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Keeping Honey Bees in a Residential Area
Keeping the City Payroll Records Secret and Accepting the Resignation of an Aldermen
Keeping the Proceeds of Utility Overbillings
Kingsport City Manager Search Interview Training
Kingsport Code Enforcement Review
Kingsport, Tennessee, Fire Protection Management Study
Kingston Green Technology Committee Goals and Objectives
Kitchen Manager Working Chef
Knox County Term Life Insurance Services RFP
Labor Relations Manager/EEO Officer
Laboratory Technician
Laborer, Skilled
Lakeland, Tennessee, Fire Station Location Study
Landfill Application and Service Agreement
Landfill Operator
Landowner's Liability under Tennessee's Natural Flow Rule
Landscape Architect
Landscape Architect/Project Coordinator
Landscape Ordinance Manual
Landscape Planner / Horticulturist
Landscape Technician
Lateral Transfer Survey Results
Law Enforcement Off-Duty Employment, or Moonlighting
Laying a Motion on the Table While a Vote Is Being Taken
Lead Lineworker
The Learning Projects of Municipal Elected Officials: an Executive Summary
Lease Agreement for a City-Owned Building
Lease versus Purchase of Public Facilities: Pros and Cons
Lease with Airport and Appointment to Electric System Board
Leasing a Garbage Truck
Leasing of Municipal Cemeteries
Leave Accrual for Exempt and Non-Exempt Employees: an MTAS Survey
Leave Equivalency Schedules for Employees Working Different Schedules
Leave for Training Due to Voluntary Military Promotions
Leave Request Form
Lebanon Mayoral Powers Under City Charter
Legal Effect of Warning Signs
Legal Effect on the City for an Illegally Issued Building or Zoning Permit
Legal Fees and Court Costs of a City Employee
Legal Requirement for an Architect to Design Public Buildings
Legal Services Employment Agreement
Legality of a Business Owner to Put Iron Rods on the Edge of a Highway
Legality of a Christian Cross Located on Top of a Water Tower
Legality of a Combination Design-Build Contract
Legality of a Contract
Legality of a Garbage Contract by City with One Company
Legality of a Separation Allowance Made to a Police Officer
Legality of City-County Sales Tax Allocation Agreement
Legality of City Contracting with Utility District Water System to Collect City's Sewer Charges
Legality of City in Accepting a Certain Street
Legality of Fire Department Fees
Legality of Open-Ended Sales Tax Sharing Agreement with -- County
Legality of Requiring Police Officer Candidates to Move into the City If They Are Hired
Legality of the County Charging a Tipping Fee
Legality of Using a Facsimile Signature on a Check
Legality of Utility Service Contract Between State and City
Legality of Wrecker Ordinance
Legislation Creating MTAS
Length of Term of Members of the Utility Board Who Are Also Members of the City Council
Letter for Employee with Salary Issue
Letter of Employment
Levying an Amusement Tax
Levying Personal Property Taxes on Privately-Owned Property at the Airport
Levying Taxes to Fund the Operation of City Schools and the Methods of School Consolidation
Liability and Ownership of Sidewalks
Liability for Codes Inspections
Liability for Private Sprinkler Systems
Liability for Sewer Back-Ups
Liability of City Council for Mispaid Salaries
Liability of City for Damages under the Tennessee Governmental Tort Liability Act
Liability Questions
Library Staff In-Service Days: A Survey Conducted for the City of Harriman
Lien Use and Collection: A Survey Conducted for Chattanooga
Liens for Demolition and Clean Up
Liens for Slum Clearance and Clean Up
Limiting the Location of Beekeeping through Zoning
Line Supervisor
Liquor by the Drink Petition
Liquor Sales from a Liquor Store Drive-Up Window
Listing of Debts and Assets for GASB Compliance
Litigation Taxes
Live Fire Training by the Fire Department in Acquired Structures
Livingston's Community Visioning Process
Local Approval of General Laws of Local Application
Local Government Exemption Authorization
Local Option Sales Tax Revenue Sharing Agreements
Local Preference in Purchasing Policy
Local Sales Tax Rates for Tennessee Cities (April 1, 2017)
Locating an Interpreter
Location of a Cemetery
Longevity Pay Survey Results
Maintaining Health Insurance Coverage on a City Employee's Dependants While the Employee is on FMLA Leave
Maintaining the Appropriate Level of Unrestricted Fund Balance in the General Fund
Maintenance and Operation of Street Lighting on Interstate Highways
Maintenance Worker
Making a Motion Concerning an Item That Is Not on the Agenda
Making the Mayor Follow the Agenda
Management of City Parks
Managing the Drug Fund
Mandatory Retirement Age for Police and Firefighters
Mandatory Retirement for Public Safety Employees
Manufactured/Modular Homes
Marketing & Operations Manager
Maryville Police Department Home Fleet Program
Massage Parlor and Technicians Ordinance
Massage Parlor License Application
Master Patrolman Program
Material on the Regulation of Adult Bookstores
Maximum Fee For Bad Checks
Mayor's Appointment of Staff
Mayor's Authority Relative to the Authority of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.
Mayor's Compensation and COLA
Mayor's Obligation to Carry Out the Will of the Board
Mayor's Right to Make Motions and Speak on Matters before the City Council
Mayor's Right to Vote or Make Motions
Mayor's Salary
Mayor's Salary and COLA
Mayor's Salary and Compensation Are Not the Same Thing
Mayor's Voting in Planning Commission Meetings
Mayor Can Vote to Break a Tie or to be a Member of the Quorum
Mayor Making Nominations
Mayor May Vote to Break a Tie
Mayor Pro Tem to Hire Consulting Attorney
Mayor Refuses to Take an Oath of Office
Mayor Serving as Unpaid Volunteer Reserve Police Officer
Mayor Wishes to Appoint One of the Aldermen to the Planning Commission When the Mayor and One of the Aldermen Are Already Members of the Planning Commission
Mayoral Elections in Council Manager Cities: an MTAS Survey
Mayoral Proclamation
Mayoral Staffing in Selected Tennessee Cities: A Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library
McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Act
McMinnville Goal-Setting Report
McMinnville, Tennessee, Fire Station Study
Meaning of a Full Board
Meaning of Majority Vote for Planning Commission
Measuring Methods Used in Beer Distance Regulations
Meeting ADA Standards for City Hall
Meeting Agenda Process
Membership of the Industrial Development Board
Memorializing in City Hall: an MTAS Survey
Memphis Code on Panhandling
Merger of Municipal Utilities
Meter Reader
Metropolitan Government
Metropolitan Lynchburg/Moore County Safety Policy
Minority Set-Aside Program
Minority Set-Asides
Minority Set-Asides
Miscellaneous Local Taxes and Fees
Misuse of City Equipment in Political Campaigns
Model Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm Response Policy
A Model Employment Application (2012)
Model Municipal Debt Policy
Model Press Release for Fire Hydrant Inspections and Flow Testing
Model Public Records Policy
Model Resolution Directing Payment of Tax Equivalents
Model Safety Policy
Model Stormwater Utility Ordinance
Model Succession Plan
Modified vs Manager Commission
Moral Turpitude
Morristown City Administrator Job Description
Morristown Civil Service Review
Morristown Fire Department Driver Training Standard Operating Guideline
Morristown Fleet Management Survey
Morristown Police (or Fire) Chief Annual Evaluation
Morristown, Tennessee, Fire Services Study
Mosquito Control: A Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library
Motor Vehicle Privilege Tax
Mount Juliet City Manager Resume Review Worksheet
Mountainous Residential District Regulations
Moving a Building to Another Piece of Property
MS4 Stormwater Documents 2010
MS4 Stormwater Documents 2016
MTAS Compensation Philosophy and Plan: an MTAS Survey
MTAS Comprehensive Management Review Checklist
MTAS Firefighter Meals: an MTAS Survey
MTAS Golf Course Survey
MTAS Health Insurance Benefits: an MTAS Survey
Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, Fire Services Study
Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee, Comprehensive Fire Management Overview
Municipal and Personal Liability Under the Tennessee Tort Liability Act Made Simple
Municipal Bonds
Municipal Boundaries
Municipal Code Citation
Municipal Codes Inspector
Municipal Court Clerk
Municipal Court Judge Survey
Municipal Court Reform Act of 2004
Municipal Courts Survey
Municipal Judge, Without Concurrent Jurisdiction, Hearing State Misdemeanor Charges
Municipal Liquor Inspection Fees
Municipal Officers, Municipal Employees, Ministerial Officers, and General Supervision
Municipal Purchasing Act
Municipal Regulations Governing Blasting
Municipal Swimming Pools and Admission Fees: A Telephone Survey Conducted by the MTAS Library for the City of Collinwood
Municipal Utility Donations to Non-Profit Corporations
Municipal Utility Rate Survey (MURTS) (2008)
Municipal Work on Private Property
Municipality May Have to Return Money Paid By a User Who Was Billed for Sewer Service When No Sewer Service Was Provided or Available
Murfreesboro Fire Department 2010 Annual Report
MUTCD and Engineering Study for Traffic Light
Mutual Aid
Mutual Aid Update
The Need for a City Administrator
The Need for Professional Management
The Need for Professional Management Experience
Negotiating Price with the Low Bidder When There Is Only One Bid on a Municipal Purchase
Nepotism and Step-Children
New Financial Disclosure Required for Tax Abatements
New Fire Station Design Standards
New Officials' Tips
New Youth Sports Concussion and Head Injury Law Effective January 1, 2014
NFPA Rules Governing Exits from Existing Business Occupancies
Nolensville, Tennessee, Fire Services Study
Nomination for Filling the Vacancy on a City Council
Non-Resident of a Town Holding the Office of Alderman
Norris Citizen Survey
Norris City Manager Evaluation
The Northeast Guide for Estimating Staffing at Publicly and Privately Owned Wastewater Treatment Plants
Notice of a Special Meeting
Notification Necessary to Advertise Meetings of the Solid Waste Planning Board
Nuisance Abatement
Number of Board Members in Selected Cities
Number of Salaried Mayors, City Administrators and Managers by Population of Cities

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