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Oak Hill 2020 Neighborhood Meetings: Report to the Commission
Oath of Office for a Codes Inspector
Oath of Office for Municipal Planning Commission Members
Obese Employee Is Unable to Perform the Major Functions of the Job
Obligation of Mayor to Countersign Payroll Checks
Obligation of Town to Honor Renewal Provision in a Lease
Obligation to Stabilize Riverbank and Street
Obtaining Credit Reports for Police & Fire Applicants: An MTAS Survey
Obtaining Utility Payments from a Bankrupt Mobile Home Court
Off-Duty Responsibility of Police Officers
Off-Premises Beer Sales Ordinance
Office Efficiency Review
Office Manager
Office Manager
On-Line Training Survey
On Premise Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages
On Premise Liquor and Beer Hours with Privilege Tax Statute
One-Way Street in Front of School
One Way Street Ordinance
Oneida and Winfield Collection System
Onsite Medical Clinic Survey Results
Open-Air Fires and Unattended Fires
Open Burning Ordinance
Open Meetings Act Question
Open Meetings Law and Discussions Among the Board
Opening Mail by Municipal Offices and Officers
Options for Funding Stormwater System Improvements
Oral Interview Questions for Entry Level Firefighter
An Ordinance Abandoning Part of a City Street in Smithville
An Ordinance Abolishing the Beer Board
Ordinance Adopting by Reference State Traffic Offenses and Rules of the Road
Ordinance Adopting Personnel Policies and Procedures
An Ordinance Adopting Regulations for Extending Sewer Services
An Ordinance Adopting State Misdemeanor Laws as Offenses Against the Peace and Dignity of the City
An Ordinance Adopting the Annual Budget and Tax Rate
An Ordinance Adopting the International Building Code
An Ordinance Adopting the Property Tax Freeze Program
Ordinance Amending Historic Zoning Regulations
An Ordinance Amending the Beer Ordinance Regulating the Sale of Beer
An Ordinance Amending the Decherd Municipal Code Title 8, Chapter 2, Beer, Sections as Indicated
Ordinance Amending the Fiscal Year Budget
Ordinance Amending the Fiscal Year Budget
Ordinance Amending Title 15, Chapter 6 of the Municipal Code of the Town of Dandridge to Establish Two Hour Parking Limits on Designated Streets and at Designated Times
An Ordinance Amending Title 1, General Administration of the Town of Kimball Municipal Code by Adding Chapter 4, City Board Meetings
An Ordinance Amending Travel Policies
Ordinance and Certificate of Compliance for Selling Package Liquor
Ordinance Authorizing Employees of the Town of Centerville to Contribute Accumulated Sick Leave to Employees Who Have Experienced Serious Illness or Injury and Regulating Such Contributions
Ordinance Changing the Official Depository of City Funds
An Ordinance Contracting the Town Limits of Palmer, Tennessee
Ordinance Correcting Minor Errors
Ordinance Creating a Library Board
An Ordinance Designating the City Officials Authorized to Declare a State of Emergency
An Ordinance Disbanding the Town of Oakdale Fire Department
An Ordinance Enacting an Ethics Policy
An Ordinance Establishing a Code of Conduct for Participants and Spectators Using City of Loudon Recreation Facilities or Services
An Ordinance Establishing a Debt Policy for the Town of Gruetli-Laager, Tennessee
An Ordinance Establishing a Driver Education Course and Providing for Its Operation
An Ordinance Establishing a Driver Education Program
Ordinance Establishing a Fire Department for the City of Columbia, Tennessee, and Repealing Title 7 Chapter 1 of the Columbia Municipal Code
An Ordinance Establishing a Processing Fee and Other Charges for Utility Customers Paying with Credit or Debit Cards
An Ordinance Establishing a Public Arts Commission
An Ordinance Establishing a Vehicle and Equipment Replacement Program (three versions)
An Ordinance Establishing an Office of Administrative Hearing Officer
An Ordinance Establishing City Court Costs
An Ordinance Establishing Compensation for Members of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen
An Ordinance Establishing Procedures and Requirements for the Carrying of Pagers or Other Electronic Communications Devices
An Ordinance Establishing Regulations for Mobile Vendors
Ordinance Establishing Robert's Rules of Order
Ordinance Establishing Rules and Regulations at the Samburg Ball Park
An Ordinance Establishing Speed Limits in a Certain Area
An Ordinance Establishing Standards and Limits Regarding the Adjustment of Utility Bills Due to Leaks and Filling Pools
Ordinance Establishing the Ability and Procedure for Nonresident Property Owners to Vote
An Ordinance Establishing the Position of City Administrator
Ordinance for Removal of Vegetation and Debris from Overgrown and Dirty Lots
Ordinance in Conflict with Charter and General Law
Ordinance Increasing Membership in Municipal Planning Commission
An Ordinance Increasing the Local Option Sales Tax from 1.75% to 2.75% in the Town of Woodbury, Tennessee
An Ordinance Increasing the Local Option Sales Tax from 2.25% to 2.75% in the Town of Estill Springs, Tennessee
An Ordinance Increasing the Pay for the Office of Aldermen of the City of Sparta, Tennessee
An Ordinance Levying a Litigation Tax for the City of Cowan, Tennessee.
An Ordinance of the City of Clinton, Tennessee Amending Title 11, Chapter 2 Pertaining to Alcohol
An Ordinance of the City of Cowan Designating the City Council as the Beer Board
An Ordinance of the City of Harrogate, Tennessee Providing for the Licensing and Regulation of Massage Parlors
An Ordinance of the City of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Eliminating the Requirement for a Public Hearing When Amending the City's Personnel Policies
An Ordinance of the City of Rutherford, Tennessee to Prohibit the Practice of Nepotism in the Recruitment or Employment of Municipal Employees
An Ordinance of the Town of Monterey, Tennessee, Prohibiting Heavy Truck Traffic
An Ordinance of the Town of Sneedville Relative to the Establishment of a General Curfew for Minors
An Ordinance of the Town of Sneedville, Tennessee, Prohibiting Heavy Truck Traffic
Ordinance Opting Out of Mandatory Planning Commission Training
Ordinance Passed on Second Reading in Violation of Rules of Procedure
An Ordinance Pertaining to the Location Restriction of Stores Selling Alcoholic Beverages at Retail
Ordinance Pertaining to the Maximum Amount for Purchases Without Public Advertisement and Competitive Bidding
An Ordinance Prescribing the Powers and Duties of the City Administrator
An Ordinance Prohibiting Animals or Skateboards on the Tusculum Linear Trail Project
Ordinance Prohibiting Heavy Vehicle Traffic on Most Streets
An Ordinance Prohibiting Horses on Public Trails and Sidewalks
Ordinance Prohibiting Placing Leaves within the Storm Sewerage System
Ordinance Providing for Private Collection of Bulk Refuse
Ordinance Providing for the Maintenance of Public Street Rights-of-Ways Abutting Private Property within the City
Ordinance Providing for the Use of a Collection Agency to Collect Unpaid Fines Owed to the City
Ordinance Publication Requirement
Ordinance Regarding the Regulation of Cats and Dogs
Ordinance Regarding Water and Sewer Main Extensions for the Town of Mountain City, Tennessee
An Ordinance Regulating Animal Waste
An Ordinance Regulating False Fire Alarms
An Ordinance Regulating False Fire Alarms
Ordinance Regulating Junk Vehicles
An Ordinance Regulating Junked Vehicles on Public and Private Property
An Ordinance Regulating Open Burning Within the City
An Ordinance Regulating the Discharge of Firearms Within the City
An Ordinance Regulating the Placement of Infectious Waste in Garbage Collection Containers
Ordinance Regulating the Placement or Construction of Buildings or Structures over Utility Mains and Stormwater Drains
An Ordinance Regulating the Sale, Distribution for Sale, and Manufacturing of Beer Within the Town of Woodbury
An Ordinance Repealing the Prohibition of Intoxicating Liquor Sales on Premise
Ordinance Repealing the Prohibition of Intoxicating Liquor Sales on Premise and Adopting a Privilege Tax on Retail Sale of Alcoholic Beverages for Consumption on the Premise
An Ordinance Requiring Vehicles to Stop for Pedestrians Who Are Crossing City Streets Where Lined and Marked Pedestrian Crossings Are Indicated
Ordinance Restricting Failed Motions from Reintroduction
Ordinance Submitting Certain Questions in Referendum
Ordinance Summons Form
An Ordinance Terminating City-Provided Refuse Collection Services
Ordinance to Adopt a Code of Ethics
Ordinance to Adopt the International Building Code
An Ordinance to Adopt Wastewater Regulations
An Ordinance to Allow for the Partial Payment of Real Property Taxes
An Ordinance to Amend the Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy of the Town of Bluff City, Tennessee by Adding Sworn Police Officers to the List of Those Who May Be Randomly Tested
Ordinance to Amend the Meeting Time for the Board
An Ordinance to Amend Title 13, Chapter 1, of the Cleveland Municipal Code by Adding Thereto a New Section 13-107
Ordinance to Change the Town Election Date
An Ordinance to Change the Town of Bulls Gap Elections to Staggered Four-Year Terms of Office
An Ordinance to Control the Operation of Vehicles for Hire in the City of Erwin
Ordinance to Create a Class of Beer Permits Which Can Be Granted to Caterers
An Ordinance to Establish a Charge for False Emergency Alarms
An Ordinance to Establish a Purchasing Policy for the City of Rutherford, Tennessee
An Ordinance to Establish Impound Lot Regulations and Fees for Impounded and/or Seized Vehicles
An Ordinance to Establish Parking Limits on Designated Streets and at Designated Times
An Ordinance to Establish Personnel Rules and Regulations -- for Employees of the Town of Dover, Tennessee
An Ordinance to Establish Refuse Collection Fees
An Ordinance to Establish Rules and Regulations for the Parks and Greenways of the City of Harrogate
An Ordinance to Establish Uniform Purchasing and Property Disposal Policies for the Town of Rutherford, Tennessee
An Ordinance to Increase the City Court Fees
Ordinance to Prohibit Large Vehicles from Entering/Exiting Intersection
An Ordinance to Provide for Order, Safety, and Tranquility in the Streets of the Town of New Tazewell During Parades
An Ordinance to Provide for Residential Garbage Collection -- Fees
An Ordinance to Provide Updated Personnel Policies and Procedures for the Town of Wartrace
An Ordinance to Raise the Sales and Use Tax in the City of Dunlap from 2.25% to 2.75% and to Request a Referendum of the People to Approve the Ordinance
Ordinance to Regulate Junked Vehicles
An Ordinance to Regulate Junked Vehicles on Public and Private Property
Ordinance to Repeal and Amend a Portion of ... the Personnel Policy Regarding Workers' Compensation
Ordinance to Temporarily Continue the Budget
An Ordinance to Vacate a Part or All of a Street
Ordinance Violation and Appeal as a Civil Rather Than Criminal Proceeding
Ordinances to Increases the Number of Aldermen and to Change the Election Date
Organizational Retreat for Parks and Recreation Department
Organizational Structure of Municipal Public Works Departments
Orientation Workshop Agenda
OSHA Foot Protection Requirements
Ouster of Commissioner
Out-of-Rank/Class Pay Survey
Outdoor Display of Works of Art on City-Owned Property
Outside Utility Rate Discrimination
Overdue Parking Violations Notice Letter and Statute
Overpayment of Fines, Taxes, and Costs to Municipal Courts
Overriding the Decision of the Beer Board to Grant a Beer Permit
Overtime Compensation for E-911 Dispatchers
Overtime Compensation for Police Chief under FLSA
Overtime Compensation for Training Time for Police Officers
Overtime Compensation Response Summary Report
Overtime in Winchester
Overtime Pay in a Holiday-Shortened Workweek
Overturning the Decision of the City Manager in Demoting the Police Chief
Overweight Trucking Permit Systems : a Telephone Survey Conducted by the -- MTAS LIbrary
Package Liquor v. Liquor by the Drink
Pain Management Clinic Ordinance
Pain Management Clinic Ordinance
Pain Management Clinics Ordinance Worksession
Panhandling Ordinance, City of Orlando
Park Maintenance Specialist I Greenhouse/Chemicals
Park Rules and Regulations (Renton, WA)
Parking Lot/Walking Trail Sealcoat & Pavement Marking Projects
Parking Meters
Parks and Recreation Budgets and Number of Employees: A Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library for the City of Winchester
Parks and Recreation Director
Parks and Recreation Director (1)
Parks and Recreation Director (2)
Parks and Recreation Funding and Staffing: A Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library for the Town of Smyrna
Partial Payments of Property Taxes and Citations
Participation of the Volunteer Fire Department in a Fund Raising Project
Passing a Resolution Authorizing Volunteers to Provide Fire Protection Within the City Limits
Passing Regulations on Structures and Excavations in Street Rights-of-Way
Passing Weight Limits on City Streets
Paving Eight Streets under a Bid for the Reconstruction of Another Street
Pay Plan Issues and Salary Adjustments
Paying City Commission Members for Serving on Beer Board
Paying for New Court Software
Paying for Relocation of City-Owned Utility Lines
Paying Interest on Contractor's Performance Bonds Deposited in Cash and Taking up Business Not Contained in the City Council Agenda
Payment in Lieu of Medical Insurance Benefits for Board Members
Payment of In Lieu of Taxes by a Municipal Water System
Payroll Taxes for a Severance Payment
Pedestrian Crossing Policies and Guidelines
Pension and Health Insurance Benefits Survey
Pension Benefits for Rehired or Elected Employees
Performance Appraisal Sample Documents
Performance Correction Notice
Performance Evaluation Survey
Performance Evaluation Survey
Performance Evaluation/Staff Development Form for Employees in Non-exempt Classifications.
Performing a Marriage Ceremony
Performing Criminal Background Checks on Potential Employees
Permanent Utility Easement and Temporary Construction Easement
Permitting Fire Department Pumpers to Connect to Hydrants During a Fire
Personal Interest Disclosure Form
Personal Property Taxes in Maryville
Personnel Authority of City Judges
Personnel Information Form
Personnel Powers of City Manager v. Council
Phase II Report Form Model
Physical Agility Testing and Holiday Time Off
Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Comprehensive Fire Protection Management Study
Pit Bull Ordinance
Pittman Center Purchasing Limits Ordinance
Placing Flashing Lights in School Zones
Plan of Service Provisions of Chapter 1101 Applied to a 1961 Annexation
Planner I
Planner II
Planning and Zoning Fees: MTAS Library Survey for Farragut
Planning and Zoning under Chapter 1101
Planning Commission Application and Review
Planning Commission Meeting Procedures
Planning Commission Members
Planning Commission Terms
Planning Committee Issues
Planning Director
Plant Operator Trainee
Police and Fire Department Annual Physical Exam Survey
Police Captain
Police Captain (1)
Police Captain (2)
Police Chief Resume Review Process
Police Department 12-Hour Shift Proposal
Police Department Accreditation Programs
Police Department Budget and Staffing: A Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library
Police Department Conducting a Forfeiture Sale
Police Department Staffing Levels and Budget Information in Selected Tennessee Cities
Police Department Staffing Levels for Tennessee Cities
Police Detective
Police Employee with Seizure Conditions
Police Feasibility Study : Town of Huntsville, Tennessee
Police Lieutenant
Police Major
Police Officer
Police Officer Certification
Police Officer Holiday Compensation: a Telephone Survey Conducted by -- the MTAS Library
Police Officer Oath
Police Officer Serving as Codes Enforcement Officer
Police Officer (1)
Police Officer (2)
Police Opening Locked Car Doors for Motorists
Police Record Clerks in Tennessee Cities
Police Records Staff Positions: A Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library
Police Sergeant
Police Uniforms/Uniform Allowances in Selected Tennessee Cities
Police Vehicle Replacement Standards: MTAS Library Survey
Police & Public Safety Fitness for Duty Testing 2010
Policies and Procedures for the Use of the Time Clock for Non-Exempt Employees
Policy Against Harassment and Bullying
Policy for Rehiring Former City Employees Survey
Policy Governing the Wearing of Tennis Shoes on the City's Track
Policy on Use of the City Attorney(s)
Political Activities of Local Government Employees
Political Sign Provisions in Sign Ordinance
Pool Room Regulations
Population Threshold for Package Stores and Liquor by the Drink
Possible Conflicts of Interests and Purchase of Property
Potential Conflict of Interest Between City Officials and Chamber of Commerce
Potential Conflict of Interest with a City Council Member and a State Grant That Would Help Improve His Property
Potential Liability of Municipality for Certain Solicitation Activities of Charitable or Civic Groups
Potential Removal of Officer Under Charter
Potential Tort Liability Due to a Street Design
Potentiality That an Insufficient Number of Candidates Will Qualify for the Open Board Seats
Power of Municipal Judge to Order Traffic Offender to Attend Specific Driver Safety Classes
Power of Subpoena
Powers of a Mayor Who Has the Power of General Supervision
Powers of the Mayor
Pre-Annexation Agreement between the City of Fayetteville, Tennessee, Fayetteville Public Utilities, and Lincoln County, Tennessee, for Sewer Improvements to Enhance Economic Development and Job Growth
Pre-Annexation Agreement between the City of Woodbury, Tennessee, and _____________ and Related Improvements to Be Constructed Thereto
Pre-Employment Testing of Clerical/Administrative Support Candidates
Pre-Existing Nonconforming Use Law Applied to Residential Mobile Homes
Pre-Paid Legal Survey
Preexisting Nonconforming Uses
Preventing Encroachment on the City Right of Way
Principal Clerk
Private Sewage Disposal Regulations
Probationary Employee Entitled to Pay for Military Leave
Procedures for Surrender of Charter
Process for Swearing-In the Mayor and Board
Procurement of Architect, Engineer, or Construction Services
Professional City Management Letter
Professional Privilege Tax Licensing Boards 2014: Professional Services Used by the State of Tennessee
Professional Services Rendered by Weightlifter
Prohibiting a Police Officer from Moonlighting as a Security Guard
Prohibiting by Ordinance the Broadcasting of Meetings of the City's Governing Body
Prohibiting Development of Private Property
Prohibiting the Practice of Hypnotism
Prohibiting Three Axle Vehicles on a Certain City Street
Prohibition Against Collective Bargaining
Project Administration Policies and Procedures
Project Checklist
Property Annexed Before and During Construction
Property Maintenance and Slum Clearance Ordinance
Property Maintenance Code Adoption
Property Maintenance Ordinance
Property Maintenance Ordinance
Property Maintenance Standards and Enforcement Recommendations
Property Maintenance Standards and Enforcement Recommendations
Property Maintenance Standards and Enforcement Recommendations
Property Rights in Employment
Property Rights of Members of Utility Boards
Property Standards Inspector I
Proposal for Limited Law Enforcement Services
Proposed 12-inch Water Main, Chesterfield Avenue and Blair Boulevard: A Construction Project
Proposed Adoption of a Sales Tax Increase
Proposed Annexation along Highway 321
Proposed Debt Policy Review for Chattanooga
Proposed Gift of Real Property from County School Board to City
Proposed Handbill Ordinance
Proposed Moratorium on Rezoning City-Owned Property
Proposed Planned Unit Development (PUD) for a Mobile Home Park
Proposed Rezoning of Certain Property
Propriety of a Municipality Donating Money to a Religious Cause in Return for "Free" Counseling Services to Police Officers and Firefighters
Pros and Cons of Home Rule Charters in Tennessee
Protecting Fire Department Infrastructure
Protection of Single-Wide Mobile Homes as a Pre-Existing Nonconforming Use
Providing City Water Service Inside a Utility District's Service Area
Providing for a Referendum on Property Tax Increases
Providing Health Insurance to the City Attorney
Providing Police Services After Authorizing Liquor by the Drink
Proxy Voting by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen
Public Art Policy and Procedures
Public Arts Sample Contracts
Public Building, Infrastructure, and Facility Naming Policy
Public Defender
Public Employee Owning a Retail Liquor Store
Public Notice and Budget for the City of Townsend
Public Property Naming
Public Purpose Doctrine
Public Relations Coordinator
Public Safety Officer
Public Safety Retirement Plan Survey
Public Services Department Organization Chart
Public Works Contract Requirements
Public Works Department Model SOP Outline
Public Works Director
Public Works Facility Ribbon Cutting
Public Works General Supervisor
Public Works Organizations and Staffing Levels
Public Works Performance Evaluation Forms
Public Works Permit Applications
Public Works Project Constructed by Civic Group
Public Works Supervisor
Publishing the Entire Legal Description or Summary of Certain Property to Be Rezoned in a Notice of Public Hearing Advertisement
Purchase by Councilmember Through City
Purchasing Assistant
Purchasing Card Policy
Purchasing Card Procedures for the City of Franklin, Tennessee
Purchasing Law and Sales Tax Liability
Purchasing Manager
Purchasing Specialist
Purchasing Used Police Vehicles
Purchasing without Bidding from the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA)
Purging of the Local Election Rolls
Question on Open Burning
Questions About Amending a Proposed Ordinance Between Readings and the Secretary of the Planning Commission
Questions about NIMS (National Incident Management System)
Questions Arising When No City Manager Is Currently Serving
Questions on Beer Permits and Brown-Bagging
Questions on Businesses Selling Liquor
Questions on Cable Service
Questions on Capital Outlay Notes
Questions on City Streets
Questions Related to Overtime Compensation
Questions Related to Workers' Compensation
Quorum and Override Provisions
Quorum Issues
Quorum with Mayor
Quorum, Tie Votes, and Roberts Rules
Raising the Number of On-Premise Beer Permits
Ratifying Additional Salaries Illegally Paid to City Council Members in Lieu of Insurance
Real Estate Signs in an Historical District
Reappointing the City Recorder
Reasonable Accommodation
Reasonable Accommodations for Firefighter with Service Dog
Reasonable Court Costs
Reasonableness of Plan of Services
Recording Abstentions in the Minutes of Meetings
Records Clerk / Dispatcher
Records Management Plan, Manual, and Resolution
Records Retention for Police In-Car Video Systems and Body-Worn Cameras
Recovering the Cost of Emergency Fire Calls
Recovery of Illegally Disposed of City Real Property
Recovery of Utility Extension Costs Front-Ended by Developers
Recreation Advertisements
Recreation Aide
Recreation Center Attendant (1)
Recreation Center Attendant (2)
Recreation Centers
Recreation Maintenance Superintendent
Recreation Program Coordinator
Recreation Specialist
Recyclables Disposal
Recycling Program Costs in Selected Tennessee Cities
Reducing Potential Conflicts of Interest in the City Charter and Adding Charter Provisions Related to Civil Rights
Reduction of Health Benefits by the Utility Board
Referenda on Bond Issues
Referendum on Annexation for One Voter
Referendum on Sales Tax
Refuse Collection Driver
Refuse Collector
Refuse Fees Based on Considerations Other Than the Cost of Providing the Service
Refuse/Sanitation Collection Survey
Regulating Day Trucks on City Streets
Regulating Hunting in the City by Private Act
Regulating Mailboxes in Rights-of-Way
Regulating Parking Through a Zoning Ordinance
Regulating the Exterior Appearance of Mobile Homes
Regulating the Minimum Size of a Residential Dwelling
Regulating the Weight and Route of Trucks Travelling on City Streets
Regulating Transient Vendors
Regulation of Cemeteries
Regulation of Hours for Sale of Beer
Regulation of the Opening and Closing Hours for the Sale of Beer on Sunday
Rehiring a Police Officer Who Resigned Earlier This Year
Reimbursing a Property Owner Who Has "Piped" and Covered the Natural Drainage Easement
Reimbursing Travel Expenses of Board Members
Rejecting Any And All Bids
Relationship of Volunteer Fire Department to the Town
Relative Personnel Powers of the Electric Power Board and the Water, Sewer, and Gas Board
Relative Powers of the Mayor and the Board of Aldermen in Personnel Matters
Relative Powers of the Utilities Board
Relocation of City Hall
Removal by City of Abandoned, Junked, or Wrecked Vehicles
Removal of Board and Commission Members for Excessive Absences
Removal of Members of Limited Purpose Appointed Boards and Commissions for the Purpose of Promoting Racial Balance
Removal of the City Attorney
Removal of the City Recorder Position
Removing an Alderman from the Office of Housing Authority Commissioner
Removing Police and Fire Chiefs from the Classified Service
Renting City Equipment and Raising the Salaries of City Commissioners
Repaving City Streets: A Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library for the City of Kingsport
Repealing the Prohibition of Manufacturing or Wholesaling Intoxicating Liquors
Replacing Fire Hose
Replacing the Mayor
A Report on Public Employee Unions in Tennessee
Report on the Carter County Tomorrow Strategic Planning Sessions
Report on the Dandridge 2004 Board and Staff Retreat
Report to the City of Bristol on Methods Used by Cities to Make Appointments to Advisory Boards
Request for Computer System Proposals
Request for Proposal Financial and Compliance Audit Bid Packet
Request for Proposal for Asphalt Paving
Request for Proposal for Financial Services (Generic)
Request for Proposal Group Health Plan
Request for Proposal Purchasing Cards
Request for Proposals Classification & Compensation Study Winchester Utilities Commission
Request for Proposals for Curbside Recycling, Transporting and Processing Services
Request for Proposals for Professional Realty Services
Request for Proposals for Real Estate Broker Services
Request for Proposal: Banking Services for City's Payroll Account
Request for Proposal: Operational Review Study
Request for Qualifications for City Attorney/Legal Services for the City of Sevierville, Tennessee
Request for Qualifications for City Attorney/Legal Services for the Town of Kingston Springs
Request for Qualifications: Energy Savings Performance Contracting Services
Requirement of an Annexation Study
Requirement That Vendors Pay Higher Fees and Post Bonds
Requirements for a Civil Warrant
Requirements for Making a Fire Chief Position a Salaried Position
Requiring a Certain Salvage Yard to Conform to the City's Zoning Ordinance
Requiring a Preexisting Nonconforming Use to Build a Fence around City Property
Requiring a State Park to Hook Onto the Town's Sewer Line If the Park Territory Was Annexed Into the Town
Requiring Additional Conditions after Tentative Plat Approval before Final Subdivision Plat Approval
Requiring an Employee to Sign an Agreement Releasing the City from Liability
Requiring Annexation as a Condition for Extending a Utility Outside the City
Requiring Developers to Construct Sidewalks in Developments in the County
Requiring Employees to Use Their Health Insurance to Pay for Physicals and Shots
Requiring Municipal Employees to be Residents of the City with a Grandfather Provision for Existing Employees
Requiring Property Owners to Build or Repair Sidewalks
Requiring Social Security Numbers for Utility Service
Requiring the User of Streets to Obtain a Bond to Cover Damages to the Streets
Rescinding an Appointment to the Utility Board
Residency and Ownership Limitations for a Retail Alcoholic Beverage License
Residency Requirement
Residency Requirement
Residency Requirement for an Alderman Whose Residence Sits Astride a Property Line
Residency Requirement for City Judge
Residency Requirement for Mayor and Aldermen
Residency Requirements and Resigning to Run for Office
Residency Requirements for Aldermen
Residency Requirements for City Officers and Employees
Residency Requirements for the Mayor
Residency Requirements for Utility Board Members
Residential Fire Sprinklers and ISO Increased Fire Flow Requirements for Large Homes
Resignation of Alderman
Resolution Accepting a Bid for Mowing Equipment and Authorizing the Execution of a Lease Agreement
A Resolution Accepting the Non-Smoker Protection Act
A Resolution Acknowledging the Fiery Gizzard Sportsman's Club
A Resolution Adding an Option to the City's Personnel Policy for Advertising Position Vacancies in the Local Newspaper and/or on the City's Website
Resolution Adopting a City Seal
A Resolution Adopting Board General Rules of Order
Resolution Authorizing a Credit Card in the Name of the Town of Jasper
A Resolution Authorizing and Establishing an Auxiliary Police Program
A Resolution Authorizing MTAS to Facilitate a Strategic Planning Session
Resolution Authorizing the City Recorder/Budget Officer to Transfer Moneys from One Appropriation to Another within the Same Fund
A Resolution Authorizing the Establishment of a Police Department
Resolution Changing the City's Purchasing Limit
A Resolution Concerning the Proposed Sale of the Cable Television Service
A Resolution Designating the City Administrator to Counter Sign Checks in the Absence or Disability of the Mayor or City Clerk
A Resolution Enacting a Web Design Work Scholarship Program
A Resolution Establishing a Fraud Action Plan for theTown of Mountain City, Tennessee
A Resolution Establishing a Mandatory Retirement Program for All Police Officers Who Have Attained the Age of Sixty-Two (62) Years of Age
A Resolution Establishing a Section 125 Cafeteria Plan for Employees
A Resolution Establishing a Uniform Policy on the Acceptance of Gifts and Other Donations by the Town of Rutherford
Resolution Establishing Expenditure Threshold for Capital Assets
A Resolution Establishing Rules and Procedures for Board of Mayor and Aldermen Meetings
Resolution Establishing the Use of an Interview Panel
Resolution Extending Group Medical Insurance Benefits to the Board of Commissioners
Resolution for Adventure Tourism
Resolution for Codification
Resolution Honoring Former Mayor for Distinguished Service
Resolution Naming a Veterans Facility
A Resolution of the Town of Pittman Center, Tennessee, Designating Signatures for the Issuance of Checks in Accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
A Resolution Providing for a Town Court Clerk
A Resolution Providing for an Emergency Interim Successor to the Town Mayor
A Resolution Ratifying an Amendment to the County Growth Plan
A Resolution Regarding the Sale of Intoxicating Liquors in Municipalities
A Resolution to Accept an Agreement for a Turn Lane
A Resolution to Adopt a Continuing Appropriation and Budget
A Resolution to Adopt a Youth Sports Concussion Policy
A Resolution to Adopt the National Incident Management System
Resolution to Amend Charter Regarding Election Date
Resolution to Create the Office of Administrator
A Resolution to Create the Position of Vice Mayor
Resolution to Enter into an Interlocal Agreement with the City of Lawrenceburg for the Joint and Cooperative Operation and Maintenance of a Public Library
A Resolution to Establish a Personnel Policy for the City of Goodlettsville, Tennessee
A Resolution to Establish Written Procedures for the Town of Selmer to Purchase Items at Publicly Advertised Auctions
A Resolution to Opt Out of the Statewide Building Codes
A Resolution to Remove the Municipality from the Application of Mandatory Allowance of the Manufacture of Alcoholic Beverages
Resolutions to Declare a Vacancy and to Fill an Unexpired Aldermanic Term
Responsibility for Correcting the Sinking Pavement along a Sewer Line
Responsibility of Rental Property Owner for City Utility Payments Left Unpaid by Tenant
Restricted Entry Access Systems
Restricting Bid Specifications to Name Brand Items
Restricting Parking on City Streets to Customers of Businesses
Restrictions on the Town Making Contributions to Nonprofit Organizations
Restrictive Zoning and Methadone Clinics
Retail Liquor Licenses Certificate of Compliance Determined by Lottery or Drawing
Retail Package Liquor Sales
A Retail Package Store Owned and Operated by a Municipality
Retiree Re-employment and Paperless HR Survey
Retro-Reflectivity Programs Survey: an MTAS Survey
Return to Work of Police Officer Who Has Been in a Detoxification Program
Returning a Share of the Sales Tax to the City
Reversing a Plat Approval Decision
Review of State Statutes on Libraries and a Limited Survey of Library Services in Tennessee Cities
Revitalizing the Downtown Area
Revoking Beer Permit for Gambling Offenses
Rezoning Question
RFP for Annual Fire Department Physicals
RFP for Automated Red Light Enforcement System
RFP for Building Demolition
RFP for Website Design and Maintenance
Right of a City to Demote or Dismiss a Police Chief
Right of a City to Sue a Carrier for Damages to City Streets
The Right of Cities to Monopolize Garbage Services
Right of City Attorney to be Sessions Judge
Right of City Council to Appoint and Terminate the City Judge
Right of City to Excavate Ditch Adjacent to City Street
Right of Entry Letter to Monitor Certain Streams
Right of Mayor to Veto Appointment by City Council of Person to Fill Vacancy in City Council
Right of Municipalities to Require Hook-Ups to the City Sewer System and/or Be Charged a Sewer Availability Fee
Right of Way Survey of Regional Cities
Rights-of-Way Management Ordinance
Rights and Powers of a County Library Board Member
Rights of Municipal Department Heads, Their Appointment and Removal
Ripley, Tennessee, Fire Station Location Study
Risk Manager Requests Personnel Records
Road Milling Machines: A Survey Conducted for the City of Cleveland
Robert's Rules of Order Workshop
Rounding Up the Certified Tax Rate
Rutherford County Correctional Work Center General Orders

Last Updated 08/18/2016

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