Managed Information Technology Services
Sample RFPs for Vending Services
Sample Skateboarding Ordinances
Sample SOP/SOG for Forced Entry into Unoccupied and Secured Properties
Sample Tobacco and Electronic/Vapor Cigarettes Policy
Sample Volunteer Firefighter Shift Staffing Policy
Samples of City Codes Regarding Chickens
Samples of City Codes Regulating Noise Decibels
Samples of Fowl and Chicken Regulations in Tennessee Cities
Sample/Draft Unbiased Policing Policy
Schedule of Capital Assets
School Consolidation Salaries
School Zone Issues: The Town of Trezevant
Scotts Hill, Tennessee, Fire Management Study
Search of City Employee's Office by Mayor
Second Developer Tapping into Line Extension
SECOPA 2011: Waste to Energy Options for Local Governments
Secretary, Public Works, Maintenance
Securing the Closing of a Street
Selected City Codes Regulating Livestock and Fowl for the City of Ethridge, Tennessee
Selecting a Police Officer in a Closed Meeting Held Without Public Notice
Selling Beer in Establishments with Pool Tables: A Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library
Selling Liquor by the Drink
Selling Police Dog to Handler
Selling the Right of Way to a Street
Senior Accounting Clerk
Senior Administrative Secretary
Senior Clerk
Senior Data Entry Operator
Senior Director Human Resources and Policy Compliance
Senior EEO/Labor Relations Specialist
Senior Internal Auditor
Senior Planner
Service Department Supervisor
Service Order Clerk
Serving City Warrants Outside the City for Municipal Ordinance Violations Committed Within the City
Setting a City'sTax Rate Before Adopting Budget
Setting a Split Tax Rate in Municipalities Located in More Than One County When the Counties Have Different Reappraisal Cycles
Setting Differential Tax Rates Favoring Greenbelt Property
Setting Up a Municipal Court
The Seven Deadly Sins of Fire Departments
Seven Questions Relative to Beer Regulation
Several Questions about City Council Procedures
Severance Package Contract with a City Manager
Severance Taxes
Sevierville Early Retirement Data
Sewer Collection Ordinance
Sewer Lift Station Safety Procedure Survey
Sewer Rate Study
Sewer Service Availability
Sewer System for Subdivision
Sewer Tap Fees
Sewer Tap Fees and Sewer Extensions
Sexual Harassment Ordinance
Shelby County Trustee Property Tax Proposal
Shelbyville Power, Water, & Sewage System F/Y 2004-2005 Budget
Sheriff's Legal Obligation to Accept Prisoners
Shift Fire Training Officer
Sick Leave at Retirement Survey (Non-TCRS)
Sick Leave Bank
Sick Leave Banks: A Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library for the City of Murfreesboro
Signal Mountain Delinquent Utility Bills Survey
Signal Mountain MACC Strategic Plan
Signal Mountain MACC Updated Strategic Plan
Signal Mountain Strategic Plan
Significant Statutory Provisions and Case Law Affecting Liability of Governmental Entities, Engineers, and Developers for Drainage
Skateboard Ordinance
Skateboard, Roller Skates and Coasters Ordinance
Skilled Laborer
Slum Clearance and Garbage Rates
Smithville Drug Testing
Smoke Detector Placement and Installation
Smyrna Community Services, Town Centre, and Golf Course
Smyrna Parks and Recreation Department Study
Sneedville Fire Resolution for Minimum Training Standards for Firefighters
Social Media Policies
Solar Ordinance
Solemnization of Marriages in Tennessee
Solicitation Roadblocks
Solid Waste Collection Contract
Solid Waste Disposal Agreement and Request for Proposals for Solid Waste Disposal Service
Solid Waste Disposal Fees
Solid Waste Transfer Station
Solid Waste/Transfer Stations Survey
Sparta, Tennessee, Fire Management Study
Special Event Regulations and Forms
Special Meetings Requirements for the Ratification of Private Acts
Specifications and Bid Document For Recreation Equipment and Installation of Same
Specifications for a Four-Wheel Drive Front-End Loader
Specifications for a Trailer-Mounted Leaf Loader
Specifications for a Zero-Turn Rotary Mower
Speed Bumps
Speed Limits in and Around Schools
Splitting the Authority to Operate the Parks and Recreation System Between the Recreation Commission and the Board of Mayor and Aldermen
Splitting Work into Components to Circumvent Competitive Bid Requirements
Sprinklers for Nursing Homes
Staffing Levels for Police Departments
State Aid Resolution
State DOT Authorized to Pay Full Costs of Utility Relocations
State Law Regarding the Regulation of the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages by the City
State of Tennessee Standard Chart of Accounts: Classification by Fund, Function, & Object
State Street Aid Fund
State Traffic Offenses and Rules of the Road Ordinance
Status of a Beer Permit Issued to a Person Now Deceased
Status of a Letter of Credit
Statutory Construction: Conflicting Statutes/ More Specific Statute Given Effect
Statutory Exception Regarding the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages
Storm Cleanup Agreement
Stormwater Coordinator
Stormwater Fees, Ordinance Enforcement Options, and Other Special Stormwater Issues
Stormwater Management Program
Stormwater Program Coordinator
Stormwater Technician
Stormwater Technician Series
Strategic Plan for the City of Winchester
Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning Retreat
Strategic Planning Retreat Report, City of Harriman, Tennessee
Street Closure
Street Excavation Ordinance
Street Issues
Streets, Sanitation and Parks, Superintendent
Structure and Powers of the City's Utility Board
Study Session Agenda
Subdividing and Selling City Land
Subdivision Created by Division of Land Created by Road Construction
Subdivision Regulations
Subdivision Storm Sewer Pipes: A Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library
Substance Abuse Survey in Parks and Recreation
Suggested Operating Procedures of the Williamson County Rescue Squad
Suggestions for Downtown Parking
Sullivan County, Bluff City, Kingsport (SBK) Animal Services Examination 2016
Sullivan County/Kingsport Animal Services Study
Summary of 2017 Public Acts
Summary of a Classification/Compensation Plan
Summary of Research on the Use of Compressed Schedules by Police Agencies
Summary of the Distribution of State Sales and Use Tax
Summary of the Incorporation Process
Sunshine Law
Superintendent of Building Construction and Maintenance
Superintendent of Stores
Superintendent of Water and Sewer
Support Services Manager
Surrender of a City Charter
Survey of Charter Provisions Regarding Vacancies on Council
Survey of City Managers with Employment Contracts
A Survey of the Tennessee Personnel Management Association
Survey Results on Various Personnel Topics
Suspending a Driver's License
Suspending or Firing the Present City Attorney
Swimming Pool Regulations
Take Home Police Vehicles: A Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library
Taking Over or Providing Maintenance for the Decherd Cemetery
Taking the License of a Person Between the Ages of 18-21 -- for the Purchase of Beer
Tap Fees in Selected Tennessee Cities
Tattoo Policies
Tax Incentives to Tenants in an Industrial Park
Tax Treatment of Payments by Cities to Employees on Active Duty as a Reservist or Member of the National Guard
TDOT Contracts
Telephone Franchise Regulation
Temporarily Closing Certain Streets
Temporary and Special Beer Permit Ordinances
Temporary Appointment of a City Attorney by the Mayor
Temporary Beer Permits
Temporary Traffic Control Devices under MUTCD
Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development: Employer's First Report of Work Injury or Illness
Tennessee Department of Safety General Order 410-1 Sobriety Checkpoints
Tennessee Fire Department Needs Assessment Survey
Tennessee Fire Mortality Study
Tennessee Fire Service Emergency Response Plan
Tennessee Municipal Benchmarking Project FY2002
Tennessee Municipal Benchmarking Project FY2003
Tennessee Municipal Benchmarking Project FY2004
Tennessee Municipal Benchmarking Project FY2005
Tennessee Municipal Benchmarking Project FY2006
Tennessee Municipal Benchmarking Project FY2007
Tennessee Municipal Benchmarking Project FY2008
Tennessee Municipal Benchmarking Project FY2009
Tennessee Municipal Benchmarking Project FY2010
Tennessee Municipal Benchmarking Project FY2011
Tennessee Municipal Benchmarking Project FY2012
Tennessee Municipal Benchmarking Project FY2013
Tennessee Municipal Benchmarking Project FY2014
Tennessee Municipal Benchmarking Project FY2015
Tennessee Municipal Benchmarking Project FY2016 (Annual Report)
Tennessee Municipal Growth Policy Survey
Term Limits Applied to Appointments to Certain Boards
Terminating and Rehiring a City Manager during a Board of Commissioners Meeting
Terminating Employees and Rehiring Them at a Lower Wage
Terminating the Utility Board Superintendent
Terms of Appointed Aldermen and Election of Replacements
Testing Standards, Salary Survey, and Retirement Insurance
Third Needs Assessment of the U.S. Fire Service: Tennessee
Thirty Ways to Leave Incivility Behind and to Improve Governing Body Discussion
Threats and Violence Policy : Sample
Three Star Fire Department: Revised SOGs April 2007
Ticket Splitting
Tips for New Board Members
Title VI Compliance Manual
Tobacco-Free Workplace Survey
Tort Liability at Railroad Crossing Improvements
TOSHA Fire Service Inspection Checklist
Towing Regulations
Towing Service
Town Center Manager
Town of Alexandria Annexation Study
Town of Baileyton City Recorder/CMFO
Town of Baxter, Tennessee 2005-2006 Budget Goal Setting Session
Town of Carthage Excavation Safety Policy
Town of Greeneville Organizational Structure Study
Town of New Market Policy on the Use of Fuel Cards
Town of Petersburg Recreation Commission By-Laws
Town of South Carthage, Tennessee: An Ordinance Amending Title 4, Chapter 2 of the South Carthage Municipal Code
Town of Woodbury : An Ordinance Amending Title 16, -- Section 109 of the Woodbury Municipal Code
Tracking Municipal Vehicles Survey
Traffic Calming
Traffic Engineer
Training Requirement for Planning Commissioners and Staff
Transfer of Beer License
Transient Merchants
Transportation Director
Travel Expenses Paid Directly to Provider
Tree on City Street Right of Way
Tri-County Water and Wastewater Treatment Authority
Truck Driver Operator
TTY (Text Telephone) Equipment Survey
A Tuition Reimbursement Plan
Tullahoma Fire Department Standard Operating Procedures 2008
Turnout Gear at Vehicle Accidents
TVA Power Contracts
TWA and Local Zoning of Cell Towers
Types and Staffing of Fire Departments
Unauthorized Raises
Unconstitutional Requirements of Candidacy
Unconstitutional Since 1953 to Incorporate Municipalities by Private Act
Unemployment Insurance for Volunteer Firefighters
Unemployment on Temporary Workers
Unified Communications Agreement Addendum
Uniforms, Safety, and Public Image
The University of Tennessee Municipal Technical Advisory Service's Recommended Guidance to the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation's Minimum Monitoring Requirements for NPDES MS4 Program Effectiveness and Compliance
Unpaid Military Leave and 401K Contributions: an MTAS Survey
Updating Personnel Safety and Health Issues in the Municipal Code
Urban Forester
Urban Forester
Urban Forestry Workshop Course Material
Use of a Committee System
Use of Adequate Facilities Tax Revenues
Use of Beer License By a Person Other Than the License Holder
Use of Brass Knuckles
Use of Camcorders/Video Cameras in City Council Meetings
Use of City Funds to Advocate for an Outcome in a Referendum on Metropolitan Government
Use of City Vehicles
Use of County Law Enforcement Services in the Absence of a Municipal Police Force
Use of Funds from Increased Garbage Collection Fees
Use of Profits from Vending Machines in Municipal Buildings
Use of the City Drug Fund
Use of the Semi-Colon under the Rules of Statutory Construction
Use of Vehicles Owned by the Police Department
Using a Utility Service Applicant's Credit Report to Determine Amount of Utility Deposit
Using City Hall to Solicit Charitable Contributions
Using County's Bid Prices in City
Using Inmates and Probationers for Public Service Work Projects
Using Sick Leave to Supplement Workers' Compensation Benefits
Using Special Assessments for Sidewalk Construction
Using Tax Increment Financing in Tennessee
Utilities and Public Works, Director
Utilities Crew Chief
Utilities Distribution and Collection Supervisor
Utilities Must Charge Reasonable Rates
Utilities Superintendent
Utility Board Residency Requirement
Utility Board Setting Water and Wastewater Rates
Utility Board Setting Water Rates
Utility Cuts - City Street Repair Policy for the City of Athens
Utility Extension Policies: Who Pays?
Utility Extensions
Utility Operating with 3 Member Commission
Utility Rate Breaks for the Elderly
Utility Systems and In Lieu of Tax Payments
Utility Worker
Utility Worker Helper
Vacancies in Office
Vacant and Unsafe Structures SOP
Vanleer Volunteer Fire Department Handbook for 2012
Various Issues Faced by City Court Judges
Veterans' Preference Survey Results
Veterans Differential Pay
Vice-Mayor's Elevation to Mayor
Vicious Dog Ordinance
Vicious Dogs
Viewing Investigative Records in Open Criminal Cases
Violations of the Open Meetings and Open Records Laws by the City
Volunteer Fire Dept. Ordinance
Volunteer Firefighter
Volunteer Firefighter Minimum Performance Standards and Incentives
Volunteer Firefighters and ISO Rating
Volunteer Firefighters and the Line-of-Duty Death Payment
Volunteer Firefighters Compensation Survey
Volunteer Firemen (and Other Volunteers) Running for Local Office
Volunteer Receiving Health Benefits and Dust Control
Volunteer Workers at a Golf Course
Voting in City Elections by Non-Resident Property Owners
Voting in City Elections by Non-Residents Who Own Property in the City Limits
Voting in City Elections by People Who Reside Outside, But Who Own Property Inside the City
Voting in Municipal Elections

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